Faction Tokens Farm

Product Description

Factions play a vital role in New World MMO. They control the settlements in the game, wage war against each other, and provide their members with significant bonuses, such as access to unique gear, reagents, and the ability to earn faction tokens. Faction tokens are a currency you can spend on Special Weapons, Armor, and Consumables.

Our Faction Tokens Farm service will help you to accumulate enough tokens to be able to afford all the goods that are in stock of your faction vendor. It will mainly be done by completing the amount of PvE and PvP faction missions and sealing the Corrupted portals until you get the selected amount of tokens. You’ll get:

  • Lots of Faction missions accomplished;
  • The chosen number of Faction Tokens;
  • Improved standing with your chosen Faction;
  • Character experience and Territory Standing;
  • All the loot, gear and reagents that our player acquired during the boost.

The ETA of this service depends on many factors, such as the number of tokens you select, your level and zone. On average, our players manage to farm at a rate of 30k+ tokens per day.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.



We will need access to your New World account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

About the Faction Tokens Farm Service from Epiccarry

Faction tokens are a reward currency that comes you get for completing the Faction missions and closing the Corrupted portals. You also get some for winning a faction War or invasion as well as killing a player in open-world PvP. You can spend these tokens at any Faction shop and buy some unique gear and consumable items and resources as long as your Faction Rank is enough to buy it. You will definitely need this gear while leveling up and early in the late game when you hit level 60 because faction vendors sell some great GS 520 rare armor and weapons.

What is the fastest way to get Faction Tokens?

Unless there were major changes in the game since the open beta, the hands-down best spot to farm Faction Tokens is near the Eastburn Outpost in Great Cleave, a mid-game area. Just pick all the missions in the Outpost and complete them one by one. The reason why this spot is so efficient is because all missions are really close together and you will save a lot of time on traveling and will be able to do the control the area quest and a pick the box quest at the same time. Not only that, but there are also a lot of Earthcrag and Fire Mote nodes on the way to the mission location, and you will be able to collect the Fire Motes and Loamy Lodestone to either use them yourself to craft Tuning Orbs and level up your Stonecutting and Arcana or sell them for a profit.

What Can I Buy For Faction Tokens?

First of all, you should definitely go for the gear that upgrades your character. Later on in the game, when you get access to gear better than that is sold by the faction shop, you will want to spend your tokens on consumable items, such as potions and Corruption Elixirs, utility items and resources. Here is the list of notable items you can spend your Faction tokens on:

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  • What Is Your Current Rank?

    How Many Tokens Do You Need?

    How Many Tokens Do You Need?

    How Many Tokens Do You Need?

    How Many Tokens Do You Need?

    How Many Tokens Do You Need?