Cataclysm Classic PvP Honor Gear Boost

Cataclysm Classic is the ideal expansion for PvP clashes, whether you’re new to the PvP mode or continuing your Classic PvP adventures as a seasoned gladiator. And it’s not just our personal opinion here at Epiccarry: the amount of love Cataclysm PvP received is astounding, largely due to the new gear system, impressive rewards, and balance changes. But before you can move on to the desserts, you have to grind, grind, and grind for that low-tier Bloodthirsty PvP set to feel at least slightly competitive in the Arenas and Battlegrounds. So why not skip this step entirely, then?

Buy WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Boost to jump right into one of the best PvP experiences in World of Warcraft — it is quick, safe, and affordable. Enjoy your real-life business while our hand-picked boosters do the job for you!

Service Includes

  • Full 5/5 Bloodthirsty Gladiator PvP set (352 ilvl, rare quality) for your class & spec:
    • Head;
    • Shoulders;
    • Chest;
    • Hands;
    • Legs;
  • Many successful Battleground runs and Honorable kills;
  • A chance to unlock some PvP-related achievements.

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic PvP Honor Gear Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15–30 minutes.
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal: up to 6 days;
  • Express: up to 4 days;
  • Super Express: up to 3 days.

Additional Options

Add PvP weapon — we’ll farm Conquest points (higher-tier currency than Honor points) and buy a Vicious PvP weapon (ilvl 359, epic quality) for you in addition to the set as there’s no Honor PvP weapons in Season 9.
Add PvP off-set items — select this if you want all the ilvl 352 rare off-set PvP items along with the base PvP five-piece set for your character.
Add 50,000 Gold — this gold will find its way right into your pockets if you choose this option.
Stream — this WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Service is completed in piloted mode, which means a YouTube or Twitch stream link will be waiting for you to view the boosting process live at any time if you choose the Stream option!


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this gear boost service requirement.

How It Works

Here are the exact steps of the WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Carry process you can expect:

  1. Wait for 3 to 10 minutes for our manager to contact you in the chat after you’ve made a purchase. See if you like our additional options while you wait: those will give you an even better headstart in PvP. We’ll answer all of your questions in chat and plan out your boosting schedule;
  2. Our best PvP boosters will work on your offer to obtain that Honor gear for you! One of those pro players will assume your character’s role (piloted mode) to make the process much quicker since we don’t want to lose a second of your time on that;
  3. Expect news from us while we perform WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Boosting, as any updates on your progress will be shared with you;
  4. We expect to finish the boosting in under 6 days, but if you want it done even quicker, select Express or Super Express speed!
  5. Finally, once the Cataclysm Classic PvP Honor Gear Boosting is complete, we’d like to invite you to Trustpilot to rate our services! If you loved how your PvP gearing went, feel free to express it — we will be thankful!

Thanks for choosing us for your Cataclysm Classic PvP Honor Gear Carry! You’re welcome to visit Epiccarry again anytime if you need help. See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’ve obtained that Honor gear, what are my next steps in Cataclysm Classic PvP?

TL;DR: farm Conquest points (CP) and PvP Rating and buy better PvP gear with those CP. Rinse and repeat at the onset of a new game Season, once again starting with Honor points. Or, if you’re feeling confident, go straight for the Conquest points.

Let’s now talk about what you can do next after you buy WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Service in more detail. Remember, we’re talking about the endgame content (since even the lowest-tier Cataclysm PvP gear needs level 85 to equip), so Honor gear would be the first of the three endgame PvP steps within a given Season. There are three Seasons in WoW Cataclysm: Season 9, Season 10, and Season 11 (Seasons are counted from the very first one back in Vanilla WoW).

Each Season has three tier sets of PvP gear at varying item levels (we’ll pass on the crafted PvP gear for now since it’s not that powerful — and for the sake of simplicity). Here are the Seasonal PvP tier sets:

