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Alright, dudes, I get it. You’re here for a list of the best WoW addons that will be super useful in your next raid or those high-level keys. I’m one of those folks who rely on CurseForge to install addons and occasionally read up on the absolute best WoW addons for one reason only: to keep my knowledge up to date.

And of course, just like me, you probably know all the best addons and how to install them from CurseForge. But in the world of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, there are many new players who aren’t as expert as we are. So, let’s strike a deal.

You’ll find a CurseForge build for the current season with all the download links you need. But first, let’s get back to the basics and help those new players:

  • What Are These Addons?
  •  Why Does Everyone Use Them?
  •  Which Addons Are the Best?
  •  Why Different Addons for Different Situations?
  • Why addons like Azeroth Auto Pilot are prohibited?
  •  Why Disable Most Addons in Open World?
  •  Where to Find All the Addons and Keep Them Updated?
  •  Why Your Addon List May Differ from Our Recommendations?

 So, let’s dive in and get this madness started! And please do not forget about you can manage your great addons in the character selection screen.

What are the Wow Addons?

World Of Warcraft Addons

Alright, buddy, World of Warcraft may not be a perfect game, but the developers behind it are well aware of that fact. That’s why they’ve provided open Lua code, allowing other users to create WoW addons. Enthusiastic players have indeed crafted numerous WoW mods that don’t alter the game mechanics but enhance the overall gameplay experience. Let’s see what these addons can change, for example:

  • Addons for WoW can assist you with your initial rotation. While they might not guarantee a perfect 10/10 performance, they can certainly help you achieve impressive 8/10 logs.
  • Addons like ElvUI Dragonflight can revamp your interface, making it more convenient and sleek, for instance.
  • Tools like WoW Bagnon can streamline the management of all your bags in one place, especially in retail WoW.
  • If you’re on the hunt for WoW characters, can help you out by displaying all the necessary statistics.
  • Addons such as Details can enable you to analyze your rotation, identify mistakes, and keep track of boss abilities, among other things.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg, which conceals the infinite depths of the World of Warcraft gameplay.

CurseForge — One thing, which you need to rule all your addons


Before we dive into our list of the best WoW addons, we need to introduce you to the existence of CurseForge. So, what exactly is CurseForge? It’s essentially your one-stop shop, much like GitHub, but exclusively for the best World of Warcraft addons. Here, you can discover all the addons that have been created for various versions of the World of Warcraft game. Some of these addons work flawlessly on “Private” servers with older expansions, while others are tailored specifically for the WoW:HC era. When you’re in need of a WoW addon, there’s no better place to turn to than CurseForge.

  • Navigation.
  • Rating.
  • Commentaries.
  • Instructions.

And the best part? The CurseForge WoW Addon manager includes navigation, rating, commentaries, and instructions to help you make the most of your addon experience.

List of the main addons for the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight retail

Ok, this is a concise list of all the addons we recommend for newcomers. It’s not exhaustive, so if you’re searching for something specific, you’ll have to head over to CurseForge. What you see here are simply the best WoW addons for beginners. If you require more detailed and accurate descriptions of these addons, please continue reading our article. There, you’ll find their categorization and specifications along with direct download links from CurseForge — one of the best addon managers.

  • ElvUI: Makes your game UI look awesome and adds some cool features.
  • Toxi for ELVUI: Extra goodies for ElvUI to supercharge your UI.
  • Details: Tracks your damage and battle stats in a detailed way.
  • WeakAuras: Puts up flashy reminders for important stuff in the game.
  • Shows off your dungeon and raid skills.
  • SimulationCraft: Helps you fine-tune your character’s performance.
  • Auctionator: Makes buying and selling stuff in the auction house easier.
  • Bagnon: Cleans up your messy bags and combines them.
  • Rare Scanner: Helps you find those rare NPCs.
  • HandyNotes: Adds notes and markers on your map.
  • Postal: Makes mailbox management less painful.
  • GatherMate: Shows where resources are on your map.
  • Scrap: Marks junk items in your inventory.
  • OmniCC and OmniCD: Shows cooldowns clearly.
  • Healbot: Simplifies healing in groups.
  • Hekili Priority Helper: Suggests abilities for max DPS.
  • Vendor Price: Tells you how much stuff sells for to vendors.
  • VuhDo: Raid frames for healers.
  • Grid2: More raid frames, customizable.
  • Auctioneer: Auction house management and pricing.
  • Angry Keystones: Keeps your Mythic+ dungeon keys in check.
  • Recount: Another damage tracker.
  • Max DPS Rotation Helper: Helps you DPS like a pro.

