Researchers Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin is a public event in the heart of Zaralek Cavern, where players can assist adventurer Rannan Koren and his team of researchers in their quest to investigate the mysterious Zaqali Ruin. This event takes place every hour at the half-hour mark (e.g., 11:30, 12:30, etc.) and lasts for 25 minutes. Throughout this event, participants will work together to defeat enemies that resist Rannan and complete various objectives, ultimately earning valuable rewards as they contribute to the researchers’ mission. Aim to complete all the objectives in later scenarios to get greater currency rewards.

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Under Fire Event Mechanics

Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin Event Mechanics

The event mechanics of Researchers Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin revolve around 12 Research Objectives that players must complete within the 25-minute timeframe. These objectives typically involve defeating waves of various Elite Mobs, with each completed objective leading to the next challenge. Participants play a crucial role in assisting the researchers by engaging and defeating these powerful foes, enabling them to progress through their investigation of the Zaqali Ruin.

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The final wave of the event culminates in a battle against the formidable boss, Captain Reykal. Players must work together to defeat Captain Reykal and complete the event while ensuring the researchers achieve their objectives within the allotted time.

Titan Lockdown Scenario

Titan Lockdown Scenario

This 25-minute scenario comprises twelve steps, with players tasked to lift a hostile Titan lockdown of a mining operation in the Sulfur Wastes. The steps are as follows:

  1. Starting With Trouble: Five minutes before the scenario starts, players must defeat Sundered Flame Patrols:
    • Northern Patrol;
    • Southern Patrol;
    • Western Patrol.
  2. Cleansing the Lockdown: Players must head southwest and clear out the enemies till titan forces cleared. This step a separate timer with 11 minutes and 30 second countdown on completion
  3. Lockdown Mess: Clear the boulders blocking the main console and gather 40 Titan Parts for Greta to repair.
  4. Hostile Investigators: Defeat the attacking wildlife, clearing them to 100%.
  5. Cave Cracking: Break into the cave at [44.9, 62.4] by destroying the Fallen Boulders.
  6. Affected Wildlife: Put down the wildlife in the area.
  7. Neutralizing the Contaminant: Place ore samples in the sulfur pool while Greta Herzig prepares the machine to neutralize the contaminant.
  8. A Violent Reaction: Destroy the hostile elemental formed from the last traces of the contaminant.
  9. Broken Container: Defeat the contaminated Titan Overseer locked in the cave.
  10. A Titanic Counterattack: Clear out the first wave of the Titan Containment Response Force to allow Greta to retreat to the platform. Your team will need to fight till Response Team and Titan forces defeated.
  11. A Clear Sign We Are Not Wanted: Defend the camp via fighting with enemies till Sundered Flame forces defeated.
  12. Leaders to a Flame: Defeat Captain Reykal, the Sundered Flame leader, to earn the achievement Nothing Stops the Research.
Zaqali Djaradin Ruins Scenario

Zaqali Djaradin Ruins Scenario

The Zaqali Djaradin Ruins scenario also follows a series of steps, with players tasked to investigate abandoned Zaqali Djaradin ruins in the Molten Overflow. The steps are as follows:

  1. Starting With Trouble: Defeat the Sundered Flame Patrols:
    • Northern Patrol;
    • Southern Patrol;
    • Western Patrol.
  2. Riled Up: Clear the local wildlife riled up by the researchers’ presence, clearing them to 100%.
  3. Cavern Crasher: Defeat the Flayer Matriarch that descends from the cavern roof to destroy the camp.
  4. Overtaken Monuments: Clear the wildlife that has reclaimed the Zaqali ruins, clearing them to 100%.
  5. Towering Pillars: Rebuild the four ancient Zaqali pillars by collecting and delivering Djaradin Pillar Shards.
  6. Powering up the Pillars: Defend Thaelin as he prepares for the elemental ritual.
  7. Monstrous Magma Clacker: Defeat the Monstrous Magmaclaw Snapper to earn the Research Mishap achievement.
  8. Altar Service: Help Thaelin Darkanvil repair the Zaqali altar to uncover its secrets.
  9. Djaradin Deluge: Defend the group from the Zaqali djaradin who are unhappy with the trespassing researchers.
  10. Heating Up: Stop the Zaqali djaradin approaching the altar before they unleash something else upon the researchers.
  11. A Clear Sign We Are Not Wanted: Defend the camp till all Sundered Flame forces defeated
    to 100%.
  12. Leaders to a Flame: Defeat Captain Reykal, the Sundered Flame leader, to earn the achievement Nothing Stops the Research.

The Titan Lockdown and Zaqali Djaradin Ruins scenarios present players with challenging objectives and fierce adversaries. To complete these scenarios, players must work together and strategically navigate the hostile environments of the Sulfur Wastes and Molten Overflow. Doing so will earn valuable rewards and achievements, making their efforts well worth the struggle.

Under Fire Event Rewards

Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin Rewards

The rewards structure for Researchers Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin is designed to incentivize players to complete as many objectives as possible during the event. Among the rewards available to participants are Adventurer Gear (389+ item lvl), Flightstones, Loam Niffen reputation, Dragon Isles Supplies, and Unearthed Fragrant Coins. Additionally, upon completing the event, players will receive a Researcher’s Gift, which is determined by the number of objectives completed and the player’s level of participation.

The rewards are organized into a tier-based structure, with higher tiers offering more valuable rewards. Completing more objectives will result in higher rewards, including increased amounts of Dragon Isles Supplies, Flightstones, Loam Niffen reputation, and better gear. Players can view their current tier by mousing over the event details.

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