Wow Dragonflight Elemental Shaman Dps Guide

Alright, let’s begin this Elemental Shaman DPS guide from the basics. Shamans are still considered A-tier in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight due to their Elemental Blast and Elemental Force abilities. There are some new changes in the current season, which we’ll cover at the start of the guide.

If you’re a newbie using Lightning Bolt and Elemental as your massive burst, be prepared to:

  • Learn about the pros and cons that Elemental Shamans offer.
  • Get answers about whether Earthquake stacks (this question has been asked since BFA started).
  • Train in four different Elemental Shaman rotations: single target rotation, Lava Surge rotation, AoE rotation, sustained single target damage, and creating fire-focused builds.
  • Understand how to replace primordial stone gems in the new season.
  • Learn how to manage your range, especially if you’re not Enhanced.

Additionally, we’ll cover some little tricks such as macros, addons, resources, stat priorities, and other things for newbies. However, let’s start with the most important information – what’s happening with Elemental Shamans in the new patch, which unfortunately includes some significant nerfs that might be a pain in the neck..

FRESH Wow Dragonflight 10.1.5 – 10.2 Updates

So, Ancestral Guidance got a cap of 20% healing per pop (every second) based on your Shaman’s max health. Oh, and it doesn’t trigger healing from other stuff like trinkets or weapon procs anymore. Bummer, right? This hits hard for Elemental and Enhancement Shamans‘ top healing move. Restoration Shamans can’t mix it up with other power bursts now. It used to be a one-person healing party during AoE action, but now it’s toned down. Single-target use is barely affected. Other hybrid specs got similar tweaks.

Overflowing Life talent always gives 8% Stamina, no matter how long Reincarnation takes. Nice touch, letting you use Reincarnation more without worrying about having enough health for a boss hit.

Damage from gems in the Onyx Amulet is cut 40%. The hit from Seal of Diurna’s Chosen got a 25% reduction. These changes affect all Shaman types. Good stat rings with sockets are worth a look, since these nerfed ones won’t dish damage like they used to.

Mana Regeneration for Elemental Max mana goes from 50,000 to 250,000. Mana regen slowed down by about 3 times. Mana cost changes for some spells:

Mana deal before the patchMana gig after the patch
Full mana covers about 4 Healing Surges.Full mana comes back in about 30 secs.Mana tops up a Healing Surge in about 8 seconds.Full mana works for 10 Healing Surges.Full mana bounces back in 1 min 30 secs.Mana brings back one Healing Surge in 10 secs.

This switch leans more on the buff side. You can chuck way more heals at once, but if you run totally dry, you gotta wait more for mana to kick in. It’s only a thing if you’re firing off more than ten Healing Surges in a row. But, just so you know, it’s not for Restoration folks, only for the Enhancement and Elemental crew.

Elemental Other than what I said earlier, Elemental’s keeping its chill. A bit of an update on Earthquake’s tooltip, plus tweaks to how Lava Bursts from Primordial Wave and Lava Surge behave – no more aiming for crowd-controlled targets.

Shaman Wow Dragonflight FAQ UP!

Q:Are we still rocking Eranor’s Ring, Den’s Enchanted Locket?

A: they hit Den’s damage by 25%, and now the high-ilvl socketed rings are looking way juicier. For the nitty-gritty, check out raidbots

Q: Should we bother chasing any gear in the new dungeon, The Eternal Dawn?

A: The Broken Future Mirror seems to be showing off, but it’s gonna need some more playtime to really know.

Q: Does Earthquake Stack? You betcha, it stacks.

A:Which Abilities Does the Lightning Flash Talent Reset? Stormkeeper and Storm Elemental

Elemental Shaman class overview in world of Warcraft Dragonflight

Note: To find all the essential things about Elemental Shamans in the wow 10.1.5. Watch This!

Elemental Shaman, also known as Ele Shaman, is a long-range fighter who slings spells and gets buddy-buddy with the elements. Intellect is the main mojo here.

Ele Shamans rock mail armor and groove with a shield plus a one-handed hammer, dagger, or fist weapon, or even staves.

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They’re all about that nature, fire, ice, and even some physical punch (Earthquake is the star there). All their attack spells reach up to 40 yards. There are a few tricks that go 30 yards, but they’re the exceptions.

Elemental Shaman’s main juice is Maelstrom, and they also dip into the Mana pool (for healing and other side moves).

Secure the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Tier sets in the 10.2 patch for enhanced performance!