Please, if you’re not a professional player, who is min maxing each stat, and want to squezee all from the worlf of warcraft game, instal just a handy notes, in cause this nice addon will show you rare spawns, and other helpful information in the beatiful journey to the dragon isles.

Addons by their specialization

Before we delve deeper, let’s briefly categorize all the addons. This can be useful for you if you’re not interested in certain aspects of the game. So here they are:

  1. Graphical Addons: These directly alter your user interface experience. Some are more professional and focus on providing essential information in a concise manner (like ElvUI). Others can transform your game into something resembling Skyrim or Genshin Impact. You have the freedom to customize your interface to your heart’s content.
  2. Management Addons: This category is vast. It includes addons for managing your bags, handling auctions, and even managing your logs. You can find the most convenient management systems for all aspects of your game. How about getting direct statistics on the current auction house status with just one click? These addons are capable of providing you with this functionality.
  3. Battle Addons: Oh, my friend, these are the best WoW addons for the pros. One of them you’re already familiar with: WeakAuras. It allows you to monitor everything happening in the battle area between you and the boss.

Graphical addons


Wow Addon Manager

ElvUI is like the holy grail of WoW addons, and let me tell you, it’s the real deal. This addon is for all you folks who want to pimp out your game like a pro. It’s like the YouTube videos you watch to level up your game, but in addon form. With all its cool customization options, it’s like the best world of quality-of-life improvements wrapped up for you. Plus, it’s got your back on all your characters, and your raid buddies will thank you for keeping things organized with its slick shadowed unit frames. It’s the Exorsus Raid Tools of UI addons, tried and tested by the WoW community, and it’s gonna make your spawn points look snazzy and your gameplay top-notch.

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ElvUI allows:

  • Extensive default UI customization;
  • Enhanced quality-of-life features;
  • Efficient management of multiple characters instead of default ui;
  • Organized raid and group tracking with Shadowed Unit Frames.

Toxi for ELVUI

Wow Addons Curse

Toxi — one of those favorite addons that’s a must-have if you want to kick it up a notch in the modern version of the game. It plays nice with more addons, and it’s like having a desktop app for party members during your PvE content adventures. It’s the ace up your sleeve for hunting down rare creatures and unleashing powerful Weak Auras to take your game to the next level.

Toxi as a one of the greatest pve encounters allows:

  • Gold tracking;
  • Raid management;
  • Rare creature tracking;
  • Integration with Weak Auras or with default ui if you need.

This is one of the best addons, which is not working with wow classic, but allow you to control your ElvUI and make it much more useful.

So, when you will start installing wow addons, put this into your bag, when start!

Statistic addons


Curse Addons

The Details WoW addon is a game-changer among the world of World of Warcraft addons. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill addon; it’s the next addon you’ll wonder how you ever played without. With advanced features like tracking your damage output and dangerous abilities, it’s like having ten action bars at your fingertips. This addon tells you how much damage you’re dealing, making it essential for those treasure chest hunters and gamers on the hunt for new addons to elevate their WoW experience.

Elvui Dragonflight

Details is very specific addon that allows:

  • Tracking damage output.
  • Monitoring dangerous abilities.
  • Providing advanced features for action bars.
  • Calculating damage dealt in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing treasure chest hunting and gameplay analysis.


Wow Add Ons

WeakAuras, the absolute must-have addon in the best World of Warcraft players’ arsenal! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of addons, letting you create custom notifications for anything and everything. Whether you’re keeping tabs on your quest tracker, raid members, boss fights, or tracking those rare mobs, WeakAuras has got your back. It’s your personal combat log on steroids, and it’s all about personal preference. You can even use it to show off your battle pets or date other addons for a truly epic setup. If you’re serious about WoW, WeakAuras is the damage meter to have, and it’s the secret sauce for dominating raid groups, boss fights, and more in previous expansions.

