Here you can buy Hearthstone (HS) Coaching Boosting Service.

  • You will get a huge pack of knowledge about gameplay with your favorite class;
  • The coach will explain to you how to pick the best cards in different situations;
  • The coach will help you to form the best deck with your class from the cards you have;
  • You will be offered to play a few games against the coach to fix your main mistakes;
  • You can play games on Arena or Constructed with the professional coach;
  • You will get the answers to all your questions;
  • All our coaches are legendary players with experience of more than 2 years;
  • You will get coaching during the chosen amount of hours;
  • Boost will be done in preferable for your form (Arena, Constructed, answers on questions, work on mistakes, etc.);
  • Boost takes a chosen amount of hours;
  • Usually boost starts on the same day the order was made or the next day;
  • You can choose the preferable time of boost;
  • You can split the hours of the boost on different days when you order 3 or more hours;
  • Boost will be done without account sharing;
  • You will be contacted with a coach via skype and will be offered to share the screen;
  • BONUS: Order 5 hours of Сoaching and get 1 hour free as a BONUS!


You should have a good internet connection (minimum 2 Mb/s), in case you don’t want to share your account.

Legendary coaching

If you’re a newbie and don’t know what to do in the game, you will help Hearthstone coaching. Are you ready for the most popular card game in the world, and you’d like to will feel confident in any game mode? Write to us, and order your desired service. You will get answers to all your questions, and find out how to buy training in HS.

Buy Hearthstone coaching: quickly and simply.

To learn how to play in one of the most popular modern games, you don’t need to spend hours trying to beat the opponent, spent weeks studying boring tutorials and guides. Just contact us, and we will open for you all the secrets of success. You will learn how to play at all levels and in any mode. Buy boosting HS coaching and forget about the problems with the game.

Here you get:

  • Knowledge about your favorite class – the best cards, secrets, and peculiarities.
  • You will learn how to choose the best cards to play in even mode.
  • Our players will watch your games and tell you about all your mistakes.
  • Necessary knowledge for novices.
  • Best decks for battle in different modes.
  • Buy Hearthstone coaching for answers to all questions.

If you are tired of wasting time, you don’t understand where suggested errors, write to us. Our team is professional Hearthstone players who have received the highest rank-legend. They know all the secrets of this game.

What does Hearthstone coaching?

Hearthstone – is a card game, which has its own rules. Its principles are simple, but in order to play at high levels, or win in the rating games at the arena or in other modes, need special tactics. There is no correct answer to one question. They can be very long, so you need to make the decisions themselves. And if you want to learn how to do it properly – you need to buy Hearthstone coaching boosting. It will help you define the concept of the game, and to act in the right direction.

The Epiccarry team will help you discover all the secrets of Hearthstone, learn how to make decisions, and choose the necessary cards in any situation. You’ll collect decks that help you play against other players in either mode. If you do not know how to play the Hunter or priest, as they collect for the correct deck, then write to us. Our professionals will help you choose the right tactics.

In our work, we do not use prohibited techniques or programs, so it won’t hurt you and your account. All work doing real people in communication mode, they communicate with you, respond to your questions, and tell you how to play your favorite character. Reach out to us and buy boost HS coaching at a low price.


Can I play other games on my

Yes, you can play any other games you like on your account.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. We will use a VPN of your country and your city so it will look like you just logged in from another PC.

May I choose the time of coaching?

Of course, you can. Contact our managers in live chat or via mail and we will organize the coaching process at a preferable time.

May I split my order on few days?

Yes, you can. Contact our managers in live chat or via mail and we will split your boost on a few days

Do I need to ask the questions or we can just play games in the arena or constructed with the coach?

Coaching will be completed in preferable for your form, so you can start to play an arena or constructed from start. But to make your coaching more effective we should check the deck you want to play first.

When do you start the boost?

Usually, we are able to start the boost on the day of your order. But sometimes due to queue on orders, we may start it with 1-2 days delay.

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    • Get on skype with a pro player and reach top ranks with him
    • Build your own super deck with Legendary coach
    • Feel fret to ask any questions you have about game mechanic
    • Learn new special tricks and tactics about your class
    • Try to reach 12 wins on arena with our pro coach
    • Prepare yourself for a Legendary fights against pro players
    • Get everything you need to reach the Legendary Rank
    • Example link

    How many hours of coaching do you want to purchase? 29$ / HOUR