Fury Warrior World Of Warcraft

Okay… Here we go! Fury Warriors. You still haven’t played this class? So what are you doing in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Wasting your time? Stop doing it! Read this Divine Qualities Fury Warrior DPS guide and dominate in:

  • Raids.
  • Mythic+ Keys.
  • PvP.

We can’t waste your time any longer. Prepare to learn how Dragonflight Fury Warriors work.

We’re also recommend to view our Mythic+ Compendium, with all the Dungeon tactics and M+ Loot.

Fury Warrior Overview — Lazy, effective, Stylish!

Icon Of Style As An Avatar Of The Fury Warrior In The World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight

What the Fury warrior? It’s a melee-ranged damage dealer, which is working with two handed swords or axes for each hand. As the blizzard makes the best legendary weapon two handed, Fury warriors can wear both of them, and get the extra mega burst damage for their runs.

To be serious, Fury warrior strengths are about having an amazing rage generation. And you have enough rage to smash all your buttons. This class has a little weakness in single target DPS. But only if you compare it to the arms warrior.

On the other hand, fury warriors have their raging blow and as simple as possible rotation.And the simple rotation makes them  better than any other class in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight addon. And of course, much more effective than crappy arms warriors with their poor defensive abilities, and not enough critical strike chance.

So if you want a simple to learn class, without weakness, balanced, and logical rotation. You’re welcome!

Fury Warrior in Tier list of DPS in the Wow: Dragonflight

Everything is pretty simple. Fury Warriors are A-tier for raids due to their logical bursts and, of course, their execution phase.

In the Mythic keys for the current situation, the situation is a bit different. On one hand, Fury Warriors are only B-tier. On the other hand, there aren’t better melee DPS in the Mythic+ keys. Both S-tier DPS are ranged.

The reason why Melee DPS are struggling in the Mythic+ key season is simple: no special legendaries, and bosses and mobs deal much more melee damage than before. So, just wait for the third season and prepare to dominate.

And are there any fury warrior changes in Dragonflight? Of course! If you compare it with your warrior class with the old talent system, now you’ll find that with talent trees you can create a compromise build, which will have all advantages, and perfect both for multiple target damage, and increase your critical strikes for single target abilities.

The best race Fury Warrior Dragonflight

Furry Warrior Dps

There’s nothing particularly special for the PvE Fury Warrior when choosing a race.The best Dragonflight Fury Warriors in the Horde are Orcs, thanks to their burst damage ability. Combine it with your Primal Bursts, and everything will go smoothly. Do not trust us, check the Raider.io to assure the information!

And the best Dragonflight Fury Warriors in the Alliance are Dwarves, primarily due to their Stoneform ability. Of course, you might argue that some allied races are better, but please keep in mind that all those minor advantages are not significant for exceptional Fury Warriors.

How to play Fury Warrior in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Wow Furry Warrior

With the new set, Fury warrior rotation stays mostly the same. The goal now is to use Bloodthirst for a guaranteed critical hit. Keep your critical strike chance above 20% and pop Bloodthirst every 6 stacks from the new set under Recklessness. Check this handy WeakAura to track stacks: link. As the Fury warrior is the most simple class among all other class, just learn this rotation, and try to play it automatically:

Raid single target rotation for the Fury Warrior in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight:

Ravager > Avatar + > Recklessness > Charge > Onslaught  > Rampage > Spear of Bastion  > Rampage > Raging Blow > Rampage.

Raid Multi-Target Rotation:

Ravager > Avatar + > Recklessness > Charge > Whirlwind  > Rampage > Spear of Bastion > Rampage > Onslaught > Rampage > Whirlwind.

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Mythic+ Single Target Rotation:

Ravager > Avatar + > Recklessness > Charge > Onslaught > Dragon Roar > Rampage > Raging Blow > Rampage.

Mythic+ Multi-Target Rotation:

Charge > Onslaught > Ravager > Avatar + > Recklessness > Dragon Roar > Whirlwind > Rampage > Raging Blow > Rampage > Whirlwind.

Fury Warrior — Leveling Guide!

Do you really think you need a leveling guide for the most badass class in World of Warcraft? Alright! Spam all those powerful buttons. Defeat all enemies. Push all the keys and become a lord of Pugs while you’re leveling.

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And if you’re too hesitant for that, consider specializing in Protection Warrior. We also have a guide for that challenging class style.

Stats: the best secondary stats for Fury Warrior in the Dragonflight

The Best Secondary Stats For Your Fury Warrior In The World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.5 Season 2

Alright, meta builders. If you’re wondering what gear to equip your meta Fury Warrior, just forget about critical strike altogether. It’s sufficient to have around:

  • 13% critical strike chance.
  • 38% haste to maximize button presses.
  • 51% mastery (though I assume you’re not relying heavily on mastery for Fury Warriors).
  • Stack Versatility.

If you need priorities for building, focus all your efforts on haste… That’s it. Oh, I almost forgot, prioritize self-healing as well. This is because you’ll encounter random damage scenarios, and to reduce deaths compared to other Warrior classes in Dragonflight Season 2, gather some self-healing.

