Trials of Osiris is Destiny 2’s most difficult and rewarding PVP mode. Clans compete in weekly 3v3 battles in the hopes of achieving seven wins and earning Pinnacle rewards. Unfortunately, players must find two teammates (or clan-mates) to play with in order to participate in the Trials of Osiris. From Friday to Tuesday each week, gamers can participate in trials.

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Each team can play until they have either seven wins or three losses, whichever comes first. Each match may have up to nine rounds, with the first team to complete five rounds winning the match. In a simple death-match format, players only have one life per round.

For the newbies in the Destiny 2 world, we suggest you try out and compete in Crucible before trying out to reach an undefeated streak in the Trails. They are incredibly difficult and require much more skills and game knowledge.

What does ‘’Flawless’’ Mean?  

Successful teams of all seven of their matches in the Trials will earn “flawless” ratings. Just getting one win in Trials is difficult enough, and players will need to adjust their game style, armor, and guns to have an opportunity of earning “flawless”.

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Tips for a Flawless Strategy 

Trials Of Osiris Strategies In Destiny 2

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Because trials are a 3V3 mode on a 6V6 map, players must have a well-thought-out strategy before entering a match. To attempt to go flawless in the Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2 players must incorporate the following tactics into their gameplay.

Tip Number 1 – Call Everything Out!

So the first tip is based on communication. You and your teammates will want to be using a microphone, a good microphone. Don’t mute yourself. If you listen to music in the background, just stop it, don’t eat in front of your microphone. Simply, don’t make any sound in front of your microphone that can affect you and your teammates, and if you wonder why, it’s really simple. 

You need to be able to call stuff out and you want to be calling everything out. “Hey he is moving this way” or “He just took a shotgun” and all sorts of that stuff. Call everything out because every piece of information you catch will be important for your teammates. Remember, as long as you have more information than the other guy you have an advantage. 

Tip Number 2 – Inform Your Allies When You Die

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Moving on from there and on that same vein tip, the tip number 2 is going to be spectating from your body when killed. And the reason being is because of tip number one, you want to be able to communicate and give information. Lot of people switch off their orbit, just spectate. Your teammates are alive, why would you be seeing what he’s already seeing?

Instead, you can rotate around and you can call out enemy positions. You can provide information to your teammates that they otherwise wouldn’t know. So, be sure to keep spectating your body and call out everything you can. 

Tip Number 3 – Diversify Your Loads

Tin number 3 is the diversity of your team’s gear. Most of the players not understanding how important this part is will pay their price. For example, a whole team would be using all three shotguns or a team would be using all three snipers. And when that happens, the other team will be able to use that information as their advantage. 

Because, let’s say if you catch a team with three snipers you will be playing really aggressively. You won’t let them catch you into sniper lanes and normally just jump on the enemy team. So make sure to have diversion in your weapons, one person using a sniper and the other two shotguns or other way around. But everyone running basically the same loud-out is probably not the best idea.

Tip Number 4 – Prioritize Best Possible Gear

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In this tip the biggest thing to remember is to avoid trying out new stuff and stick with the best. This is the place for the absolute best of the Meta. And some of the recommendations include.


  • 150 hand cannons. 
  • The Mind Benders and other aggressive frame shotguns are great. 
  • The Revoker Sniper is doing utter work, if you do have it 
  • Some of the new things as well, the Hard Light. The Hard Light is performing incredibly right. It’s super powerful and you should make the most of that and use it if you have it. 
  • If you don’t, the Serosa Regime is another great option performing very well.

Exotic Armor:

  • You have classics like The Synthesis or The One Eyed Mask.
  •  The Dune Marchers have actually received quite above and as have The Ash Wake Exotic College. 
  • The new exotic Goma as well, which lets you shoot through the tower.
  • Barricade is phenomenal too. As for the hunter, of course the Stumpy’s like, there is no possibility to go wrong with that. 
  • In regards to that, you must have the Worm Husk Crown exotic helmet, especially when you’re pairing it with the seasonal artifact mod that gives you your class ability faster and gives you an over-shield when you use a solar subclass.

You can also check some of the most convenient gear here.

Tip Number 5 – Prepare for PVP not PVE

However, tip number five is to make sure you use every single PVP focused armor mod you can. Take off all of your finders that are great in PVE, but don’t really do anything in PVP. Take off your boss’ resistance, all of that stuff and just load your armor with stuff like Dexterity Mods for the guns you’re using. All of the mods that get you your discipline, strength, recovery, mobility and so on.