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Details Addon

WeakAuras allows:

  • Custom notifications and tracking for various in-game events.
  • Personalized combat log and damage meter.
  • Enhanced quest tracking and rare mob notifications.
  • Raid group management and boss fight assistance.
  • Integration with other addons for a customized gaming experience.

Wow Ststus is that simple yet important addon that every Warcraft player should have. It’s like a pocket-sized guidebook for your WoW journey, but it’s way more than just a date addon. This small yet mighty tool tracks your dungeon and raid performance, making it an essential addition to your interface elements. It’s not a complex addon; instead, it keeps things straightforward, helping you prove your worth and showcasing how much gold you’ve earned in the competitive world of Mythic+ dungeons.

Wow Addons allows:

  • Tracking dungeon and raid performance.
  • Displaying your Mythic+ dungeon and raid scores.
  • Providing a competitive edge in World of Warcraft.


SimulationCraft is like the most complex yet wonderful addon in the world of WoW. While it may not be as simple as some small addons, it’s a powerhouse for those who want to take their gameplay to the next level, especially in WoW Classic. You can think of it as your personal addon manager for optimizing your character’s performance. This nameplate addon doesn’t just track stats; it delves deep into the mechanics of your character and provides invaluable insights. So, while it might not be as straightforward as other addons, it’s a must-download addon for those who are serious about mastering their class and achieving peak performance in the game.

SimulationCraft allows:

  • In-depth character performance analysis.
  • Optimization of character stats and abilities.
  • Advanced simulations for character testing and improvement in World of Warcraft.

If this not enough for you, you can use raidbots website for more accurate simulations, or for getting immersive game experience from other members, and use their simulations.

Manage addons (Addons for making gold and for world quests)


Wow Addon

Among all the things, this addon is cooler than any mount journal in cause of Auctionator is like the go-to buddy in the world of WoW addons when it comes to the auction house. It’s the best addon for revamping that clunky default UI and making it a breeze to buy and sell stuff among all auction house addon varieties. This great addon takes the headache out of dealing with the auction house and spices up your WoW user interface. With its slick features, Auctionator is easily one of the best addons you can snag for your WoW adventures, making navigating the auction house a whole lot smoother and more enjoyable, all right there on your world map.

This is the addon from the most famous addon creators, and you should to put it into your addon managers regular update pack!

Wow Mods

Auctionator allows:

  • Streamlined buying and selling in the auction house.
  • Enhancing the WoW user interface for auction-related tasks.
  • Simplifying the auction house experience, particularly on the world map.
Wow Character Search


Addons For Wow

Bagnon is like that go-to addon for keeping your inventory woes at bay in World of Warcraft. While it may not be the most complex addon out there, it’s a simple, straightforward tool that organizes all your stuff into one tidy package. No more digging through multiple bags; this small addon has got your back. It’s like a treasure chest for your treasures, making it a breeze to find what you need among your date addons, and it’s an absolute must-have for decluttering your adventures in Azeroth.

Bagnon allows:

  • Combining and organizing inventory and bags into one interface.
  • View all the bag space in one screen.
  • Simplifying and decluttering the WoW inventory management experience.

Rare Scanner

Wow Mods

Rare Scanner is the go-to WoW addon for treasure hunters and adventurers on the lookout for rare mobs. It’s like the secret weapon in the arsenal of WoW addons, your trusty sidekick in the quest for epic loot. Whether you’re out there chasing world quests or just exploring, this addon is like your personal world quest tracker for those elusive rare creatures. It’s a must-have for any serious WoW player who wants to make the most of their adventures and score the best gear. So if you’re all about hunting down rare mobs and snagging epic rewards, Rare Scanner is your ticket to success in Azeroth.

Wow Addon

Rare Scanner allows:

  • Tracking and locating rare mobs in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing your ability to find and defeat rare creatures.
  • Assisting in obtaining epic loot and rewards during your adventures.
  • Providing valuable information for players engaged in world quests and exploration.


