• Here you can buy Hearthstone (HS) Nexus Card Back Boost Service;
  • We will level up your Heroes of the Storm account to 12th level;
  • You will get a unique nexus card back;
  • Boost takes 1-2 days (normally it takes 8-12 hours);
  • Boost will be done with account sharing;

  • Access to Heroes of the Storm account;

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Yes, you can play any other games you like on your account.

Yes, it is. We will use a VPN of your country and your city so it will looks like you just logged from another PC.

Your boost will be done by one of top ranked players. All our boosters work with us for more then 2 years, so your account will be in safe hands.

This is minimum required amount of tries to get your order completed.

Nope, in case the first try was successful we will not use your gold or arena passes. Usually it requires one or two tries, but in some extra unlucky cases three or even four tries.

You will get the chosen amount of arena wins during the one arena pass. We need the total amount of tries to be four to avoid a chance of a bad luck during the deck forming process.

We have a 99% of succesfully completed hearthstone arena orders, but there is a very little chance that we may fail. In this case we will propose you a refund and of course you will keep all the gold and other rewards that you got during the boost.

Yes, you can. Boost is possible on any realm.

We will inform you via mail when your boost will be completed, but You are welcome to contact customer support with any questions about the progress in Live Chat in working hours and via mail contact form 24/7.

Yes, we are. Choose the option “Skype” or “Teamviewer” for self play boost. You will be proposed to share the screen with a booster via Skype or Teamviewer.Usually we are able to start the boost in the day of your order. But sometimes due to que on orders we may start it with 1-2 days delay.[/vc_tta_accordion]

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