Elemental shaman offers following pros

The list of Elemental shaman proses, do not allow us something new. It’s still the perfect range Damage dealer with known abilities:

  • Loads of cool and effective play styles to suit whatever floats your boat.
  • Can really lightning up the place with awesome burst damage in those group fights, if you time your special moves right.
  • Packs a mean punch against single targets too.
  • Can play janitor by removing curses, fears, sleepy spells, poisons, and even tossing or knocking baddies around. Plus, you’ve got magic dispelling, group slowing and stunning, turning foes into frogs, and a wild party trick called Bloodlust.
  • You can patch up your pals or even do a quick group heal solo with Ancestral Guidance during big group fights.

Elemental shaman offers following cons

Much depends on a single question: Where will you use your Elemental Shamans? They are formidable damage dealers, but they are not ideal for raids. This is not due to their tiers or anything else. They are not as effective in raids due to specific reasons:

  • Not the go-to guy for raid party tricks.
  • Depending on how you build it, the moves might feel a bit clunky and brain-twisty.
  • Takes some time to build up the energy for those AoE slam dunks, especially when you’re not in burst mode.
  • No “get out of jail free” card; to stay alive, you gotta trust your own patch-up skills and that swanky Astral Shift move.

On the other hand, much more depends on your talent choices and Nature’s Swiftness. Your weaknesses can be transformed into strengths.

Elemental Shaman Leveling in the world of Warcraft Dragonflight

Listen up in the realm of Warcraft Dragonflight! You’re an Elemental Shaman, and guess what? You can pick any darn race you want. Whether you’re a sneaky Night Elf or a rugged Dwarf, it’s your party.

Leveling? Oh, you’re a boss at that. Cast spells instantly, toss off some healing to your buds – you’re the mystical all-rounder they didn’t see coming. And don’t sweat slow cast times; with instant-cast spells like Lava Burst, ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus, your main lightning act is a showstopper.

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Now, races? Some are just perfect for your style. Trolls and Orcs? They’ve got your back, giving a significant boost to your damage and cranking up your casting speed. Ever wanted a side of stun effects? They’ve got that too!

Whether you’re rolling with a crew or riding solo, you’re the star. AoE damage? Check. Battlefield control? Double check. You’re even tossing heals around like candy at a parade. And while others might be stuck with one-trick pony status, you’re the whole darn circus.

So level up, chuck lightning bolts, and command the elements. You’re not just playing the game; you’re owning it, Elemental Shaman style!

There is only one thing we can advise you: Level your character with party members using the Dungeon Finder system. It allows you to prepare for endgame content, learn how to play with other classes, and get a feel for the cast time of each ability in your spec.

The elemental Shaman best stats

The Best Stats For Elemental Shaman

Here’s the simplest way to put it: Item level (ilvl) is always superior to everything else. This is because only intellect provides consistent damage across all types of content. Additionally, we want to remind you to keep in mind that in the current WoW Dragonflight season, there is no cap for secondary stats!

Intellect is the king here, boosting all your damage and scaling way better with item levels than secondary stats. So, gear level is your first focus.

Stat priority for all Lightning builds and PvE content types goes like this:

Intellect > Haste = Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery.

Get those zaps going with some electrifying gear choices!

To correct your rotation, use the Dummy or Simcraft. We also have our WoW Sims actual guide to correct your SimulationCraft Logs.

Elemental Shaman Rotations in world of Warcraft Dragonflight

Alright, dude – now you’re ready to understand why Elemental Shamans aren’t in the S-tier. The reason is that they have four different fire builds, elemental builds, Lightning Bolt builds, and single-target priority lists, among many other factors. Gameplay largely depends on the type of content you’re interested in, the gear you’re wearing, your talents, and your preferences. Will you use Flame Shock more with Lava Burst, or Lightning Bolt with Chain Lightning? That’s why we’ll provide four different rotations to introduce some complexity to your decision-making with talent choices and time spent on simulation tools. So, let the Shaman class’s static rotations begin!

Lightning single target build rotation for elemental shaman

Single-Target Opener:

Build Maelstrom up to 116 and use Stormkeeper.

Continue with the regular rotation as outlined below.

Single-Target Priority:

Lightning Aoe build rotation for elemental shaman

AoE Opener:

Continue with the regular rotation as outlined below.

AoE Priority:

Lava burst single target build for the Elemental shaman in dragonflight season 2

Single Target Opener:

Continue with the regular rotation as outlined below.

