Dragonflight Preservation Evoker Guide - Patch 10.2 | Real Condom Among All Healers!

Blizzard tries to create a new mechanic for healers… Crap, Monk happened again.* Ok, let’s talk about the preservation evoker in this guide. First, I want to make an annotation. The truth about healers is that they’re rated not by their HPS, but by their DPS. This is because almost all healers generate enough HPS for raids and Mythic+ keys, so the main rating criterion is their utility and ability to deal damage in all types of content. That makes them far more versatile. Also, the best healing class that can deal damage has been, is, and always will be the Restoration Shaman. But the new ewoks… Ah, crap, I did it again! I mean evokers, they still rock socks! So, let’s craft a preservation evoker guide, the real “condom” (in a bad sense) among all the healers. Here, you’ll learn:

  • Why is this class considered the “condom” among healer classes?
  • What can the preservation evoker offer you as your new top 1 class?
  • Why do empowered skills suck in the realities of WOW: DF?
  • Insights about leveling as a preservation evoker.
  • A few words about cute ewoks from Star Wars… Oh, wrong again.

In addition to some unique sections that set us apart from typical guides, we’ll also cover standard topics like:

  • What to press.
  • What to wear.
  • Which talents to select.
  • What to WA.
  • Which addons to use.
  • How to play effectively.
  • Whether healing has increased in the new patch.

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And other essentials from the Preservation Evoker guide for World of Warcraft 10.2. Also, do not forget to read our Tier bonus sets for Evokers in Wow 10.2, which are increases some of your main bursts in game

Frest 10.2 Preservation Evoker update!

In the latest Dragonflight Patch 10.2, the Preservation Evoker of the Dracthyr race sees significant adjustments in its talent tree, enhancing maximum healing and healing done, with a focus on talent choices like Verdant Embrace and Fluttering Seedlings that offer extra healing and damage in a 30-yard range, adapting talents like Scarlet Adaptation for more efficient AoE damage and long cast times, while also enriching the Evoker guide with insights on building for maximum effect.”

Talent/AbilityChange Description
Living FlameHealing increased by 20%, offering more efficient healing output.
Verdant EmbraceHealing boost enhanced by 35%, improving this talent’s healing effectiveness.
Resonating SphereNow applies Echo to the first 3 allies, reducing from 5, affecting AoE healing strategies.
Cycle of LifeAccumulates 10% of healing over 8 seconds, a reduction from 15% over 10 seconds, modifying the healing dynamic.
SpiritbloomHealing increase reverted, returning to original state.
RewindNow recovers 33% of damage taken in the last 5 seconds, decreased from 40%, altering its damage mitigation capability.
Fluttering SeedlingsNo longer triggered from Echo-based Emerald Blossoms, focusing its healing impact.
Fluttering SeedlingsHealing increased by 20%, boosting its overall healing capacity.

This table gives a quick glance at the changes, helping players adjust their talent build and strategy accordingl

Preservation Evoker 10.1.7 changes

Preservation Evoker

Patch 10.2 is shaking things up for our fave Preservation Evoker. Check it: Living Flame is absolutely vibin’ differently, and while our healing is getting a noticeable boost (who doesn’t love more green numbers?), there’s talk about some fresh talents joining the party. We’re peeking at some new talent options, maybe even some rad racial abilities in the mix. Oh, and rumor has it there’s a bit of damage reduction on the horizon. Evokers, get ready to dive deep into those talent trees and amp up those abilities.


  • Emerald Blossom? Speedier! It heals in 1.5 seconds now, down from 2.
  • Living Flame now shares the love among 5 injured pals within 40 meters.
  • Damage done? Got a sleek 10% boost! (Other healers got a taste of this too).
  • Exhilarating Burst? Doubled its game! Now boosts crit effects by 30% per rank, up from 15%.
  • Most healing moves, except for Rewind and Temporal Anomaly (and a few others), got a little 1.9% nudge upwards.
  • New talent in the mix! Grants you 3% self-healing.
  • Talent under Source of Magic? Got a makeover! Now it pumps up damage and healing for its linked target by 3%.


  • The overall healing from Rewind? Took a hit. Now it’s down from 50% to 40% of the damage taken.
  • That old set from Season 1? Got the nerf hammer. Makes those big crit builds pretty useless now.

