WotLK Guardian of Cenarius Title Boost

The Guardian of Cenarius title is earned by achieving exalted status in both the Cenarion Expedition and the Cenarion Circle. Cenarion Circle is a Vanilla faction union of Night Elves and Tauren druids with the main base on Moonglade in the northern Kalimdor. Their primary goal was to restore Azeroth from the destruction inflicted by the demonic invasions of Sargeras. Cenarion Expedition is a faction that was added in the Burning Crusade addon. This is part of the Cenarion Circle that went through the Dark Portal. The main base of the Cenarion Expedition is in Zangarmarsh in the Outland.

You’ll need to complete quests, grind a lot, and run the dungeons to reach Exalted with both factions. So, you should set aside a respectable amount of time for this. But our boosters can handle it easily for you. When you choose Epiccarry to boost your WotLK Guardian of Cenarius title, you can rest assured that your request will be fulfilled promptly!

WotLK Guardian of Cenarius Title Boost Includes


The boost will take 5-10 days.

This boost will be completed in WotLK Guardian of Cenarius Title BoostPiloted mode.

Boost Requirements

Level 80 character. Use our WotLK leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

WotLK Classic Guardian of Cenarius Title Boost Explained

To get the WotLK Classic Guardian of Cenarius title, you must get Exalted with both Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition factions.

  • Complete the tasks in Silithus and farm the Encrypted Twilight Texts from the Twilight monsters in and around Silithus to gain exalted with the Cenarion Circle. The quickest and most efficient method of farming. Twilight Prophet has a good likelihood of dropping texts, thus focusing on it is a good idea. You get 500 rep for turning in 10 texts. Exalted reputation with the Cenarion Circle can take up to eight hours of grinding;
  • Exalted reputation with the Cenarion Expedition requires a focus on Zangarmarsh quests and farming dungeons in the Coilfang Reservoir. Exalted rank may be attained after as little as a single day of farming.

Ordering WotLK Classic Guardian of Cenarius Title Boost, your service will be done by one of our reliable, professional boosters. Only a few days of grinding by one of your boosting experts will get your desired title.

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