Wow How To Sim Yourself

The good times have gone! The times when there was a recount instead of details, and thousands of newbies simmed themselves with simcraft. The good times have gone. But the brave new age has come! Now, instead of Recount, we have comprehensive details, and instead of tedious simcraft (we have a guide), we all use Raidbots. But who the hell is Raidbots? Let’s find the answer together with a complete Raidbots guide, learning how to:

  • Sim yourself with Raidbots.
  • Understand the difference between quick sim and complete sim.
  • Sim yourself as a healer.
  • Compare your gear to your dps with wow raidbots.
  • Compare the best gear holders with their dps.
  • Use WarcraftLogs in combination with Raidbots.

Let’s be laconic and create a maximally understandable guide! Raidbots for wotlk is worked too, so you shouldn’t get upset, if you’re playing only wow:classic.

What Is The Raidbots sim

How To Sim Your Wow Character

You got abilities, talents, and stuff in your bags, right? And sometimes you’re like, “Which combo of gear and talents is the bomb for my spec?” RaidBots helps with that. You load your character’s info into it using an addon, and boom! It tells you what’s an upgrade and what’s not.

You can compare different gear combinations and see which one makes you a bit more awesome. It’s pretty close to accurate, even if there might be a few bugs here and there. There’s a feature where you can set a fixed scenario, like fighting certain bosses, and see how different buffs or abilities play out.

In simple terms, RaidBots is like a try-before-you-buy for your WoW character’s gear and talents

What’s The Difference Between Raidbots And Simulationcraft

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SimulationCraft (SimC): It’s like a brainy video game version of your WoW character. You give it data, and it sims (simulates) how your character would perform in a fight.

Raid bots: It’s basically SimC but on steroids. Raidbots uses powerful servers to run those sims faster and in a more user-friendly way. And the RIO to check your results with real warcraft logs.

Ease of Use raidbots wotlk

SimC: Generally more complex. It’s like trying to play a game with default settings.

Raidbots: More intuitive with different options to customize your sims. It’s like playing with easy mode and a guide on the side.

Running Sims

SimC: You run it on your own computer. Depending on your machine, this could be like trying to raid in the world of lag.

Raidbots: Uses powerful servers, so it’s quick and doesn’t bog down your computer. It’s the high-speed internet of sims.

Data Input

SimC: You gotta manually input data or use an addon to get a string of your character’s stats, gear, talents, etc.

Raidbots: Still need data from your character, but it’s optimized to make the process smoother, and you get to play around with the features more.

Output of raibots

SimC: Gives you detailed stats about your character’s potential damage, rotation, etc. It’s like reading a game guide.

Raidbots: While you still get stats, it also helps optimize what gear, talents, or rotation is best. It’s the cheat sheet to your game guide.

Features & Options radibots

SimC: Has a lot of features, but you might need a degree in WoW-nomics to understand them all.

Raidbots: Offers features in a more digestible format. Plus, it’s got some extras like comparing gear or seeing how you’d do in different raid scenarios.

Who Is Sim You Better: Simcraft Of Raidbots wow?

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When you’re chilling on the Raidbots Discord and someone asks, “Who sims you better, SimC or Raidbots?” – both are rocking the same backstage tech. Think of SimC like that OG, hardcore version.

  • It’s got its own addon and can give you a full HTML report if you’re into that. Raidbots?
  • It’s the easy mode. Want a dungeon slice sim? Raidbots.
  • Need to see the execute damage with heavy movement? Raidbots.
  • Pondering about slapping on a different enchant or add sockets? Raidbots.

And if you ever hit time limits, you get a more streamlined HTML report. For most purposes, and especially when you need a quick example or some stat insights, Raidbots is your buddy. But remember, both have a solid support system, and it’s all about what feels right for you.

How To Collect Information From Raider.Io To Sim Top DPS Of MDI?