HandyNotes is hands-down one of the best WoW addons in the treasure chest of must-have additions to your game. It’s like the golden ticket to keeping tabs on points of interest and hidden treasures across Azeroth. This addon is your personal treasure map, marking all the important spots on your map with ease. When it comes to making your WoW adventures truly epic, HandyNotes is one of the best addons to have in your toolkit. So, if you’re all about uncovering secrets and finding hidden gems in the best WoW world, HandyNotes is your ultimate guide to becoming a true WoW explorer.

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HandyNotes allows:

  • Marking and tracking points of interest and hidden treasures on the map in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing exploration and questing by providing visual cues and reminders.
  • Assisting players in uncovering secrets and valuable items during their adventures.
  • Becoming a valuable addition to the best WoW addons for a more immersive gaming experience.


World Of Warcraft Healing Mods

Postal is a simple addon that transforms your mailbox experience in World of Warcraft. This handy little tool tracks your incoming and outgoing mail, streamlining the process of managing your in-game correspondence. It offers features like one-click collecting of all attachments, batch opening of multiple mails, and even an auto-send feature for repetitive tasks. Postal is the go-to addon for players who want to spend less time dealing with the mailbox and more time exploring the vast landscapes of Azeroth. Its user-friendly interface and time-saving capabilities make it an essential addition for anyone looking to simplify their WoW adventures and mail handling.

Curse Wow

Postal allows:

  • Simplified management of incoming and outgoing mail in World of Warcraft.
  • One-click collection of mail attachments. Addon tracks all your sent treasure chests.
  • Batch opening of multiple mails.
  • Automated sending of repetitive messages and items.
  • Enhanced user interface for a smoother mailbox experience.


Details Wow Addon

GatherMate is like that simple, no-fuss addon you need for a smoother WoW experience. This little gem tracks resource node locations all over the map, making it a breeze to find herbs, minerals, and treasures. It’s like your personal world quest tracker for gathering stuff. No need to hunt down those treasures or boss mechanics on your own; GatherMate has your back, saving you precious time and making it super easy to plan your adventures with just a few clicks. So, if you’re all about efficiency and want to keep your inventory stocked with the good stuff, this is one of those must-download addons that will be your best friend in Azeroth.

GatherMate for gathering professions allows:

  • Tracking and displaying resource node locations on the game map.
  • Simplifying the collection of herbs, minerals, and treasures in World of Warcraft.


Addons For Wow

Scrap is a best WoW addon, simplifying inventory management by automatically marking and selling junk items. It’s a must-have for a clutter-free, efficient gaming experience.

Wow Character Search

Scrap allows:

  • Automatic marking of junk items in your inventory for quick selling.
  • Enhanced inventory management, reducing clutter.
  • Efficient selling of unwanted items for gold.

Battle warcraft Addons (for Raids and for Mythic+ keys)

DBM Deadly Boss mods

Wow Io

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) is hands down one of the best World of Warcraft addons you can get your hands on. When it comes to WoW addons, DBM is the undisputed champ for keeping you on your toes during boss encounters. It’s your trusty sidekick that yells in your ear and flashes warnings on your screen when danger is afoot in the world of Azeroth. This addon is like a lifeline for your raids and dungeons, making sure you’re always on point and ready to tackle those tough bosses. If you’re serious about your WoW adventures, DBM is one of those must-have addons that can make all the difference.

Wow Add Ons

DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) allows:

  • Providing essential warnings and alerts during boss encounters in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing your raid and dungeon experience by keeping you informed about boss mechanics and dangerous situations.
  • Improving your chances of success in challenging encounters by offering timely reminders and visual cues.
  • Enhancing overall gameplay by ensuring you’re always prepared for the toughest fights.


Curseforge Wow Classic

OMNICC, the unsung hero among the best WoW addons, is like a magic timer that gives your abilities a facelift. It’s the secret sauce for tracking cooldowns with style, making your WoW experience feel smoother and more visually appealing. When it comes to optimizing your gameplay and keeping an eye on your abilities, OMNICC is one of the best addons out there. So, if you’re all about perfecting your rotations and staying ahead of the game, OMNICC is your trusty companion in the world of Azeroth.

OMNICC allows:

  • Improved tracking of ability cooldowns in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of cooldown timers.
  • Optimizing gameplay by providing clear and stylish cooldown information.
  • Becoming a valuable addition to the best WoW addons for a smoother gaming experience.