Single Target Priority:

Lava burst Aoe build for the Elemental shaman in dragonflight season 2

KK, the key to this build isn’t solely using Lava Burst. The reason why fire talent builds and fire rotations, with their counter-intuitive positions, sometimes result in more damage lies in the base mana expenditure of those spells and the mobility potential they offer, along with their impressive damage output.

AoE Opener:

AoE Priority:

Looks like very close to Lightning build, but with a fire elemental, haste buff, and sustained damage.

Learn those simple fundamentals, and do not waste your time on other specializations.

Best Builds for Elemental shamans in world of Warcraft Dragonflight

Ok, as we mentioned earlier about the four distinct rotations for raid bosses, Earth Shock, nature damage, and more, we must also provide you with information about all the talent builds for Elemental Shamans.

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An intriguing fact about the various Swelling Waves and unmatched utility within different builds is that we have four distinct talent builds for an Elemental Shaman. However, there’s only one fire build and three variations of the lightning talent build. As you delve into them, you’ll notice that they might seem counter-intuitive at first, but they are finely tuned for most scenarios.

Lightning bolt Single target talent build for most scenarios with raid boss

This Is A Burst Damage For Your Single Target Spec As Elemental Shaman Class


Lightning bolt Cleave talent build for scenarios with multiple raid bosses

Your Talent Choices If You Want Burst Damage In Multiple Bosses, And Have Better Logs Than Your Party Members

Copy this to your talent system in the world of Warcraft: BYQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoVSSLJSRSLRDRJQiEAAAAAgSASJJkiEItkkWAkkEAC

Mythic Lightning bolt AoE talent build

The Best Shaman Class Build With A Sustained Damage And Instant Cast For Some Spells

Copy this to your talent system in the world of Warcraft: BYQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoVSSLJJlk0S0QAkIBAAAAAoEgUSCpIKk0SSaBhSCBgA

Flame Shock alternative Mythic+ build (comes from 1st season)

The Best Flame Shock Of All Fire Builds For Elemental Shaman Class

Copy this to your talent system in the world of Warcraft: BYQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAg0SrIJlkAJtINKRLNJEAAAAAAKBIlkQKiCSLJppEokQEgA

Consumables & Buffs Elemental Shaman in world of Warcraft Dragonflight

Ok, as we reiterate once more, the consumables, buffs, foods, gems, runes, and even enchants for Elemental Shamans in the World of Warcraft provide only marginal boosts. Indeed, they might increase your logs by 1 or 2%, but skill remains significantly more crucial. However, if you’re a min-max player aiming to extract every possible stat from your shaman, you’re certainly welcome to utilize them!

Ok, that’s all. Now let’s move to the enchants.

Enchants for elemental shaman wow DF

WeaponEnchant Weapon – Sophic Devotion or Enchant Weapon – Spore Tender
LegsTemporal Spellthread
RingsDevotion of Critical Strike
CloakRegenerative Leech
BracersDevotion of Leech
BootsPlainsrunner’s Breeze
BeltShadowed Belt Clasp
ChestplateEnchant Chest – Waking Stats

Everything is quite standard. However, if you wish to consider this as a tip, you’re welcome. Here, you can discover the optimal enchants for your Elemental Shaman in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight!

Gems elemental shaman wow DF

Get Illimited Diamond– go fierce or inscribed. Stick Craft Alexstraszite or Crafty Ysemerald for the rest. 

Elemental shaman gearing in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Best Elemental Shaman Gearing

Ok. We have four potential rotations and at least sixteen different builds, along with numerous situations, weaknesses, and strengths for the Elemental Shaman. But let me be honest with you! Some MDI players, achieving the most astonishing logs and closely reaching keys of 27 or higher this season, utilize different builds, yet they possess a singular gear setup.

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As seen in many previous guides for other classes, specs, and addons, we’ll provide a screenshot of the top MDI player in the current season, showcasing the best items. We want to emphasize that to acquire these trinkets and items, you’ll need to complete at least a 15-level mythic + key and, of course, venture into mythic raids. Therefore, if you find it challenging to gather such gear, don’t be disheartened. Instead, transition to our priority stats section and review it once more, please!

So, the best gear in the current season of the wow df for elemental shamans:

Addons, Tips, Macros for Elemental shaman class in wow Dragonflight.

For enthusiasts of World of Warcraft, addons significantly enhance gameplay. Our specialized WoW Best Addons Dragonflight guide offers an in-depth analysis of the most effective addons available for WoW: Dragonflight retail. This guide facilitates a detailed comparison of these addons, providing insights into their specific utilities for the current expansion.

