Dragonflight Enhancement Shaman Dps Guide

Let’s get started! The Enhancement Shaman DPS guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 2. We’ll provide concise and accurate descriptions for:

  • A brief overview of Enhancement Shaman.
  • Maelstrom Weapon management in the new season.
  • Any crucial changes in the talent tree and off-healing tools.
  • The number of rotational abilities and rotations utilized by Enhancement.
  • Proper usage of executing Enhancement correctly abilities.

We won’t dwell on mundane and evident aspects such as:

  • Selecting a priority target damage.
  • Coordinating global cooldowns with mages who have Double Blink.
  • Discussions about talents, builds, gear, consumables, and more.

We’ll explore why Elemental Shamans are ranked higher than the most intense melee specialization! So, ready your maces, daggers, or whatever you employ for your physical attacks, and let the mayhem commence!

FRESH part — New changes of Enhancement shamans in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.5 – 10.1.7

Before we delve into other aspects of Enhancement Shamans, discussing their free cleave options and various abilities, let’s provide a highly specific description of the major changes in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.5.

Here they’re:

  1. Windfury Weapon now procs more often, going from 16% to 20%.
  2. Wham! Stormstrike / Windstrike dishes out 20% more damage. PvP’s left out of the party, though.
  3. Feel the heat! Lava Lash scorches with 20% more damage. PvP still not invited.
  4. Chill out with Frostbrand, now 20% stronger.
  5. Four-piece gear bonus from Season 1 boosts Haste by 0.5% for each Windfury Weapon stack, not 1% anymore.
  6. Second season’s four-piece set bonus pumps up Chain Lightning damage by 20%, not the previous 100% jolt.
  7. Mana costs and regen got a makeover. Cast about 2.5 times more Healing Surges at full mana, but mana regen takes its sweet time, 3 times longer!
  8. Echo of the Prime hits less hard, down by 25%.
  9. Overflowing Vitality talent now always gives you 8% Stamina, Reincarnation global cooldown or not.
  10. Ancestral Guidance now heals up to 20% of the Shaman’s max health per heal event (once a second).
  11. Ancestral Guidance no longer triggers healing from other abilities and items like trinkets or weapon enchants.

These changes are not only significant but also include details about damage reduction for melee specializations and Shaman utilities. You can explore more in-depth information about these aspects in our Elemental Shaman guide. Within that guide, you will discover all the major changes to Shaman utilities

Enhancement Shaman Class overview

Dragonflight Enhancement Shaman Overview

Enhancement Shaman, or Enh Sham for the cool kids, is like that up-close-and-personal fighter who totally wrecks enemies with elemental fury and dishes out some wicked bonus damage. Main stat you wanna flex? It’s Agility, baby.

This Enh dude rocks chainmail armor and digs one-handed maces, axes, and even fist weapons. Oh, and the dude plays with nature, fire, and frost magic on top of just bashing things up.

Now, this Shaman’s main juice is the Windfury Weapon stacks, while the extra sauce is Mana (for patching up and handy spells, you know?). It’s all about planning mid flow, switching things up as you go.

If we’re talking ranges, abilities and in-your-face attacks hit within 5 yards, while the flashy attack and healing spells stretch out to 40 yards. Some handy tricks even cover a 30-yard area. And hey, don’t think you’re just another other melee, you’re the one bringing the elemental spark!

So there you have it, my friend. Get ready to stomp around like an elemental brawler with an Enh Shaman. Time to rock the thunder and the flames with a wicked AoE situation twist! Oh, and don’t forget, this isn’t your grandma’s WoW, this is all about the modern era, no more clinging to previous expansions.

Enhancement shaman pros for Mythic+ | The best high intensity melee spec

Get ready for some seriously cool and satisfying gameplay – smashing buttons, enjoying the impact, and loving those rad animations. With a plethora of talents, endless build options, and absolutely no useless “dead” choices, this class is a winner.

Boss mobs? Not an issue. You’ve got Thunderous Smash, Totem of Condensation, and Fissure to handle those situations.