Neutral Changes:

  • Scarlet Adaptation got tweaked. Still in the air if it’s a buff or a nerf.
  • Damage from Onyx Ring? Chopped down by 40%. Healing remains unchanged.

So from our Dragonflight preservation evoker overview in World of Warcraft, our Evoker buddy’s looking a tad beefier in 10.2 compared to how it’s been. Plus, more spicy choices in the talent menu!

Dragonflight Preservation Evoker guide class overview

Preservation Evoker Guide

Evokers, specifically Preservation Evokers, are a new heroic class, akin to what the Death Knight once was. They can only be Drakthyrs and have a plethora of resources, such as mana, essence, and timer. They also demand a lot of hand coordination. You might be wondering, why is the Preservation Evoker referred to as the new Monk? It’s because they’re a melee healer. Well, not precisely melee; they have a range of about 25 yards on average.

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However, it’s worth noting that all heals in keys tend to be in melee range, so you can’t exactly compare the range limitations of empowered spells of Preservation Evokers with other healers. But in a raid setting, like the Amirdrassil: the last hope, this makes the gameplay of the Preservation Evoker a real pain in the rear.

To correct your rotation, use the Dummy or Simcraft. We also have our WoW Sims actual guide to correct your SimulationCraft Logs.

Grab the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Tier sets from update 10.2 to enhance your performance!

Preservation Evoker pros

  • Got some damn powerful long cooldowns, like that Rewind thing. Ploughin’ impressive.
  • Those empowered casts? Mighty as hell, and they’re up often enough.
  • I can take a hit, and heal it back up. Tough as old boots.
  • And don’t get me started on the damage – I can pack a punch when needed.
  • Plenty of ways to dance around the battlefield. Got me some moves.

Preservation Evoker cons — Empowered spells are pain among butts

  • Bloody short range for a healer. Drives me nuts in some fights.
  • That powerful healing magic? Yeah, works best when everyone’s huddled up. Spread out, and it’s a pain.
  • And gods, the casting. Spend half the time waving my hands around – makes those high movement fights a proper challenge.

Preservation Evoker in tier Dragonflight healers

Evoker Preservation Build

Look, Preservation Evokers could’ve easily been S-tier this Dragonflight season with their damage output and mad healing spells like Emerald Blossom But their gameplay? Tricky as hell. Even with top-tier gear and those strong defensives, the complexity of their casts and talents drags them down to A-tier. They’re solid, but mastering them’s another beast altogether.


Please, bear in your mind that the Healers rate on the Mythic plus keys are putted not by their single target effectiveness, but for their fire breath and for their DPS in overall.

  1. Holy Paladin (S Tier): The cream of the crop! A true knight in shining armor, leading the charge. If you ain’t running with one of these, you’re ploughin’ missing out.
  2. Preservation Evoker (A Tier): Strong as an ox and as reliable as the sunrise. If I were in a tight spot, wouldn’t mind one of these by my side.
  3. Restoration Shaman (A Tier): Spirits and elements at their command, these shamans sure know their stuff. Near top-tier, if you ask me.
  4. Discipline Priest (A Tier): A touch of light, a dash of shadow – these priests balance both like a pro juggler with his balls. No complaints.
  5. Restoration Druid (A Tier): Nature’s finest. They might be hugging trees one moment, but they’ll have your back when you’re in the thick of it.
  6. Mistweaver Monk (B Tier): Quick on their feet, those monks, using their fancy brews and mists. Good, but not the best. Could use a drink or two to loosen up.
  7. Holy Priest (C Tier): Bless their hearts, pure and simple. They try, but let’s be honest – they’re a bit lower down the pecking order.


In raids, there aren’t as strong requirements for making DPS. That’s why the Tier is based on healing cooldowns, which can save tanks, or make strong burst healing for the critical situations.

  • Holy Priest (S-Tier): These guys are the kings of the mountain! Their blessings are out of this world, making them the top dogs for this raid.
  • Holy Paladin (A-Tier): Shining their light bright, Paladins are solid as ever. They pack a punch and heal like a dream but fall just short of our top spot.
  • Restoration Druid (A-Tier): With nature by their side, these Druids are essential for the raid. Their HoTs keep everyone ticking.
  • Preservation Evoker (A-Tier): Mysterious and powerful, their skills are undeniable, making them an A-list choice for sure.
  • Mistweaver Monk (A-Tier): Swift and serene, these Monks are doing wonders with their mists. A solid pick for any team.
  • Restoration Shaman (A-Tier): Bringing the elemental power, Shamans hold their own with chain heals that light up the raid.
  • Discipline Priest (B-Tier): Balancing between light and dark, they’re good, but in the Dragonflight, they’re taking the backseat a bit compared to their Holy counterparts.

