As we all know, WoW Classic is more than just a game – It’s a way to explore a whole new world and life that comes with it. Therefore, many old players are back in the town once the WoW Classic was released.  

So, among many changes, one thing is still the same, the thrill of leveling. Once your character reaches a certain level, everything changes. But, it’s a long way up to level 60 in WoW Classic.

We have a new Leveling Guide which is actual for the Dragonflight.

Luckily, we are here to show you how to make leveling in WoW Classic easier. Anyhow, let’s begin.

Setup is the Key

How To Make Leveling In Wow Classic Easier?

Like in any other game, WoW Classic requires you to play comfortably. This means that you have to set up in order to achieve great results when it comes to leveling.

In that light, we have some tips on how to set up your WoW battle station and start leveling.

Let’s see.

  1. Use Full-screen mode

In case you already didn’t, it’s best to set up your game in a full windowed mode. This will allow you to quickly tab out in case you need to check something on the web.

Besides that, playing WoW Classic requires you to use some external resources like ClassicDB and others. And, in that case, having full-screen mode will enable you to quickly maneuver in and out of the game in order to set up something.

  1. Use Add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to simplify the use of your character and enable you to achieve much more. Most players use them in order to level faster.

Anyhow, you don’t have to install add-ons if you don’t feel like it, but surely, they will help.

There are plenty of add-ons to choose from. So, it’s best for you to decide which ones are the most suitable for your play style.

We recommend using:

  • Bongos for your Bars
  • Exp per hour Tracker
  • Questing add on
  • Auto-repair
  • Cartographer
  • Easy dismount

So, there you go. Keep in mind that there’s no need to use add-ons if you don’t like them. But, they will enable you to play better and keep track of everything that’s happening around you.

  1. Research your Class Ability Progression 

It’s very effective and advantageous if you know exactly what to skill at each level as you grow. With a lot of skill and possibilities for you to choose from, it’s vital to pick the right one.

In other words, if you choose the right abilities, you will be able to level up much faster. Simply put, you won’t waste any level up on unnecessary ability if you do good research.

First, explore your class abilities. In the first couple of levels, there is nothing special to choose from. However, as you grow, you will be faced with many choices and you need to make the right ones.

Second, prioritize abilities for leveling. This means that you should pick abilities that grant you massive bursts of damage, and some good survivability. 

Anyhow, here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t choose an ability that doesn’t suit you yet – It’s better to skip and wait for the next level up, where you will have two abilities to choose from. 
  • Find out which abilities are critical for your character –Other abilities you can easily skip.
  • Prioritize weapon abilities – This will enable you to deal significantly more damage. 

This is essential for every WoW Classic character in case you want to build a war-machine that rampage through any place. 

  1. Make a Plan for Leveling 

Quests are addictive, and you need to know which one to prioritize. We know that most people like to do all quests in the whole game, but, when it comes to leveling, it’s important to know which one comes first. 

So, Make a Plan!

Your plan should be to execute storyline quests and put side quests aside. This will allow you to build your character in the best possible way. Also, you will level up much faster by doing quests that matter.

There’s also an option to skip some quests if you don’t feel like doing them or if they are not rewarding you enough. That’s a good strategy. 

Making a plan depends on your needs as well, so keep in mind that you want to level up fast, not waste time on every quest you stumble upon.

  1. Create a Contingency Plan

Your questing plan will depend on many things. In order to execute every quest in the best possible way, you will need to fight for it.

This means that sometimes it happens that many people are farming and questing in the same place. So, there aren’t enough creeps or item drops for everyone.

That’s why you need a Contingency Plan. Planning ahead will allow you to do something useful rather than waiting for creeps to re-spawn or items to come into the right place.

Make sure to always have something useful to do, and remember – WHEN IN DOUBT – ALWAYS GRIND!

Quick Leveling – 4 Crucial Principles 

How To Make Leveling In Wow Classic Easier?

There are plenty of ways to level faster in WoW Classic. However, if you want to do it efficiently, then following these next 4 principles will definitely be helpful.

Let’s see what you should do in order to level faster in WoW Classic.