But hold on tight, because this Shaman is a utility-packed dynamo. Generate stacks smartly, avoid waste, and craft strategies on the fly. Your rotational flow is sleek, with low cooldowns to keep you rocking.

Utility is your middle name. Strip curses, crush fears, banish poisons, and even dispel enemy magic. Plus, unleash the power of Bloodlust when it’s go-time.

And don’t think you’re just a brawler – you’re a healer too. Mend your buddies and throw down group heals with Ancestral Guidance when AoE chaos hits. 

Enhancement shaman Cons for Mythic+

Messing up your ability priorities? You’ll end up twiddlin’ your thumbs and losing out on damage, so plan your button-smashin’ ahead of time for those high movement encounters.

Main AoE skills cap at 5-6 targets. No immunity (except for Reincarnation). For survival, rely on your own healing and Astral Shift while juggling your cooldown management.

When things get stormy, unleash your power with those storm builds and make the most out of your cooldown loadout. Ever heard of Doom Winds? It’s a game-changer during your burst window.

Amid the chaos, never underestimate the might of your attack power. It’s the key to unlocking the true potential of your elemental fury.

Enhancement shamans leveling in world of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Enhancement Shaman Talents

You’re diving into the world of Warcraft as an Enhancement Shaman, and it’s all about Windfury Totem boosting your hits. You’ll be generating stacks while tossing off curses and poisons with defensive dispelling options. Your game is all about reactive decision making through three core loops: stack Maelstrom, plan your moves, and free cleave when mobs gang up.

But hold up, you’re not just another melee hack-and-slasher. Your toolkit’s got niche tools for volcanic damage in crowds and AoE chaos. Keep your Maelstrom management in check, sync your interlinking gameplay loops, and embrace your talent page’s choices for the perfect vibe, be it critical strike focus or quick cooldowns. Get ready to rock with your trusty fist weapons and ride the elemental rollercoaster!

Ok, as in all other guides, we have very ordinary answers for the enhancement shaman leveling with a single target build, or with AoE talent tree. Choose the talent tree, and learn how to use your elemental infuded melee attacks with powerful instant burst tools. That’s all. There isn’t any special secret for enhanced shamans at leveling. If you’re a pro, you already know what to do with enhancement shamans. And if you’re newbie, just learn all your AoE crowd control tools, low cooldown ranged interrupt, and other things, which make you such a cool class, with incredible damage, many utilities, and broken rotation logic with a tack generation.

Which build for the enhancement shaman is the best?

Enhancement Shaman, like all other specs, offers numerous variations for single-target and AoE builds. The primary distinction among them lies in whether they’re focused on physical damage or ability cooldowns for nature damage.

Naturally, there are experts in physical damage, showcasing orange logs for single-target encounters. And, of course, there are adept masters who leverage their elemental-infused melee attacks. But where does the truth lie?

The truth is like always, near. For each boss, and each situation, you need 

  • Kazzara the Blazing – Physical build.
  • Halls of Fusion – Physical build.
  • Forgotten Experiments – Physical build.
  • Assault on Temper – Any build.
  • Rashok the Ancient – Physical build.
  • Vigilant Taskmaster Zkar’n – Physical build.
  • Magmorax – Physical build.
  • Neltharion’s Echo – Elemental build.
  • Drakonid Commander Sarkaret – Elemental build.

So, the good news is that you can play both a physical build and an elemental build. The bad news is that you need proficiency in both to achieve purple or orange logs

Enhancement shaman Best Stats for single target and AoE

Like his brother — elemental shammy, enhancement Shamans don’t have a straightforward approach to stat prioritization due to the significant influence of their chosen build and other factors. Therefore, reserve some explanations for Enhancement Shamans, and only afterward, maintain a distance and gather the appropriate stats.

How to collect stats for enhancement shamans

Agility is your main deal, especially when you get that buff active. It boosts all your damage and scales hard with item levels. So, check those item levels first thing.

Attack Power? It rides on Agility, especially in your melee specialization, and weapon DPS. Equation’s simple:

Attack Power = Agility + Weapon DPS * 6

Weapon speed or damage range? Nah, DPS is the king here, and guess what? It scales directly with your weapon’s item level.