Best Fury Warrior build in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Alright, as usual, we’ll provide both talent builds: one for single target damage in raids, and another for Mythic+ keys. Just like before, we’ll include links to easily import these talent builds directly into your talent manager.

To correct your rotation, use the Dummy or Simcraft. We also have our WoW Sims actual guide to correct your SimulationCraft Logs.

Raid Build Fury warrior DPS Dragonflight

Talent Build With A Maintain Enrage For A Fresh Meat And Bastion Spear For Your Single Target Fight

Mythic+ Build Fury warrior DPS Dragonflight

Increased To Maximum Heath, Ability To Control Big Packs, The Best Enraged Talent Spec For Your Rampage Fury Warrior

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Food, runes & enchants for Fury warrior

The main trick of last Dragonflight season is that you no need to collect many different buffs. Just eat, use rune, and prepare to manage your auto attacks, to more effectively spend rage in your main rotational attack.

If you need extra boost, use the runes. Here they’re:

  • Howling Rune: Enhances Haste. If you haven’t enough, It’ll help you to expend rage, and increase damage from raging blows and auto attacks of your two handed weapons.

Nothing new, but is it bad? But please, keep in mind that you need to share your important buffs to party.

Fury Warrior BIS enchants:

WeaponSophic Devotion
LegsFierce Armor Kit
RingsDevotion of Haste
CloakGraceful Avoidance
BracersDevotion of Avoidance
BootsPlainsrunner’s breeze
BeltShadowed belt Clasp
ChestplateWaking Stats

Promodrial stone gems for Fury Warrior

Ok, the main advice from this fury warrior guide is… do not use promodrial stone gems any more. It’s not valuable anymore.

Fury Warrior Gearing

The Best Way To Gear Your Fury Warrior In The World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.5 Season 2

Only here, right now, just for you. We’ve analyzed all the top warriors and finally found the best gear that increases damage for multiple targets. Okay, it’s just a joke. It’s actually a copy of the gear worn by the top 10 Fury Warriors in the current Dragonflight 10.1.5, along with their two-handed weapons.

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Want to gear up your warrior in style? Explore our Warrior Transmog Sets Overview.

The Best Fury Warrior addons & macros

Heya, here we’ll provide some addons and macros for those new to the class, helping to manage death mechanics, boost damage, control your fury warrior starting rotation, and utilize resource generator. However, if you’re an experienced Fury Warrior, feel free to recommend the best Wago.io macros and your personalized addon packs that enhance rage generation.


For WoW players everywhere, addons are key. Our WoW Best Addons Dragonflight guide highlights the top addons for WoW: Dragonflight retail, compares them, and explains their use in the latest expansion.

There’s nothing exceptionally unique here. If you want to increase your Fury Warrior’s initial damage, install an add-on that guides you through proper rotations for both single target and multiple targets. Don’t forget to monitor your global cooldown and special abilities, and you’ll do well.

Other addons are quite standard:

  • Simcraft: Manage not only your talents but also enhance your damage potential in the current Dragonflight season by simulating the best gear for you.
  • MDT (Mythic Dungeon Tools): An addon that helps you manage global cooldowns and other abilities along with tank routes.
  • Raider.io (better than the Blizzard equivalent): Helps you analyze your pickup group teammates and determine if they are skilled enough to play alongside the best Fury Warrior with high damage.
  • DBM (Deadly Boss Mods): Displays boss abilities, aids in managing your defensive cooldowns, and helps you stay alive during raids.

That’s all.


Here’re macros, which can save your life in the fight, and help you to control your abilities, talents while you are raiding.

Warrior Charge and Intervene Cursor Macro:

#showtooltip Charge

/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists,nodead]Intervene;Intervene

/cast [target=target,harm,exists,nodead]Charge;Charge

Bounding Stride Cursor Macro:

#showtooltip Bounding Stride

/cast [@cursor] Bounding Stride

Pummel Focus/Main Target Macro:

#showtooltip Pummel

/cast [@focus, harm, exists][@target] Pummel

Storm Bolt Cursor Macro:

#showtooltip Storm Bolt

/cast [@mouseover, harm, exists][@target] Storm Bolt

Defensive Stance Stance Swap Macro:


/cast [stance:2]!Defensive Stance;!Berserker Stance

Bloodthirst Cursor Macro:

#showtooltip Bloodthirst

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead][harm,nodead] Bloodthirst

Execute Cursor Macro:

#showtooltip Execute

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead][harm,nodead] Execute

Spear of Bastion Player Macro:

#showtooltip Spear of Bastion

/cast [@player] Spear of Bastion

Be on the edge of style — Final thoughts

Alright, what sets the greatest warriors apart? It’s their new talent trees, increased health, and other ability to deal sustained damage with a meat cleaver, and high mobility, along with short or no cooldown burst abilities, distinguishing them from all other melee damage dealer classes.

Fury Warriors remain the simplest and most user-friendly class, boasting important party buffs that increase attack power by at least 5%.

If you’re looking for insights into another DPS spec for warriors, you might want to check out our Arms Warrior DPS Guide.