Cataclysm Classic Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boost

Have you ever faced the nuisance of looking for that specific gear piece while it’s constantly evading you? Random has always been a huge part of World of Warcraft, and it does bring you joy when you actually get that desired item, but the ‘bad RNG’ moments are something that can spoil your day and eat away at big chunks of your life. The Bastion of Twilight is a special beast in this matter: it has three layers of gear quality: ilvl 359 on Normal bosses, ilvl 372 on main Heroic bosses, and ilvl 379 on a special Heroic boss named Sinestra! Besides, The Bastion of Twilight offers Tier 11 class set pieces to top it off. All of that is one big headache, but fortunately, we have a solution! 

Our Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boost is designed to provide you with literally any possible item dropped in The Bastion of Twilight raid on any difficulty. All you need is just select the difficulty and the item slot(s) you want to fill, tell us about that specific item you wish to obtain, and Bob’s your uncle!

Service Includes

  • Any Bastion of Twilight item you want obtained on both difficulty modes:
    • Normal difficulty (359 ilvl gear);
    • Heroic difficulty (372 or 379 ilvl gear);
  • The Bastion of Twilight raid run(s) with your character;
  • A chance to earn some Bastion of Twilight raid achievements that will count toward completing Glory of the Cataclysm Raider with the Drake of the East Wind mount reward;
  • All the gold, reputation points, and resources your character earns during the raid run.

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1–7 days.
Estimated Completion Time: 1–4 weeks.

Additional Options

Add 50,000 Gold — some good and cheap gold can’t hurt you. This is all yours if you select this option. Start writing down items you always wanted to buy in-game!
Stream — we do the BoT Specific Item Boost in piloted mode (account sharing), and the stream option is for you if you wish to watch our professional boosters do their job via YouTube or Twitch stream. You pick this option, we send you a private link, and you watch our progress whenever you want.


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this gear boost service requirement.

How It Works

The WoW Cataclysm Classic Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boost will be finished in five simple steps. Here’s how to navigate through this offer and what to expect from it:

  1. On this page to your right, you can see an option to select either Normal or Heroic raid difficulty. This is our first branching point.
    If on Heroic, you can choose between the main four bosses (372 ilvl gear) or the special last boss Sinestra (379 ilvl gear).
    After that,
    there is a list of all the available item slots to fill in with fresh gear. You can select as many slots as you want, but if you want more than one item for a slot, add this offer to your cart as many times as you need after tuning it to your preferences;
  2. After the purchase, our manager will contact you after a 3–10 minute wait and ask which specific item(s) you want for your chosen slot(s). If it’s a Tier 11 armor token, it still counts as a respective slot item, don’t you worry. Ask all the questions you want and be ready to plan out the schedule of your Specific Item Boost comfortable for you;
  3. Our best hand-picked boosters will start farming The Bastion of Twilight raid to obtain the items you need. One of them will take the reins of your character via piloted mode. We’ll keep you informed on our progress;
  4. If you have completed your Bastion of Twilight run only recently, our start time may increase up to 7 days because of the cooldown, and the whole process may take between 1 and 4 weeks to complete;
  5. Hooray, it’s all done, and the items are yours! Please rate us on Trustpilot and share your verdict on us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does raid size affect loot in Cataclysm Classic?


No, raid size does not affect loot in Cataclysm Classic — only difficulty does. Raid size affected loot along with raid difficulty back in the Lich King (so you had four “tiers” of raid loot), but the Cataclysm expansion saw changes to this system.

Why can’t I choose several item slots for Sinestra?


You can’t select some gear slots for the Sinestra loot options because she drops no Weapons, Shoulders, Chest pieces, or Hand pieces. 

Can I expect a price match for the WoW Cataclysm Classic The Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boost?


Yes, you can expect a price match (when we lower our offer price to match that of another service provider) for sure! But please check the credibility of the platform offering the Bastion of Twilight Specific Item Boosting at a lower cost beforehand. See if they have many excellent reviews on Trustpilot like we do.