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Nerub’ar Palace raid is the first raid in World of Warcraft The War Within expansion. It takes heroes down to the Azj-Kahet, the kingdom of Queen Ansurek. This 8 bosses of War Withing first season raid contains new, powerful gear, rare achievements, titles, mounts, companions and toys to discover! Reveal the secrets of old gods with Nerub’ar Palace boost from Epiccarry!

How hard is to pick up groups that actually know the game? Some may say it’s not that hard, others will argue. Ordinar pug teams Nerub’ar Palace run is actually 50% of forming a raid, 45% of frequent wipes, 4% more is actually playing the game and killing bosses and 1% is actually clicking the “need’ button during group loot distribution options in unsuccessful attempts to get at least anything that improves your gear and character’s power.

At this point we are not even talking about the best gear or Cutting Edge achievement from Nerub’ar Palace Mythic difficulty. Now imagine trying to handle those multiple weekly raids to WoW Nerub’ar Palace with multiple characters at least on normal difficulty before weekly reset happens. How long do you think it will take you to get something vaguely similar to the best gear?

This kind of frustrating gaming experience made hundreds of thousands players quit the game. But game changes with our Nerub’ar palace raid boost! Nerub’ar Palace Carry is an outstanding service with various loot options to choose from.

Pick up some guaranteed loot drops or choose only armor type priority runs for your Nerub’ar Palace boosting services. With our np raid carry you can opt for full run, choose to kill specific raid bosses or simply skip every fight up to the Queen Ansurek – the final boss. Epiccarry offers Nerub’ar Palace Carry where you control everything by choosing specific boosting option: how many bosses to kill, loot options, Nerub’ar Palace raid size and difficulties up to mythic modes.

Before Nerub’ar Palace boosting service completion we give you a choice between piloted mode and self-play mode. Our Nerub’ar palace boost work is the best on the market! During full priority runs without other players, you can invite your friends to join Nerub’ar Palace boosting services at appointed time and gear up together with you!

Nerub’ar Palace Raid Boost Bosses

During World of Warcraft War Within Expansion Nerub’ar Palace raid services, our professional teams of experienced players will take you through eight bosses trying their best to gear you up with the finest armor and weapons loot. Here is the list of bosses you can meet in War within expansion season 1 raid — Nerub’ar Palace:

Ulgrax the Devourer

Tormented by infinite hunger, Ulgrax serves as the relentless guardian of Queen Ansurek’s court.

The Bloodbound Horror

Beneath the Nerub-ar Palace, in dark pits, the blood of the Old Gods thickens into black, foul pools. From this sludge, the Bloodbound Horror emerges, pulling everything in its path into The Unseeming.

Sikran, Captain of the Sureki

Sikran, born into a noble family, became known for his arrogance as a duelist in Queen Ansurek’s court. He never felt the sting of an enemy’s blade, defeating his opponents one by one. The queen herself appointed him Captain of the Sureki. Now, this unbeatable warrior ensures that any threats to the throne are crushed.


Twisted by Queen Ansurek’s experiments, Rasha’nan was changed into a monstrous, winged creature. Confined to her new form, broken memories of her past self fuel Rasha’nan’s unrelenting fury.

Eggtender Ovi’nax

Deep within the queen’s palace, Eggtender Ovi’nax performs horrific experiments with the black blood discovered in Azj-kahet. This bloated monster roams the palace’s vast underbelly, spewing inky sludge onto hatchlings to study its dreadful effects.

Nexus-Princess Ky’veza

Nexus-Princess Ky’veza arrived at Nerub-ar Palace recently, swiftly becoming a close confidante of Queen Ansurek. However, whispers in the inner court suggest she harbors a dark and lethal secret. If uncovered, the princess is ready to eliminate all witnesses without hesitation.

The Silken Court: Anub’arash and Skeinspinner Takazj

Scarab Lord Anub’arash and Skeinspinner Takazj stand as two of Queen Ansurek’s most trusted advisors. However, their mutual hatred surpasses even their loyalty to the throne. As they unleash their formidable powers against their enemies, each is also determined to ensure the other’s demise.

Queen Ansurek

After discovering traitors in her court, Queen Ansurek resolves to eliminate the palace’s invaders personally. However, paranoia about whom she can trust eats away at her sanity. With her allies dwindling, Queen Ansurek might turn to dark powers for victory, even if it means that her most loyal soldiers become her next victims.

You don’t have to go to Nerub’ar Palace raid in the War Within Expansion alone. Our boosting services raid team will help you with all eight bosses. We will get you geared up with some of the best armor type loot gear and weapons available.

With our team by your side, you’ll be well-prepared for whatever the Nerub’ar Palace raid throws at you — from the ever-hungry Ulgrax the Devourer to the paranoid Queen Ansurek, the final boss. Let’s conquer War Withing Nerub’ar Palace together! The only repetitive action in your raid now is looting! Loot, loot and loot your raid again for the best gear! Ready for this kind of War Within raid experience? We can’t wait to help you get started!

Nerub’ar Palace Raid Rewards

Nerub’ar Palace is the raid full of rewards and our service focuses on delivering them to your character! Raiding can be fun! Purchase our service boost and raid together with the best team. The purchase of this service is what you need. We cover everything because our raid boost service is based on needs respond.

Rather you are looking for particular boss fight, including final boss, or maybe you need the best armor and gear for mythic raiding? Cutting Edge achievement? Look no more! Our team is already summoning you to the raid! Boost you gear, raid like a pro thanks to our raiding boost service! Boost your game now with the rewards like gear, weapons, trinkets, achievements, mounts, toys, companions and much more!

Nerub’ar Palace Boosting Services from Epiccarry

Unlock the full potential of your World of Warcraft experience with Epiccarry’s Nerub’ar Palace Boosting Services. Our professional raid teams are here to guide you through the challenges of the War Within expansion, getting you the best loot, achievements, and rewards with ease. Below are the most common services we provide:

  • NERUB’AR PALACE NORMAL – run through Nerub’ar Palace on Normal difficulty. Secure valuable loot and achievements.
  • NERUB’AR PALACE HEROIC – challenge yourself with a Heroic run. Earnin higher-level gear and complete tougher encounters.
  • NERUB’AR PALACE MYTHIC – the most challenging Mythic difficulty with top-tier loot and elite achievements.
  • NERUB’AR PALACE FULL GEAR – maximize your character’s equipment withfull gear upgrades from repeated runs.
  • NERUB’AR PALACE SINGLE BOSS KILL – target specific bosses for particular loot or achievements.
  • QUEEN ANSUREK KILL – defeat the final boss, Queen Ansurek, for exclusive rewards.
  • ANSUREK NORMAL – take down Queen Ansurek on Normal difficulty for starter loot.
  • ANSUREK HEROIC – face Queen Ansurek on Heroic for some better gear and achievements.
  • ANSUREK MYTHIC – kill Queen Ansurek on Mythic difficulty for top-tier loot and the Cutting Edge achievement.

Need something specific? Talk to our manager for a personalized offer! Ready to change your WoW? Join Epiccarry today! Let’s conquer the War Within together!

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