So as you found, the preservation evokers are such good in both type of content. But their complex gameplay still make them not S-tier. But in 10.2 Preservation evoker guide, the situation may be changed, so we’ll monitor the situation, and will tell you if anything change.

Preservation Evoker race

Preservation Evoker Bis

Man, if you’re thinking Preservation Evoker is just some Ewok from Star Wars, think again; the Dracthyr race is where it’s at for the best races. With their killer abilities, the way they cast, and top-tier consumables, these characters are allies you’d want in any skirmish.

Preservation Evoker playstyle leveling

Full guide in how to level your characters for the Wow Dragonflight 1 70, you may found here!

Anyone looking to level up as a Preservation Evoker in WoW’s Dragonflight 10.2, let me break it down for you: Yeah, they’re primarily a healing class, and man, do they suffer in the open world. Without that stacked group of party members or raid buddies, they’re like fish out of water. But hey, there’s a silver lining: queue up for that LFR or switch to the DD spec, and you’ll see some Exhilarating Burst of significant damage, especially against multiple targets.

While dream flight and most spells are tailor-made for a friendly healer, their fist weapons and abilities can pack a punch. Sure, your main stat and character might be focused on keeping those raid and party members alive, but with the right buff, you can send those enemies packing. So don’t get discouraged; there’s more than one way to fly in Dragonflight 10.2!

Preservation Evoker Rotation

Preservation Evoker Raid Build

Ok, a few words about preservation evoker rotation. It uses empowered abilities, which are looks like dots from shadow priest in reverse. But the trick is that almost all you do not required those empowered abilities, the most of them are works just by the rank 1

AoE rotation

  • First up, slap on that Verdant Embrace before dropping a Dream Breath. Remember, Call of Ysera has got your back with a sweet bonus.
  • Speaking of Dream Breath, Rank 1 is your go-to. Rank 2 if you’rpreservation evoker talentse feeling a bit extra.
  • Got essence? Feed it to Echo. That thing’s always hungry.
  • Whip out Temporal Anomaly to make some Echo with your trusty [Resonating Sphere]. Science, right?
  • Once you’ve got those Echo, Spiritbloom is where it’s at.
  • Taking a beating? No worries. Emerald Blossom has got your back when things get dicey.
  • Pop Living Flame when you catch those [Essence Burst] vibes.
  • Mana running low? [Emerald Communion] is your energy drink.
  • Tailor the groove based on whether you’re vibing with Spiritbloom or Emerald Blossom, and the party scene (big raid or cozy 5-man). And hey, when the chips are down, clutch plays with Rewind and Tip the Scales could save the day!

Solo healing

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These’re preservation evoker bis in 10.2 patch: The guardians of the Dream.

Preservation Evoker The best stats except critical strike

Dragonflight Preservation Evoker Guide - Patch 10.2 | Real Condom Among All Healers!

I’ve seen a lot of chatter about stat caps, but let’s get one thing straight – there ain’t any. Yeah, we’ve got a slick screen of stats from the top guns of MDI, but whether you’re from the East or the West, the golden rule’s always sim yourself I mean, you’ve got that Dream Breath and fire breath spicing things up, and the new instinctive arcana talent that’s causing waves. Not to mention emerald communion and Scarlet Adaptation – both stellar abilities. But if you’re a slow-paced healer relying on single target healing with certain spells or that empowered cast for an Exhilarating Burst, it might change things up.

Raiding Stat Priority to heal allies

Also remember that primary stat is more valuable than secondary stats, but if you’re looking for recommendations, here they’re in our evoker preservation guide:

Intellect > Mastery > Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste

For raiding, it’s all about that brainpower, baby! Intellect’s your top dog, followed closely by Mastery. Haste? Yeah, it’s lagging a bit behind, but we’re here for the big heals, not the speed.

Mythic+ Stat Priority

You may use this preservation evoker build for Mythic + keys in season 3.

