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Leveling up in New World, just as in any modern MMO, is in equal measure a long and unavoidable, but very rewarding process. You know the drill if you have ever seen an MMO game: you follow the main story quest and complete as many side quests as possible until at some indeterminate point in the future you hit the maximum level with your character. This is a cornerstone of any role-playing game and New World follows the leveling paradigm to the letter.

Although the main metric that measures your character’s power in NW is his level, you will be leveling along several other paths in this game. Since there is no class to determine what roles you will be filling in New World, the developers designed a bunch of various progression paths for you to follow while you are leveling your character. In total, there are 5 different mechanics you will have to progress through on your way to max level:

  • hero level — governs the overall progression of your characters, as well as which territories, quests, faction missions, gear, and weapons, are accessible. Also determines the number of attribute points you have. The highest level in NW is 60;
  • weapon mastery level — represents your ability to use and proficiency with different New World weapon types and the number of skill points you can invest in new abilities. The combination of weapons you use, combined with your chosen weapon abilities is as close to a class as you get in this game;
  • faction reputation — factions are the main players in the world of Aeternum and a huge gameplay feature. You’ll need to be on good terms with one of them. The service to your faction also pays extremely well. Each rank in your faction allows you to purchase new and unique gear, weapons, crafting materials, and consumables at your local vendor;
  • territory standing — basically your reputation a-la World of Warcraft; Aeternum is split into 14 territories; every action you make while being in a territory amounts to some standing XP with that specific area; every level you gain access to different benefits such as a boost to the speed of node harvesting in that area or increased storage capacity in the town. You will pick one of 3 boons every time you earn a new standing level;
  • trade skills — another classic MMO mechanic. Just like professions in WoW, trade skills govern your ability to collect raw materials and craft various items to either consume or sell for a profit. Leveling trade skills is extremely beneficial for your bottom line in the long run, but costly at first and leveling them usually takes a very long time.

As you can see, the developers of NW expect you to focus on a lot of things at once and, these things while being quite fun and all, can also be very time-consuming or flat-out boring.

If you would like to cut some corners on your way to greatness in New World, there is no better way to do so than by buying our character Power leveling service.

Our team has been playing New World since the closed beta and our boosters are able to speed up your leveling process or handle the parts of it that you deem unworthy of your time.

We will play for you while you are busy with your life and you will always be able to hop into the game whenever you feel like it without worrying about a whole checklist of busywork you have to spend hours of your life on just to get access to the fun bits. Contact our support team now and discuss the possible details of your leveling boost.

NW power leveling rewards

Whenever you reach a certain level, you unlock various bonuses and new content, such as:

  • Level 5: additional weapon slot and a survivalist quest that unlocks a camp tier-II upgrade, ability to fast travel;
  • Level 10: dueling with other players and a bag slot;
  • Level 15: first house, third consumable slot, and camp III upgrade;
  • Level 20: ring slot and main story quest to craft Azoth Staff tier 1;
  • Level 25: fourth consumable slot and camp tier IV upgrade;
  • Level 30: third and last slot for your weapon, another bag slot, and main story quest to upgrade your Azoth Staff to tier 2;
  • Level 35: a second house;
  • Level 40: earring slot, camp tier V upgrade, and story quest to upgrade your Azoth Staff to tier 3;
  • Level 45: third bag slot;
  • Level 50: the ability to participate in Invasions — New World’s large-scale PvE activity;
  • Level 55: third house and camp tier VI upgrade;
  • Level 60: ability to join other players in Outpost Rush — New World’s large-scale player vs player activity.

Besides that, at specific level thresholds, you’ll be able to access certain side missions.

What is the fastest way to raise your character level?

Other than buying a boost? There is no single piece of advice that will get you to the max level the fastest, but our boosting experts can definitely share some general tips that will help you to level up your account more efficiently and reasonably expect to hit level 60 in a couple of weeks.

Do as many Town Projects as you can

Since main quest missions are few and far in between, town missions will be your main source of character experience in New World. Even though milking a cow or hunting turkeys for feathers sounds more like busywork than glorious adventuring, the service to a local town administration pays well and is a good way to earn some quick XP. Town projects are abundant, repeatable, and often quite easy to stack by area and complete a bunch of them in return for valuable cash money and XP.

Rest in towns for the XP bonus and make sure you use the inn services

A truth every WoW player knows by heart is also relevant in New World: you should always return to the safety of your city at the end of your play session before logging out for the day. Not only will it speed up your leveling by a lot, but it also helps our booster to start the service as fast as possible.

Hit every enemy on your way, especially if it is already in combat

Unlike in World of Warcraft, where creatures are XP-bound to a player that struck them first, you get full character and weapon experience for participating in combat if you strike something that gets killed later down the line. Furthermore, there is no reason NOT to do it since you don’t steal any experience from the player that kills the mob.

Fast travel if possible

Since there are no rideable mounts or carriages in New World, traveling can literally take you hours. Make sure you boost your travel speed and save as much time as possible by utilizing the free recall feature that allows you to quickly get into your inn, and by using the built-in travel feature.

Even though you pay Azoth to instantaneously travel around the world, the cost was quite low at the closed beta and unless it’s tweaked, the amount of time you save by using teleport was worth the price 9 times out of 10. Also, make sure to visit any recall station in your vicinity in case you’ll ever need it.

Accept and do the main story quests as soon as they become available

Even though the storyline quests become scarce in the latter 1/3 of New World, they are pretty abundant when you start to play. Be sure to complete them as soon as you hit the recommended level because that’s when they will be worth the most XP for you.

Faction PvP missions and dueling are great ways to level weapon XP

PvP is a great way to level up your character if you enjoy player vs player combat in New World. But it is an especially good way to level up your weapon skill since when you kill a player, the amount of XP you get depends on how much time has passed since the victim’s last death and most PvE players tend to die rarely in NW.

Why Do You Need to Buy Epiccarry NW power leveling services?

By buying our New World Power leveling boost, you can be sure that your leveling service will be done by professional players that know everything about boosting services in general and character leveling particularly. Many of them are seasoned Warcraft veterans and their leveling skills have been developed and tested countless times when they leveled characters in other MMOs even before the release of this game. Our reputation is spotless, as you can see for yourself by checking our glowing reviews.

Not only will our team start the service as soon as possible, but they will play according to your schedule and use the VPN to connect to the game in order to ensure maximum account safety during the leveling process.

In our store you can:

  • purchase a variety of character leveling services for a reasonable price;
  • save hours and even days of your personal time on account leveling while still getting all the benefits;
  • be sure that the booster that does the leveling service on your account uses VPN and strictly follows the standard procedure and adheres to the boost schedule;
  • be sure that you can contact us whenever you need anything related to the service: from a stream link to a change of boosting schedule.

Feel free to contact our customer support team via web chat if you have any questions regarding any of our boost services, the account sharing process, or the safety measures and precautions we employ to ensure that your account stays safe. They are friendly, knowledgeable and are always ready to discuss our boosting services or just chat with you about the game. Also, take a look at our glowing reviews, written by thousands of happy customers that got their leveling services delivered to them exactly as they wanted!

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