WotLK Glory of the Hero Boost

The Glory of the Hero is the first achievement of its kind to be introduced in WoW. To get it, you must run through all 12 dungeons in WoW WotLK and complete different achievements in each of the dungeons, which all count towards the meta-achievement. As a reward, you get a Reins of the Red Proto-Drake, a unique and cool-looking flying mount.

Back in the day, this was a very hard achievement that required a well-coordinated group, a bit of preparation, and special tactics for each boss of 12 WotLK dungeons. Players had to spend weeks of their playtime in search of teammates and waste their time on countless tries. Luckily, this problem can be avoided completely if you buy our Glory of the Hero service! Glory of the Hero achievement and Reins of the Red Proto-Drake can be yours in just a week with our assistance!

WotLK Glory of the Hero Boost Includes

Going for and successfully completing the Glory achievements always comes with a lot of benefits as you get a lot of awesome stuff in WotLK dungeons:

  • Completion of every achievement that counts towards Glory of the Hero meta-achievement;
  • Reins of the Red Proto-Drake mount;
  • At least 12 runs in different WotLK dungeons;
  • 48 Emblems of Heroism;
  • A chance to loot Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle and Reins of the Bronze Drake from the Culling of Stratholme dungeons.
  • A chance to get level 200 Rare-quality gear;
  • All gold, reagents, quest items and other valuable stuff that drops to you during the run.

This boost will be completed in WotLK Glory of the Hero BoostPiloted mode.


Glory of the Hero takes roughly 7-9 days to complete. The delivery may be faster in case you already have some progress towards the achievement.


Level 80 character. Use our WotLK leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.


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