Intellect > Critical Strike > Haste > Versatility > Mastery

When diving into Mythic+, while Intellect’s still king, things get shuffled around. Mastery? Great for raw healing, but if you’re looking to drop some damage, it’s taking a backseat. Prioritize that crit and haste if you want to do more than just patch up! Also remember that critical strike increases all your abilities, which is creating such a great overall, but do not make you a master preservation evoker in critical situation.

Preservation Evoker Talent builds

Preservation Evoker Bis Gear

For raids copy this string from our wow preservation evoker guide: BwbBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJplSCikEpgkGJBAAQISgIJgEAAAgkkESLJJSSAQA

Preservation Evoker Consumables

For M+ keys copy this string, it’s a bis preservation evoker build: BwbBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSapkDgIJRKSSAAAAEiEiIJQSAAAASSSk0SSiQAA

Evoker Healing Guide


Do not ask any questions, just follow the leaders, and do the rotation, it been much better. Do not play “Flower” build!

Preservation Evoker overview Gearing

Dragonflight Preservation Evoker Guide - Patch 10.2 | Real Condom Among All Healers!

We’ve handpicked the crème de la crème of preservation evoker gear, tailored just for you, our badass Preservation Evoker! Talking ’bout some juicy ilvl that you can only dream of snagging outside of mythic raids. Now, don’t get lost in the bling – remember it’s all about those sweet secondary stats and that skyrocketing ilvl. But hey, it’s not just about looking fly with life giver’s glame; it’s about boosting that regenerative magic, harnessing your potent mana, and showing off those empowered abilities like the rockstar you are. And with the fresh talents we spotted, you’ll be breaking that global cooldown, making your heals thiccer and raid members tankier. So, ready to embrace your new powers and tweak those talent trees?

Weapon Nasz’uro, the Unbound Legacy
Off-Hand Echo’s Maddening Volume
Helm Crown of Obsidian Secrets
Neck Magmorax’s Fourth Collar
Shoulder Wingspan of Obsidian Secrets
Cloak Undulating Sporecloak
Chest Hauberk of Obsidian Secrets
Bracers Adaptive Dracothyst Armguards
Gloves Claws of Obsidian Secrets
Belt Hail-Strung Belt
Legs Flame-Touched Legguards
Boots Exacting Augmenter’s Sabatons
Ring #1 Scalebane Signet
Ring #2 Entropic Convergence Loop
Trinket #1 Rashok’s Molten Heart
Trinket #2 Ominous Chromatic Essence
Bis Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evoker enchants

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While these enchantments are the cherry on top, don’t get too starry-eyed! Think of ’em as the sprinkle on your donut – sweet, but not the main treat. Dive deep into your Preservation skills, optimize those talents, and keep the squad alive with those juicy heals. With or without these enchanted touches, you’re still the healing rockstar, making your allies tougher and your enemies weep!

RingsEnchant Ring – Devotion of Mastery
WeaponEnchant Weapon – Sophic Devotion
BracersEnchant Bracer – Devotion of Leech
LegsTemporal Spellthread
CloakEnchant Cloak – Regenerative Leech
ChestEnchant Chest – Waking Stats

Preservation Evoker Addons, tips and macros


We’ve whipped up a killer article just for you, dedicated to addons for the Preservation Evoker. Whether you’re looking to amplify your heal-allies spells, boost those empowered abilities, or nail that single target heal during Dragonflight season, we’ve got the lowdown. So you can read about all the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight the best addons, with exactly for the Preservation Evoker in our special article about it.

Preservation Evoker Macros for fire breath and others

There’s no special macros for Condom Evokers. The HealBot and other frames will be more hepful, than common macros.

All we can recomendate is a macro for Emerald Blossom.


/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [] Emerald Blossom

Preservation Evoker conclusion: Real Badass Condom

So, what about the Condom Evoker in the final thoughts? Nothing special, just learn the rotation and collect gear. This class has the potential to be S-tier in the right hands, but the classics, like priests for raids and paladins with their bursts for keys, still rock harder than this very odd class. So it’s all like the good old times. Blizzard tries to create a new class, but who do they end up with? Yup! The monk. We’ll wait for major changes in new expansions where the Preservation Evoker, with all his abilities, might become meta. Maybe in the future, but not today! There’s only one badass condom who may be better than preservation evoker, and his name is Augmentation Evoker. Also we have a special guide about him!