WoW Classic Cataclysm Mounts boost

The Cataclysm is the first expansion among all the classic expansions, featuring many new flying mounts, dragons, rockets, and many others. Of course, some flying mounts were available before the Cataclysm expansion, but not as many as there are now. Today, you can get help obtaining all those mounts with EpicCarry’s Classic Cataclysm mounts boost. Among many other reasons, we can offer you special assistance. We can guide you in acquiring all mounts from the Cataclysm. So, you just buy the service, and we’ll collect all the mounts that exist. This solves not only the trouble with achieving flying mounts but also the question of what to farm. So hurry up, forget all your troubles with Cataclysm mount guide and services for obtaining all new mounts.

Cataclysm mounts services

For today. Epiccaryr provides you with an achievement flying mount for all existing mounts. Even if you do not see the mount in the following list, or you need a specific Wotlk, or BC mount, or else, we can farm you all classic ground mounts.

Also we’re providing Flying skill boosts, and other routines. Exactly if you need, we can follow the aquatic mount for you. All you need, is in our competition:

For example, you can order some of following epic mounts with our services:

  • Phosphorescent Stone Drake: Rare drop from Aeonaxx; like winning the lottery in Deepholm.
  • Vitreous Stone Drake: Heroic dungeon jackpot from The Vortex Pinnacle.
  • Drake of the North Wind: Swirls around the Throne of the Four Winds; a heroic difficulty mode prize.
  • Drake of the South Wind: Another Throne trophy, feels like you’re surfing the clouds.
  • Volcanic Stone Drake: Achievement beast for clearing those fiery Cataclysm hero challenges.
  • Drake of the East Wind: The wind’s gift for dominating the Cataclysm raids.
  • Brown Riding Camel: Your desert buddy; find those small statues in Uldum.
  • Tan Riding Camel: Like the brown, but for fashion-conscious explorers.
  • Grey Riding Camel: The elusive camel mount, a trophy for the most persistent statue hunters.
  • Twilight Harbinger: Twilight Highlands conqueror’s flight form; a true guild achievement.
  • Experiment 12-B: Rare gem from Dragon Soul, as unpredictable as alchemy created materials.
  • Blazing Drake: Molten Front’s fiercest reward; clearing Blackwing Descent never looked so good.
  • Life-Binder’s Handmaiden: Heroic Dragon Soul’s crown jewel, for the bravest raiders.
  • Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank: Archeology’s finest, like unearthing your own fossilized raptor.
  • Pureblood Fire Hawk: Molten Front veteran’s badge; a flaming abyssal ride.
  • Flametalon of Alysrazor: A fiery feathered friend from Firelands; skilled alchemists envy its flames.
  • Dark Phoenix: Guild’s daily experience cap made manifest; reaching exalted with your crew’s emblem.
  • Kor’kron Annihilator: Horde race pride on wheels; a metal beast for Azeroth’s warriors.
  • Golden King: Alliance’s regal mount, a shining symbol from the faction’s guild vendor.
  • Vicious War Steed: PvP glory in horse form; battleground currency awarded for bravery.
  • Vicious War Wolf: The Horde’s ferocious counterpart; rewards for the battlegrounder’s valor.
  • Spectral Steed: Ghostly grace from completing challenging achievements; other characters stare in envy.
  • Spectral Wolf: Horde’s ghostly guardian; a spectral version for the top-tier raider.

Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Chasing Aeonaxx for this rare drop? Epiccarry’s got the patience and skill to farm it for you, making this challenging achievement a breeze.

Vitreous Stone Drake

Dive into the Vortex Pinnacle with us. This epic mount is a guaranteed drop on heroic difficulty, and we’re here to navigate the winds for you.

Drake of the North Wind

Heroic dungeons hold the key to this flying mount, especially the Vortex Pinnacle. Let Epiccarry be your guide to braving the storm and snagging this drake.

Drake of the South Wind

Throne of the Four Winds isn’t just about the challenge; it’s about the loot. Epiccarry will help you earn this majestic mount with ease.

Volcanic Stone Drake

Achievement mounts like this one demand a guild group that knows their way around Cataclysm’s fiery heart. Count on Epiccarry for a smooth run.

Drake of the East Wind

Securing this drake means clearing the Al’Akir challenge. With Epiccarry, that achievement and the mount are within easy reach.

Brown Riding Camel

Mysterious camel figurine or not, we know the secrets of Uldum. Let Epiccarry turn your camel hoarder dreams into reality.

Tan Riding Camel

Camel mounts are a quirky quest reward that requires a bit of luck and a lot of knowledge. Epiccarry is your shortcut to this unique mount.

Grey Riding Camel

Unlocking this camel involves not just luck but persistence. Epiccarry can navigate the deserts of Uldum for you, making the search effortless.

Twilight Harbinger

Dragon Soul’s heroic difficulty modes are tough, but Epiccarry’s team is tougher. Let us help you become a Cataclysm raider with this prestigious flying mount.

Experiment 12-B

Rare drops from Dragon Soul can be frustrating, but with Epiccarry, your chances of snagging this unique mount increase dramatically.

Blazing Drake

Epiccarry specializes in raid mounts from Dragon Soul, ensuring you get this fiery drake without breaking a sweat.

Life-Binder’s Handmaiden

Heroic Dragon Soul has never been more accessible. Trust Epiccarry to secure this epic flying mount for your collection.

Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank

Dive into archeology mounts with Epiccarry. This rare artifact requires patience, and we’re here to dig through the sands of time for you.

Pureblood Fire Hawk

Molten Front’s challenges are no match for our team. Let Epiccarry fetch you this blazingly epic mount from the Firelands.

Flametalon of Alysrazor

Alysrazor in Firelands drops this stunning mount, and Epiccarry is ready to farm it, ensuring your collection burns brighter.

Dark Phoenix

Guild achievements and a high guild level are required for this mount, but Epiccarry makes it easy, offering you this symbol of rebirth.

Kor’kron Annihilator

Horde players, unite! This mount symbolizes strength, and with Epiccarry, it’s yours, showcasing the power of guild achievements.

Golden King

For Alliance players, the Golden King stands as a beacon of honor. Epiccarry helps you earn reputation and wear your guild tabard with pride.

Vicious War Steed/Wolf

PvP mounts require dedication and skill. Epiccarry’s team is ready to boost you through battlegrounds for these prestigious mounts.

Spectral Steed/Wolf

Achievement flying mounts like these are a testament to your prowess. With Epiccarry, you’ll stand out with these spectral versions, earned through various achievements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly in the Old locations?

Yes, you can soar through the old locations of World of Warcraft if you've acquired the special flying skill. This skill unlocks after completing quest chains and achieving certain milestones, allowing you to explore the vast skies of Azeroth like never before.

Can I order mount without mount skill?

Indeed, you can order any mount, from racial mounts to those discovered through redeeming loot card codes. However, we strongly advise learning the flying skill first to fully enjoy your new mount's capabilities. Our services also extend to helping you acquire this skill, enhancing your World of Warcraft experience.

Which of those mounts are the most rare?

The rarity of mounts varies, with some like the dark phoenix and Aeonaxx spawns being among the most coveted. These mounts often require completing challenging quests, clearing instances like Blackwing Descent, or randomly discovering small statues hidden in places like the Quartzite Basin.

Are there any differences for flying speed for those rare mounts?

No, all these rare mounts fly at the maximum speed allowed in World of Warcraft. Whether it's a BoE mount obtained from skilled alchemists, a new mount earned through the faction's quartermaster, or those special mounts with three keystone slots, their flying speed remains the same, ensuring a swift journey across the Eastern Kingdoms and beyond.

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