How To Sim With Raidbots Guide | Forget The Boring Simcraft

Quick and dirty on snagging that juicy MDI info to sim the top DPS:

  • Hit up and find the MDI top DPS champs.
  • Spot that handy “Export to Raidbots” button. It’s the magic button that saves you tons of manual work.
  • Click it, and you’ll get catapulted straight to the Raidbots web interface. No need to manually jot down gear and stuff!
  • If you’ve got that sweet Raidbots Premium, your sim will blast off even faster.
  • Dive into the Raidbots Top Gear. Think of it as the VIP lounge for your DPS sims.
  • Raidbots does its magic, considering all raid buffs, single target goodness, and even how it’d look smashing target dummies.
  • And hey, if you’re feeling extra, toss in some Raidbots Droptimizer action to see potential DPS gains from gear lurking in dungeons or raids.

Also, the great news is that Raider.IO allow you not only to export characters into a raidbots, without installing any addons or something else. It’s also provide you:

  1. Armory.
  2. WarcraftLogs.
  3. TalentCalc (very important with new talent trees).

By the armory, you can get all the information about the character. And with WarcraftLogs, you can get the real information with graphics in how the damage exactly that character. So… you’ll compare in how the raidbots sims the character, and what does he actually damage.

Is It Normal If I Make Less Dps, Than The Raidbots Sim Me?

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Yup, it’s normal if you make less dps than raidbots sims you! Raidbots sims are like the dream scenario – spot-on fight style, perfect fight length, and everything in a raid or Mythic+ key going super smooth. But let’s be real, dungeons can be wild! You might be dodging mechanics left and right or dealing with some unexpected chaos. The sim might automatically select goodies like augmentation evoker runes, but maybe you spaced out and didn’t pop one. The DPS gain Raidbots spits out? It’s your character’s superstar moment based on simulation data. But hitting that in every raid or during those crazy Mythic+ keys? That’s tough. If you’re pulling a bit less DPS than what Raidbots shows, remember – the real game’s got curveballs, and you’re still crushing it with wow raidbot!

How To Compare Calculations. Raidbots With A Target Dummy With Warcraftlogs

How to quicksim?

Sim Character Wow
  • Grab the SimulationCraft addon for WoW. It’s like the backstage pass for this show.
  • Log into WoW, open your character, and type /simc. Boom! That’s your character’s current snapshot.
  • Head over to Raidbots online. Think of it as your character’s personal gym.
  • Drop your character’s data into the Raidbots’ “Smart Sim”. It’s like giving your character a quick workout to see their strength.
  • Raidbots runs the numbers, considering your current setup, raid group dynamics, and more.
  • See your results. It’s like your character’s fitness tracker data after a big raid or dungeon run.

How to use Droptimizer?

World Of Warcraft Sim

As in previous time, you have two ways in how to use droptimizer. On the one hand, you can import your Simcraft results to the raidbots, and then click to the droptimizer.

On another hand, you can just search your character right by the You need to put your server, realm, faction and nickname, and by the RIO information, raidbots find your character, and strives you to help collect the supportable gear for maximizing results.

Think of it as a treasure map: you’re telling it where you wanna hunt for gear, be it a spicy raid or a tough Mythic+ dungeon. Dump your character’s details in, let Raidbots do its thing, and it’ll suss out where your next shiny upgrade might drop. Remember, while Raidbots is a pretty rad tool, every crystal ball has its clouds. It’s mostly on point, but if something seems off, the Raidbots crew is always around to help sort out any hiccups.

How to find Top Gear by raidbots wow?

Wow Dps Simulator

Jump on Raidbots. Look for “Top Gear”. It’s not a car show, but the place where your gear gets to flex! Toss in your character’s details, then play around with fight style and length to set the scene. Wondering which piece of gear shines the brightest? Forget raidbots stat weights and gear compare for a sec, ’cause Top Gear does the heavy lifting. It’ll show you which combo of your gear’s the real MVP.

Is there any reason to push the Advanced button?