  1. Use Cooldowns frequently 

Even on the early levels, using cooldowns frequently is quite important for leveling. Once you start grinding and farming among the lands of Azeroth or Kalimdor, using all your resources will level up you much faster. 

For example, if you have a quest that requires you to kill a certain number of monsters, it’s better to use all you have on them in order to finish faster. This will save you a lot of time and will allow you to continue to the next assignment. 

Also, don’t forget the 5 Second Rule. This rule is showing us the principles of WoW, where your natural mana regeneration starts kicking in. This means that your mana regeneration will start after 5 seconds of your casted spell. 

And, because of this rule, it’s much better to spend your mana in bursts rather than using it slowly and inefficiently. Here are some benefits of using your mana in this fashion:

  • Spending mana in bursts allows your mana regeneration to be much more efficient. 
  • Offers faster grinding
  • Sustainability is higher
  • Allows you to practice quick casting

Use your mana as fast as you can, it allows you to reap these benefits. Also, don’t forget your Racial or Offensive cooldowns as well. 

When it comes to Racial and Offensive cooldowns, it’s important to use them as much as possible. They are designed to allow you faster leveling and better survivability. So, use them as much as you can.

However, keep in mind that sometimes Racial and Offensive cooldowns might be worth saving for an upcoming fight. Play smart!

  1. Always Grind 

In WoW Classic, you will always find something to do and somewhere to be. So, don’t waste any second in-game on some unnecessary things –ALWAYS GRIND! 

It’s vital for leveling that you stay productive on multiple fronts. This means that your effectiveness of leveling depends on your grinding and doing quests, mostly. Even if things go south for you, always be sure to grind as much as you can.

Killing everything on your path will not only provide you good levels, but also, it will ensure you have a bunch of items, gold, and other essential stuff for leveling. 

Monitor your Experience per Hour

You have the chance to monitor your leveling progress and learn from it, why don’t you use that in your favor? Well, you should!

So, your experience per hour is a crucial number, and it needs to be high! We understand that there are times where you simply can’t grind or level up as fast as in some other situations. But, don’t let your exp per hour drop below your projected time to level. 

Therefore, grinding, killing, slaying everything you come across is important for leveling. And, don’t forget to prioritize looting. There is no need to loot monsters that you know are worthless for you – it’s time-consuming.

  1. Prioritize Quests 

Quests are the main part of the story and they offer great experience once you complete them. That’s why you should prioritize doing quests as much as you can. However, there’s one question that most of the players face – Is Question better than Grinding?  

First of all, the question is essential and ensures you can move on with the game storyline and catch up on the level ladder. On the other hand, grinding allows you to gather lots of experience in no time. So, which one is better? Well, it depends on the level you are at.

Here’s how it goes:

  • From level 1 to 30: Questing supplemented by Grinding is more efficient 

In the early levels, you simply can’t kill fast enough in order to level up faster. So, doing quests provides you a great dose of experience and allows you to grind on your path to finish them. 

Also, there are plenty of quests you can do in certain areas, and there are not that many monsters you can kill without unlocking quests first. 

All in all, it’s a Win–Win situation here. Doing quests comes first, grinding is a great supplement activity. 

  • From level 30 to 48: Grinding  supplemented by Question is more efficient

On the other hand, on levels 30 to 48, grinding provides more experience and gold than questing. That’s why you should always farm and grind whenever you have the chance.

That’s only because quests are harder as you progress, and once you reach a certain level, doing quests will require a lot of time and effort. So, in order to do them faster, it’s essential to grind more and strive for farming. 

This way, you will gather lots of gold and items that will aid you on your leveling path. Just imagine how many possibilities you will have with the right equipment that you found in your grinding progress. 

  • From level 48 to 60: Questing supplemented by Grinding is more efficient

Once again, questing is a number one activity when you reach level 48, why? Well, the storyline starts to be much more interesting and quests are fairly easier to do because you should be quite buffed up on this level.

But, don’t forget to grind on your way to finish quests. It’s important to execute both quests and grinding efficiently in order to level up faster.