The Best Enhancement Shamans Stats For All Talent Builds For Weapon Imbues

Spell damage like Lightning and Fire Shock? Here’s the scoop: It’s all about Spell Power, not Attack Power. But for us Enh Shamans, Spell Power is like a twin of Attack Power:

Spell Power = Attack Power * 1.01

After that, Spell Power is multiplied by an ability’s Attack Power or Spell Power coefficient.

That coefficient? It’s in the tooltip on Wowhead. Like, Lava Lash’s damage coefficient is 75.6%. For spells, it’s the Spell Power coefficient.

Now, that aura thing. It’s like a hidden sauce. For us, it’s Shaman – Enhancement. It tweaks the whole spec’s damage, without changing coefficients. Sneaky, right? You won’t see it in-game, but it’s on Wowhead.

Secondary Stats

  • Crit: Chance to double your damage with Crit.
  • Haste: Speeds up attacks, GCD, and ability cooldowns.
  • Versatility: Deals more damage, takes less.
  • Mastery: Amps up Elemental Spirits’ passive bonus.

Stat Priority

For all builds, all PvE types, remember this:

Agility > Mastery = Haste > Crit > Versatility.

No caps. No fixed stat values. Just keep the balance and you’re golden.

Remember your multiple enemies prowess, unleash on a powerful cooldown, and make the most of your maximum health. Handle it like a champ against other melee specializations. Try out two new PvP talents, and don’t miss Elemental Blast in your physical builds and AoE tools. Stick to that normal priority list, dodge any waste, define strategies, and master those utility tools. Make your talent page sing, and enjoy that low cooldown life.

P.S. For anyone with doubts about the Enhancement Shaman guide and those seeking a pre-made talent build featuring Doom Winds to save their time, we have prepared captures from the current season sourced from the top of the MDI list

What does it mean? We collect the best enhancement shamans, and show you their best stats and caps for naturally regenerating resources.

Enhancement shaman rotation in a World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Ok, the moment has arrived. After those less-than-stellar introductions, you’re now prepared to delve into the details of the four single-target builds for the Enhancement Shaman. We’ll segment all the Enhancement Shaman’s elemental spells and talent builds into distinct sections, aiming to illustrate the distinctions between physical builds and elemental spell configurations based on Primordial Wave.

Enhancement shaman single target elemental build

Single target ability opener for enhancement shaman

Single target ability priority for enhancement shaman

Does it seem that your stack generation is a bit more tough than you expect?

Enhancement shaman AoE Elemental build

The next rotation will look very similar to the previous. But as you know, the devil hides in details!

Opener for enhancement shaman

Ability priority for enhancement shaman

Everything aligns with your fast paced combat style, and you don’t even require a dedicated rotation tool like other melee players. Simply grasp the technique of delivering impactful volcanic damage as an Enhancement Shaman!

Enhancement shaman physical single target build

Ok, if you believe that Windfury Totem isn’t necessary for physical builds, you might be mistaken. Yes, there are distinct abilities, and critical strike plays a more substantial role, akin to other melee players. However, the melee specialization of the Enhancement Shaman doesn’t alter your class identity. This is why you should consider adopting the Physical build for single target encounters.

Opener for enhancement shaman

Ability Priorities for enhancement shaman

Enhancement shaman AoE talent tree build with a critical strike

Thus, only one Enhancement Shaman talent tree build remains, excluding Primordial Wave. Grasp this configuration and take note of the cooldown reduction for weapon imbues!

Opener for enhancement shaman

Ability priorities for enhancement shaman

Worthy Builds for enhancement shaman in WOW:DF!

We are aware of at least 16 distinct builds for Enhancement Shamans. However, all of these cater to individuals who are already familiar with playing this class. Those who possess expertise in playing this class typically don’t rely on guides; they contribute to crafting new professional guides themselves. That’s why we will present the most optimized builds for both the Physical Damage build and the Elemental build.

Physical Build For Enhancement Shamans In The World Of Warcraft Dragonflight


The logic is next. The physical damage build is more for ST. That’s why it is better to use it in raids.