Here you will find all the useful resources and tips if you want to play your elemental shaman, like:

  1. The best sites.
  2. The best WeakAuras.
  3. The best macroses.

Macros for Elemental shaman in dragonflight season 2

Mouseover macro for offensive spells:


/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Flame Shock

Mouseover macro for healing spells:


/cast [@mouseover,noharm,exists] [@target,noharm,exists] [@player] Healing Surge

Dual-purpose mouseover macro for Dispels:


/use [@mouseover,nodead,harm] Purify;[@mouseover,nodead,help] Cleanse Spirit;[@target,nodead,harm] Purify;[@target,nodead,help][@player] Cleanse Spirit

Cast Earthquake at cursor’s position:


/cast [@cursor] Earthquake

Meteor and Storm Elemental on one button:


/cast Meteor

/cast Storm Elemental

Nature’s Swiftness and Elemental Blast on one button (similar macro recommended for Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning):

#showtooltip Elemental Blast

/cast Nature’s Swiftness

/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Elemental Blast

Apply Flame Shock to Focus, or to boss target if no Focus:


/cast [@focus,exists,nodead,harm] [@boss1,exists,nodead,harm] Flame Shock

Interrupt Focus target, else interrupt mouseover target, or current target:


/cast [@focus,exists,harm,nodead][@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Wind Shear

Cast Flame Shock on nearby enemy target without changing your current target:



/cast Flame Shock


Place Wind Rush Totem under your character:


/cast [@player] Wind Rush Totem

Use Ancestral Spirit out of combat, or Engineering Battle Resurrect “Complex Inventions” in battle


/use [combat] Complex Inventions; [nocombat] Ancestral Spirit

Add chat notification when using a spell, without message if on cooldown. Example for Ancestral Guidance:

#showtooltip Ancestral Guidance

/run if GetSpellCooldown(“Ancestral Guidance”) == 0 then SendChatMessage(“Ancestral Guidance”,”SAY”) end

/cast Ancestral Guidance

Useful resources. It’s like a treasure chest for Elemental Shamans. Find all sorts of cool stuff here, from custom UI setups using WeakAuras (WA), nifty mods for Plater, and profiles for ElvUI. It’s like getting a magical upgrade to your whole gaming experience.

CurseForge: This is where all the cool kids hang out for addons. It’s like a marketplace for stuff that makes your game cooler. Look for addons that’ll supercharge your Elemental Shaman skills, helping you keep track of spells, timers, and making you an elemental master.

Raidbots: Your personal battle strategy lab. You put in your Elemental Shaman’s gear, talents, and stuff, and it runs virtual battles to tell you how to gear up for max awesomeness. It’s like having a virtual coach that helps you crush DPS records.

Subcreation: Your secret stash of numbers for Mythic+ and raids. This place has all the juicy stats you need to rock those dungeons and raids. As an Elemental Shaman, you’ll discover the sweet spots to shine in different challenges.

Warcraft Logs: Your backstage pass to boss battles. Upload your battle logs here and dissect your Elemental Shaman’s performance. It’s like rewinding the fights to see where you can bring the thunder and where you might need some extra sparks.

Lorrg’s IO: Quick peek into burst power. Want to know how your Elemental Shaman’s bursts measure up? This tool’s got your back. It’s like a magnifying glass for your explosive moments in boss battles.

Wipefest: Guild raid detective. If you’re rolling with a crew, this site is your CSI for raid performance. Elemental Shamans can figure out where things went boom and make your raiding crew even more epic.

Wowanalyzer: Logs whisperer and mistake catcher. Go deep into the logs to up your Elemental Shaman game. It’s like a spotlight on where you’re slaying and where you might need a little more fire power.

Bloodmallet: Bling-bling for gear optimization. For Elemental Shamans, this place is the ultimate gear genie. It calculates the best bling-bling – trinkets.

Elemental Shaman Conclusion: How to live without elemental Blast

What can we conclude about the Elemental Shaman in Dragonflight at the end? It remains effective, capable of dealing damage, but it continues to be one of the more challenging classes to master in terms of gameplay. This is why it might not be placed in the S-tier. However, if you’re seeking a change from classes like Hunters, Warlocks, and Priests, which boast significant damage output without the need to manage base mana alongside other abilities, then welcome to a world where Earth Shock stacks shine!

Additionally, we recommend exploring our guides about Restoration Shaman in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 2.