  1. Don’t do Dungeons & Primary Professions 

Doing dungeons is quite good and beneficial when it comes to leveling in nearly all WoW expansions, but not in Classic. Here, doing dungeons is not showing promising results, at least not for leveling, but, why?

Well, it takes a lot of time and effort to pass through one dungeon. Don’t even get me started on the consumables you would need in order to execute one dungeon perfectly.

However, if you have an overpowered friend (usually level 60) that can carry you inside dungeons, then feel free to do them. This way, you will get some fast and easy experience that will allow you to do your quests faster once the dungeon raid is over.

Also, even though you have a carry with you that can help you raid dungeons, it’s still not that valuable to do them. That’s because they are spread out all across the map and they require lots of time to collect. 

As for Primary Professions, we strongly recommend leaving them until you reach level 60. However, you might consider learning the First Aid profession as it clearly allows you to heal and improves your sustainability. 

Other than that, it’s quite time-consuming to deal with primary professions and it’s simply not worth it. 

You can easily choose ones you like when you reach that level 60 and once you’re done with leveling. 

Strategies are Important 

How To Make Leveling In Wow Classic Easier?

As one of the best ways to improve your game and level faster, it’s crucial to include some strategies as well. Here are some of the most important aspects you should be able to handle in order to level up faster.

  1. Practice Movement and Farming

The first thing to do is to Keep Moving, always be on the ‘’run’’. This, of course, refers to farming as well. With moving towards the goal, you will easily execute your questing and leveling plans and be able to level up quite nicely.

It’s important to keep moving in a productive direction and use the downtime between auto attacks to come closer to the object – the Kill. 

Moving in circles and moving around the monster are also considered good techniques you can do. This will help you for numerous reasons:

  • Brings you closer to where you need to go after you kill the enemy.
  • Puts you out of the hit box so the enemy will have a hard time attacking you.
  • Builds up your APM which results in more skill and better farming overall.

When it comes to farming, you need to understand the strengths of your character and implement that into killing the objective. If you, for example, are Hunter, then using concussive shot and pet abilities are of the essence – so make good use of them.

  1. Skip some Quests – Prioritize better Quests

As we already mentioned, there are some quests that are simply not worth the trouble. More ever, once you take new quests, take a minute to think about the requirements and the value.

In case your character won’t benefit much from that quest, then simply leave it be –pass onto the next one. Also, you should strongly consider the time needed for the quest to be finished as well as the payoff. 

Therefore, keep this on your mind. Questing is better than Grinding only if you complete it efficiently.

  1. Macro your Character 

Creating a quality-of-life macro that will save you time and build your APM over time. This means that you need to optimize your hero and use it for leveling, not PvP or other stuff like that. 

So, if you, for example, have a pet, then making pet attack macros is a huge time saver and APM booster. On the other hand, if you’re a melee character then having a start attack macro will enable you to swiftly execute anyone.

Also, prioritize upgrading your weapons rather than your armor. This is only beneficial for physical damage dealers since they use weapons like swords, knives, bows, etc. Simply put, the difference of boosting your armor is neglectable in comparison to upgrading your weapon. 

  1. Take Talents that Increase your Movement Speed

Talents are a big part of the leveling process and the ones that boost your movement speed are essential. However, it might seem strange to invest so much in your movement speed, but as you build your talents in that way, your movement speed will be increased by 60% – which is a lot!

Also, movement speed will help you walk faster when it comes to long-distance routes on quests. But most importantly, movement speed will allow you to position efficiently in fights and deal a lot of damage once you find the perfect spot. 

Is Leveling Easier in TBC?

WoW Classic TBC expansion brought us a lot of good things. And, most of us are thrilled to level up our characters up to level 70. But, one question apposes here, is leveling actually easier in TBC?

To answer this question, we first must discuss some changes that the 9.1 patch implemented in the game. Depending on the class, leveling in TBC is now a bit more complicated as it involves more aspects. Meaning, you need to pay close attention to multiple things while leveling if you want to achieve the full potential. 