  • The lower PvP tier is one you get for Honor points; this particular offer is all about obtaining it. Each Season, tier sets of this category gain new looks and increased item levels, just like that: 352/371/390;
  • The second PvP tier (which is often called ‘Normal PvP gear’) is purchased with the higher-level PvP currency: Conquest points. Those are obtained in Ranked Arena matches and Rated Battlegrounds (RBGs) instead of a more lenient way of Honor points farming. Here’s how the ilvl of this gear increases with each Cataclysm Season: 365/384/403;
  • Finally, the highest PvP tier (named ‘Elite’) is simply a recolor of the second PvP tier set, but a notable one. PvP players can only purchase it after hitting a 2200 Rating in PvP or higher (only Ranked 3v3 and 5v5 Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds count). It is purchasable with Conquest points as well, but the item level will not increase and will remain the same as the second PvP tier set. The only difference you get is a distinct visual look. But the item level of Elite PvP weapons accompanying PvP gear actually increases! Here’s how (by Season and Tier):
    • Season 9 PvP weapons:
      • First tier: no PvP weapons available;
      • Second tier: ilvl 359 (Conquest points);
      • Third tier: ilvl 372 (Conquest points, 2200+ PvP Rating);
    • Season 10 PvP weapons:
      • First tier: ilvl 359 (Honor points);
      • Second tier: ilvl 378 (Conquest points);
      • Third tier: ilvl 391 (Conquest points, 2200+ PvP Rating);
    • Season 11 PvP weapons:
      • First tier: ilvl 378 (Honor points);
      • Second tier: ilvl 397 (Conquest points);
      • Third tier: ilvl 410 (Conquest points, 2200+ PvP Rating).

Can you give me a rundown of Cataclysm Classic PvP tier sets and their looks?

Sure, let’s dive into the world of countless gear sets and their recolors. In Cataclysm, there is one unique PvP gear set model for each of the expansion’s three Seasons (Seasons 9, 10, and 11). Two to three recolors are present for each model, totaling seven distinct gear looks you can don in Cataclysm Classic PvP. Here’s how it works:

  • Season 9 (‘Vicious’) boasts one PvP gear set model with three recolors:
    • Bloodthirsty (ilvl 352) obtainable with Honor points;
    • Normal Vicious (ilvl 365) obtainable with Conquest points;
    • Elite Vicious (ilvl 365) — Conquest points and 2200+ PvP Rating
      (there is a mistake on WowHead’s side naming this set ‘Ruthless’; the items’ names are correct, though);
  • Season 10 (‘Ruthless’) has Elite Vicious and Normal Vicious set recolors removed, while the model of the Bloodthirsty set is once again taking the lower-tier place in Season 10 and having the increased ilvl of 371 instead of 352, plus a new name: ‘Vicious’:
    • Vicious (ilvl 371) obtainable with Honor points (old Season 9 Bloodthirsty model);
    • Normal Ruthless (ilvl 384) obtainable with Conquest points (new model);
    • Elite Ruthless (ilvl 384) — Conquest points and 2200+ PvP Rating (new model recolor);
  • Season 11 (‘Cataclysmic’) has Elite Ruthless and Vicious set recolors removed, while the model of the Normal Ruthless set is now sitting at the new Season 11 lower-tier slot while boasting an increased item level (from 371 to 390):
    • Ruthless (ilvl 390) obtainable for Honor points (old Season 10 Normal Ruthless model);
    • Normal Cataclysmic (ilvl 403) obtainable for Conquest points (new model);
    • Elite Cataclysmic (ilvl 403) — Conquest points and 2200+ PvP Rating (new model recolor).

Sadly, in the next WoW Retail expansion, Mists of Pandaria, all the Tier set models we’ve just discussed became unobtainable from the beginning (Season 12). However, Blizzard added all of them (except for the Elite recolors) back to the game during the Legion expansion in 2016.

Will my Honor points carry over to the next game Season or even Expansion?

Yes, your Honor points, as opposed to Conquest points, carry over to the next Season (the cap is 4000 points, and all the excess is converted to coins at a rate of 1 Honor point = 35 Silver) but are reset when the new expansion is released.

Honor and Conquest points existed in WoW as currency until the Legion expansion.

What’s the distinction between Honor points and Conquest points?

The distinction between Honor and Conquest points is the same as between Justice and Valor points in PvE: they are the lower- and higher-tier currency used to buy specific PvP gear. Honor points are gained in unrated (ordinary) battlegrounds and upon performing Honorable kills where you have to take part in defeating an opposite faction player who is about your level strong. Conquest points are obtained in Ranked Arena matches and Rated Battlegrounds.

What separates PvP gear from PvE gear from the stat standpoint?

PvP gear has a unique ‘resilience’ attribute on each PvP item in the game. Resilience helps you receive less damage in PvP encounters. More resilience = less damage from other players. It’s not your innate stat like agility or stamina, so the only way to increase your PvP damage resistance is to wear this special gear.

Buy WoW Cataclysm PvP Honor Gear Boosting to gain some muscle for those PvP skirmishes!

Let’s say I found this service at a lower price elsewhere. Will you match the price?

Yes, we will gladly do a price match, provided a platform offering the service at a lower price should be trustworthy. Scam service providers do not count.