Some of the seasonal artifact mods are powerful as well. And there’s no reason not to use as many of them as you can. And often people won’t take this seriously enough and they would just have leftover nightmare breaker mod from an activity they were running beforehand. 

But if you take that off and you load that armor piece with PVP focus mods, it can really make a difference. For instance, if you have enhanced unflinching aim and your opponent doesn’t, that can give you the win in a gunfight and the win could give you the match.

Tip Number 6 – Benefit from the First Blood 

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In this tip you should remember to make the most of a pick. If your team can secure the first kill (First Blood), in most of the times that is the time you go for push. Because the way Destiny is, with the slower time to kill, and any time you can have more of your teammates versus less of the opponents like 3v2 or 2v1 or any similar scenarios, you will have a huge advantage which you must take.

 A lot of the players would usually get scared after the first kill and not move up and not make any efficient moves which gives the opposite team a time for the dead guy to revive.

On the other hand if your team is in that position, and one of your teammates dies you must play defensively, and possibly expect the other team to start pushing in. So just cater your gameplay to account for that. 

Tip Number 7 – Destroy Solo Players as a Team

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Number seven is to push solo players as a unit. There’s no need to get that first blood to achieve a player advantage and then play aggressively. Often, one of the enemy teams is going to be flanking around solo.

So, fighting a sniper battle with two guys on one side, and then your radar pings beside you, logically, one of them has gone around for the flank. Therefore, your unit should push instantly and capitalize off of that. 

Also, if you’re one player in advantage, a huge opportunity is in your hands, to come out on top. If your teammate drops, there’s also a good chance to revive your ally as your enemies will not know what’s going on. 

So remember to push as a team. You’re always trying to make light of those player advantages when you can, and if you can collapse on one guy or two guys as three people and get them down, the rest of the team is at a huge disadvantage. 

Tip Number 8 – Never Leave Enemy Body Undefended 

Continuing on from there, tip number eight is, you don’t leave enemy bodies undefended. Very often you will get that first blood and if you’re following the previous tip, you’ll move in for the kill. Maybe you’ll even get one more guy, but then the last guy is when players get overzealous. 

They start chasing, which then leads to a lot of problematic scenarios. It’s very common and you just start chasing but the other guy can very easily loop around and get two Reza’s of the first two guys. It suddenly turns out 2v1 when you’re chasing the guy, to a 2v2 or even a 3v2 in the enemy team’s favor, and that is something you don’t want.  

So, often the best scenario is to try to keep the momentum up if you get that first blood, but don’t get overzealous with the chase and loop back yourself and expect the enemy team to try to be a loping back to those Reza’s and potentially go and cut them off.

Tip number 9 – Use as Many Abilities as You Can

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Next tip is number nine is going to be to use as many abilities as you can because they matter so much. Normally people are pretty great at throwing their grenade and obviously using their melee. But class abilities are super powerful. Utilizing a rift at the right time to secure a 1v1, or getting a Rez, and using eight Titan tower barricades to get a Rez is a huge play. 

And just getting a Rez in 3v3 limb is such a monumental play. You should be throwing your grenade just to prevent the enemy team from going down a hallway for example. Not even just to try to line up a double kill every single time. Use it when you’re 1v1, because that’s when it matters.

Tip Number 10 – Get the Mercy Passage

If you’re going for that “easy flawless” get the “Mercy Passage” which is the passage that forgives you one loss.

Now there is one that gives you an extra win, so you only need to win six in a row, but more often, you’ll just randomly face an absolutely stacked team. Like the average team is going to be just average but fighting against the God team is something that is going to happen on your way to “Flawless”. And by having that one “forgiveness” for a loss is very important to gain “Flawless”. 


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So in the end, we can agree that reaching “flawless” is not easy at all. It requires good communication, good gaming equipment and decent Destiny 2 knowledge and experience. 

It’s crucial to have diversity in your weapon pick and to constantly provide information for your teammates. Stay focused and plan your every next move, don’t be greedy but don’t sit back and do nothing. 

This article is here to aid you on your quest to reach Flawless, and reveal some of the tips you must use when playing Trials of Osiris, and reaching that “flawless” rating.