Anyhow, here are some major changes that affect leveling in TBC Classic:

  • Mount level requirement and cost decreased – In WoW Classic, you need to be at least level 40 in order to get the mount. However, in TBC, this level requirement dropped to level 30. Also, you will now spend less gold on training riding skills and mounts in general.
  • Experience gap from 20 to 60 is lessened – This is obviously the biggest change as it enables you to get from level 20 to level 60 faster. It’s not a significant change in terms of experience, but it still provides a bit easier approach to leveling overall. 
  • Quests provide more experience from 30 to 60 – Doing quests is not of the essence as you can gain so much experience that way. On top of that, more hub quests have become a part of the main questline, therefore adding more experience on top of all. 

As we can see, WoW Classic and TBC leveling are different. For many players, especially new ones, leveling presents the main part of the game. Therefore, you can count that leveling in TBC is easier by a bit. 

Is TBC leveling faster than Vanilla?

When it comes to speed, leveling in TBC also differs from the Vanilla WoW Classic. That’s mainly because there are changes that affect the overall gameplay when it comes to leveling.

For example, you can get your mount on level 30 now. This means that there’s no need to waste time on slow traveling for 10 levels. Also, paying for a mount and for training of the riding skill is a bit lower in TBC. This of course opens up a bit more opportunities to spend the remaining gold on potions, gear, or anything you desire. 

On top of that, the amount of experience needed to get from level 20 to level 60 is now reduced. This means that you’ll need less time to get there as well. And, possibly the most important thing, doing quests is now such a good idea for leveling. They will provide more experience and allow you to advance faster.

Anyhow, if you still feel like leveling has not changed for the better in TBC, simply follow our advice and you’ll see the difference.

  • Prioritize Doing Quests – Quests are the best way to level up in TBC Classic. Therefore, make sure to follow the quest line wherever you can. Also, by doing quests, you’ll unlock lots of great items which will help you level up faster as you will kill enemies faster.
  • Choose ‘’Leveling’’ Professions – It’s important to know which profession can help you out with leveling. Since there are lots of professions to choose from, only few of them are good for leveling, such as First Aid. 
  • Group up with your Friends –When it comes to leveling, groups of 5+ players are always more efficient. Therefore, if you have anyone online who would like to raid dungeons with you, feel free to invite them.
  • Raid Dungeons – Speaking of dungeons, they are the best place to level up fast. You will visit a lot of dungeons through the quest line, however, you can always check out some places aside. 
  • Use Inns for Experience Resting – After a long day of killing enemies and creeps, it’s important to leave your character in a rested area such as the Inn. There, you will ‘’rest’’ your character with the experience earned for that day.

With that being said, it’s definitely easy to feel the difference between Vanilla and TBC Classic leveling. 

Can you character boost in TBC?

For those who want to get to level 58 as soon as possible, Blizzard made it possible with the boosting service. Namely, you can instantly boost your character to level 58 and prepare for The Burning Crusade Classic.

So yeah, boosting is available in TBC!

Across all regions, the integration of addons significantly elevates the World of Warcraft experience. Our professional WoW Best Addons Dragonflight guide offers a curated selection of the finest addons for WoW: Dragonflight retail. This guide serves as a comparative resource, outlining the necessity and functionality of each addon within this expansion’s context.

Now, let’s see what’s needed and how you can get there. 

Boosting with the help of Dark Portal

Even though boosting sounds fun and fairly easy to accomplish, you should still keep in mind some requirements. Here are some of the most important things you should know about the Dark Portal pass.

  • You can boost characters only for TBC realms
  • Blood Elf and Draenei are not suitable for boosting
  • You can boost one character one time

On top of that, the price for this kind of service provided by Blizzard is $39.99. And, you can expect your character to get:

  • Mount specially designed for that race
  • Level 58 Weapon Skills
  • Ability to use some flight paths
  • A decent amount of gold
  • Equally valuable green gear

As we can see, this is a great start for everyone who would like to jump straight to level 58. However, it’s not nearly as fun as leveling through the game.  


That should be it! Leveling in WoW Classic is a fun thing to do, especially if you know how to do it faster. We hope that this guide will help you to understand the most important aspects of farming and grinding, as well as the questing.

With all that on your mind, leveling should be a piece of cake. And remember, it’s important to play comfortably and with confidence, that way, you will level up much faster.