The Occultist Is Getting A Much-Needed Makeover In Season 4!

Heads up, loot grinders and demon slayers! Get ready to save your gold because Diablo 4’s enchanting system is getting a huge tweak come Season 4. No more draining your pockets dry trying to get those perfect gear stats! Blizzard’s latest chit-chat around the campfire brought us the scoop: say goodbye to those insane costs for rerolling gear affixes at the Occultist. Yup, you heard it right. The gold bleed stops here, folks!

  • Cost Cap for Rerolling Gear Affixes: Introducing a maximum limit on the cost for rerolling gear affixes at the Occultist to prevent the gold cost from escalating indefinitely.
  • Designed to Save Players’ Gold: The change aims to make it easier and more economical for players to reroll gear affixes without spending an exorbitant amount of gold.

Dive deeper into the gritty details with the March 20th Campfire Chat breakdown over at Wowhead. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this.


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Till now, rerolling an affix on your beloved gear meant shelling out more and more gold each time. For the casual player, it was a mild headache, but for the hardcore crowd gunning for perfection, the cost could skyrocket to eye-watering amounts. Season 4 promises to slap a cap on these costs, making everyone’s life a bit easier and gold stashes a lot fuller.

Got a burning opinion on these changes? Drop your thoughts in the comments and check out the full guide on occultist enchanting. Your feedback could light the way for future updates!

And Wait, There’s More! Hardcore Mode’s Death Rules Are Getting a Major Overhaul in Season 4

The Occultist Is Getting A Much-Needed Makeover In Season 4!

Blizzard isn’t stopping with enchanting tweaks; they’re also shaking up how death is handled in Diablo 4’s Hardcore Realms. During the same cozy Campfire Chat, they spilled the beans on changes that’ll have you strategizing your survival tactics all over again. The old cheat death tricks? Consider them history. It’s time to gear up for a challenge that’ll test your skills to the max.

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One major update is the axing of the Elixir of Death Evasion. That’s right, no more get-out-of-death free cards. And sorcerers, listen up: your Flame Shield won’t save you from those nail-biting, fatal blows anymore. Instead, it’ll kick in after you’ve taken a beating, giving you a fighting chance to turn the tide every half minute.

  • Elimination of Elixir of Death Evasion: This elixir will no longer be available, emphasizing the permanence and risk of death in Hardcore mode.
  • Modification of Sorcerer’s Flame Shield: The Flame Shield enchantment will activate under new conditions – it will now trigger after a player loses 100% of their Maximum Life over 30 seconds, instead of upon taking fatal damage.

Curious about how these changes will revolutionize your Hardcore gameplay? Keep the discussion lively in the comments, and don’t forget to check out more details on Wowhead’s Campfire Chat Liveblog. Let’s hear what you’ve got to say about Diablo 4’s bold new direction for Season 4!