Enhancement Build For Enhancement Shamans


The Elemental Enhancement Shaman builds are more geared towards Mythic+ dungeons due to their AoE specialization. Additionally, we provide recommendations for employing specific builds for different boss encounters. Revisit this guide, and you will discover these recommendations.

Consumables & Buffs Enhancement Shamans in WOW:DF

These are fully similar to Elemental shaman. That’s why go read about them, in the article about elemental shamans. 

Enhancement shaman gear wow DF: the best for high intensity melee spec

Without extra words, our advice on what to collect for your enhancement shaman gear in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight season 2, 3 and next!

The Best Gear For The World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Enhancement Shaman

But we would like to caution you. Regardless of your proficiency with Maelstrom Weapon, these gear items are exclusively accessible to individuals who participate in clearing Mythic raids and tackling the highest Mythic+ keys. If you are uncertain about your ability to achieve this, it’s advisable to prioritize gear with secondary stat priorities.

Addons, Tips, Macros for Enhancement shaman class in wow Dragonflight

For enthusiasts of World of Warcraft, addons significantly enhance gameplay. Our specialized WoW Best Addons Dragonflight guide offers an in-depth analysis of the most effective addons available for WoW: Dragonflight retail. This guide facilitates a detailed comparison of these addons, providing insights into their specific utilities for the current expansion.

The list of addons and tips for enhancement shaman in wow Dragonflight is fully similar to elemental shaman. That’s why we’ll put only useful macros for enhancement shamans.

Mouseover Macro for Offensive Spells:


/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Fire Shock

Mouseover Macro for Healing Spells:


/cast [@mouseover,noharm,exists] [@target,noharm,exists] [@player] Healing Surge

Mouseover Macro for Dual-Action (Enemy/Ally) Abilities (e.g., Dispel Magic and Purify Spirit):


/use [@mouseover,nodead,harm] Dispel Magic;[@mouseover,nodead,help] Purify Spirit;[@target,nodead,harm] Dispel Magic;[@target,nodead,help][@player] Purify Spirit

Mouseover Macro for Primordial Wave:

#showtooltip Primordial Wave

/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][@target,harm,exists,nodead] Primordial Wave

Macro for Icebound Fortitude and Ring of Frost on One Button:


/cast [known: 342240] Icebound Fortitude; [known: 333974] Ring of Frost

Macro to Notify Chat on Ability Use (Ancestral Guidance in this Example):

#showtooltip Ancestral Guidance

/run if GetSpellCooldown(“Ancestral Guidance”) == 0 then SendChatMessage(“Ancestral Guidance”,”SAY”) end

/cast Ancestral Guidance

Macro for Instant Totem Placement at Cursor:


/cast [@cursor] Condensation Totem

Macro for Using Windfury Weapon and Flametongue Weapon:


/castsequence Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon

Macro for Projected Totems to be Used with an Ability (e.g., Stormstrike):

#showtooltip Stormstrike

/cast [@player] Projected Totems

/cast Stormstrike

Macro for Applying Debuff to Focus, then Mouseover, and Finally Target:


/cast [@focus,exists,nodead,harm] [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Fire Shock

Macro for Interrupting Focus, Mouseover, and Current Target:


/cast [@focus,exists,harm,nodead][@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Wind Shear

Macro to Cast Fire Shock on Nearest Enemy (Target or Mouseover):



/cast Fire Shock


Macro to Place Gust of Wind Totem under Your Character:


/cast [@player] Wind Rush Totem

Macro for Tracking Reincarnation Cooldown:

#showtooltip Reincarnation

Enhancement shaman conclusion: how to play without maelstrom weapon

As evident, the Enhancement Shaman stands as a highly formidable class, boasting an array of potent abilities to wield. Certainly, mastering the intricacies of how Enhancement Shamans operate can render you nearly unbeatable. However, this path entails a steep learning curve, and we cannot readily recommend the Enhancement Shaman as your inaugural choice in the World of Warcraft. It doesn’t hold an S-Tier status and demands a mastery of skills, akin to an Arcane Mage, for instance. Consequently, the Enhancement Shaman caters exclusively to experienced players seeking fresh dimensions within the realm of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.7!