Totally! The “Advanced” button on Raidbots is like the hidden menu at your favorite burger joint.

Normally, Raidbots does a great job helping you figure out the best gear and stat weights for your spec. But let’s say you’re not the “default settings” kinda player. Maybe you wanna tweak the fight length based on a specific boss, or get into the nitty-gritty of your stats beyond the general recommendations in the Raidbots guide.

By hitting “Advanced”, you’re diving deeper. You can optimize for specific scenarios, for example, or play around with stat combos that might not be the typical top performers for your class. Need support on a weird stat combo or an unusual upgrade you got from your bags?

RaidBots configuration for the Advanced mode

Wow Character Sim

First off, pop over to Raidbots and look for the “Advanced” option. This is your cockpit full of dials and switches. You’re gonna need your character’s data for this. Use the SimulationCraft addon in WoW to grab this, then paste it into Raidbots. It’s like handing over the keys.

Adjust the “fight style” based on what you’re aiming for. You’ve got everything from a standard “Patchwerk” fight to scenarios with heavy movement. Set the “fight length” to simulate longer raid encounters or those quick dungeon bursts.

If you’re diving this deep, you might want to mess with “stat weights” or manually adjust stats to see hypotheticals. Swap out talents or gear pieces. Maybe try out that shiny trinket or see if a particular talent gives you an edge.

Once you’ve got everything dialed in, hit “Start Simulation”. Raidbots will crunch the numbers and throw out a report, letting you know how your tweaks would perform in the heat of battle.

How To Do A Gear Compare?

How To Sim Your Wow Character

Within the “Gear Compare” interface, you can input various gear pieces for comparison. This can be particularly beneficial when you have multiple items in your bags and are uncertain about which offers the most advantageous stats or when considering potential gear upgrades.

While Raidbots provides a default setting suitable for general purposes, it is advisable to tailor the simulation to specific scenarios for more accurate results. This includes adjusting for particular bosses or specific fight conditions.

Upon configuring your desired settings, initiate the simulation. Raidbots will then compute and produce a detailed report, presenting a comparative analysis of the gear pieces in relation to your specified conditions.

Examine the results to discern which gear combinations are optimal for your character’s spec under the defined parameters.

While Raidbots is a robust and widely-regarded tool, as with any software, occasional bugs or anomalies may arise. It is recommended to approach results with a degree of scrutiny and cross-reference with other resources if uncertainty arises.

How To Find Stat Weights?

Wow Gear Simulator

On Raidbots, click on “Stat Weights”. This is where the magic potion gets brewed.

Drop the info you got from the SimulationCraft addon into the box. Give Raidbots a few moments to work its charm.

Raidbots will churn out your stat weights, ranking the importance of each stat for your character. It’s like getting a personalized shopping list for your gear upgrades.

With these weights in hand, you can now compare gear, gems, and enchants more effectively. It’ll help you spot which upgrades really make you shine brighter in the DPS (or HPS) charts.

How To Sim Yourself As A Healer?

Raidbots is kinda like that friend who’s fantastic at one thing (DPS) but not great at another (healing). oining class discords, diving into logs, or checking out guides can be a lifesaver (pun intended). And don’t forget the age-old trick: practice and more practice with your raid group!


Tuning with Raidbots allows you to pinpoint the best gear upgrades lurking in your bags. It provides an accurate feature set to simulate different bosses and scenarios. Generally, Raidbots offers a more comprehensive example of your potential performance compared to just smacking a target dummy. Using stat weights from Raidbots ensures you’re optimized for your next in-game challenge. In short, while target dummies are good practice, Raidbots gives you the detailed playbook!

P.S. Raidbots Premium

How To Sim With Raidbots Guide | Forget The Boring Simcraft

You can support RaidBots team by buying their premium… BUT! All RaidBots previum allows you are:

  1. Higher prioritization in queue.
  2. Ability to make more iterations to increase accuracy of results.

That’s all, Folks!