Wow Bagnon

OMNICD, the ultimate cooldown tracking buddy, is like the magic watch of the best WoW addons. It takes your abilities and gives them a makeover, making cooldowns look cooler and easier to manage. When you want to step up your game and keep tabs on your skills like a pro, OMNICD is one of those best addons you can’t live without. So, if you’re all about maximizing your performance and staying ahead of the curve in Azeroth, OMNICD is your trusty sidekick, ensuring you’re always in the cooldown know-how.

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OMNICD allows:

  • Improved tracking of ability cooldowns in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of cooldown timers.
  • Optimizing gameplay by providing clear and stylish cooldown information.
  • Becoming a valuable addition to the best WoW addons for a smoother gaming experience.


World Of Warcraft Gameplay

HealBot, the unsung hero among the best WoW addons, is like having a personal healer in your pocket. It’s the ultimate lifesaver for those who love to heal in World of Warcraft, making the whole process smoother and more efficient. When you want to be the best healer on the block and keep your party members alive and kicking, HealBot is one of those best addons you can’t afford to miss. So, if you’re all about saving the day in Azeroth and being the go-to healer for your group, HealBot is your ultimate sidekick on the healing journey.

Best Healers Dragonflight

HealBot allows:

  • Simplified and efficient healing in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhanced user interface for healers, improving party and raid management.
  • Streamlining healing tasks, making it easier to keep party members alive.
  • Becoming a valuable addition to the best WoW addons for a smoother healing experience.


Curseforge Install

HEKII PRIORITY HELPER: Your personal DPS advisor for top-tier WoW gameplay, helping you maximize damage output and conquer challenges with ease.

Curse Addon
  • Providing recommendations for optimizing DPS rotations in World of Warcraft.
  • Enhancing gameplay by suggesting the best actions for maximum damage output.
  • Becoming a valuable addition for players looking to excel in raids and dungeons.

Addons, which you shouldn’t install at all

Best Wow Addons

Not all addons are beneficial, and there are various reasons why you shouldn’t install certain ones. Some may be outdated, others might have limited functionality, and some are highly specific to particular needs. Additionally, addons like Recount can provide inaccurate information that can negatively impact your gaming experience.

However, it’s essential to understand that these addons were created for a reason. When they were initially developed, many of them, some of which are over a decade old, served valuable purposes and met player needs at the time.

Vendor price

This one’s like trying to sell ice to Eskimos, totally unnecessary. It just clutters up your interface by showing you vendor sell prices for items, something you probably already know or don’t need to know.


Curse Wow Addons

If you’re not a dedicated healer, steer clear. VuhDO is like bringing a Swiss Army knife to a gunfight. It’s got more features than you’ll ever use if you’re not a healer, so save your addon space for something more useful.

World Of Warcraft Addons


How To Install Wow Addons

Unless you’re an absolute raiding aficionado, Grid2 is like having a spaceship dashboard on your screen. It’s complex and can be overwhelming for casual players, so stick to simpler raid frames.

Wow Alt Codes


It’s like trying to bring a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Auctioneer can be overly complicated for basic auction house needs, and there are simpler addons like Auctionator that get the job done without all the bells and whistles.

Angry Keystones


Angry keystones like hiring a personal assistant for dungeon keys. Unless you’re deep into Mythic+ dungeons, you probably won’t need this. It’s a bit too specialized for the average player.

Wow Addons


It’s like a blast from the past. Recount was great back in the day, but it’s been overshadowed by more modern and feature-rich damage meters like Details and Skada. Unless you’re feeling nostalgic, there are better options out there.

Max DPS rotation helper

Weak Auras

Unless you want to play on autopilot, steer clear of this one. It takes the fun out of mastering your class and can make you feel like you’re just button mashing. It’s like using training wheels on your bike when you should be pedaling on your own. We’re not show you all the addons, like Titan Panel. but you can find them all in the sites like CurseForge, there’re placed many mods from other players

Retail Wow

Ok, and if this not enough for you, you can read our continuation at the article, about the Best Wow addons for the World of Warcraft: Hardcore classic.