Welcome to our comprehensive guide on gearing up for World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Patch 10.1 (Season 2). Blizzard has made decent gearing system changes with the release of new content. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on obtaining and upgrading your gear efficiently, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the exited adventures that await in WoW’s Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1. From the new Gear Upgrade System to the various ways to acquire and improve your equipment.

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Overview of Gear Item Level

Wow Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1 Gearing

In Patch 10.1 Dragonflight Season 2, the Gear Item Level (ilvl) is critical in determining your character’s overall strength and effectiveness in various activities. To help you better understand the importance of Gear Item Level, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the different gear types and their corresponding ilvls. This will enable you to prioritize and strategize your gear acquisition and upgrading process.

The New Gear Upgrade System

In Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1, a new Gear Upgrade System has been introduced, allowing players to enhance their equipment using a combination of Shadowflame Crests and Flightstones. This system adds depth and variety to the gearing process, making it more engaging and rewarding.

Explanation of Shadowflame Crests and Flightstones

Dragonflight Shadowflame Crests And Flightstones

Shadowflame Crests are a very important part of the new upgrading system obtained upon completing specific activities or difficulties in the game. They act as a prerequisite for upgrading a piece of gear. Flightstones, on the other hand, serve as the currency required for the upgrade process (more info in our Flightstones Guide). It’s essential to note that Shadowflame Crests are consumed upon the upgrade gear process and will not be returned.

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Types of Crests

Dragonflight Shadowflame Crests

The game has four types of Shadowflame Crests, each with its unique role in the upgrading gear process. These include:

  • Whelpling Crest: Used for upgrading Adventurer Gear (last 4 ranks) and Veteran Gear (first 4 ranks)
  • Drake Crest: Used for upgrading Veteran Gear (last 4 ranks) and Champion Gear (first 4 ranks)
  • Wyrm Crest: Used for upgrading Champion Gear (last 4 ranks) and Hero Gear (first 4 ranks)
  • Aspect Crest: Used for upgrading Hero Gear (last rank)

Types and Upgrade Gear Limits

As mentioned earlier, there are five different gear types in Patch 10.1, each with its own maximum upgrade limit. These gear types and their respective upgrade limits are as follows:

Gear TypeBase ilvlMax ilvlUpgrade Limit

Understanding the new Gear Upgrade System and the different types of Shadowflame Crests and gear will help you make informed decisions as you progress through WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1 (Season 2). With this knowledge, you can efficiently prioritize your efforts and resources to optimize your character’s power and performance. Check our Shadowflame Crests WoW Guide for more information.

Obtaining and Upgrading Gear

Wow Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Gear Upgrading

Leveling Gear

Leveling gear is acquired primarily through questing and leveling up. It is a basic gear type that helps players transition into more advanced gear as they progress through the game.

World Quests

World Quests are a great source of gear for casual players and those looking for quick upgrades. Rewards scale with your character’s item level, and completing these quests can provide gear, resources, and currency. Mainly for this kind of activity, you will get the Explorer gear.

Outdoor Events

Various outdoor events offer unique and engaging ways to obtain gear in Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1. These include:

  1. Community Feast: Participating in this event rewards you with consumables and gear for cooking, fishing, and gathering.
  2. Dragonbane Keep: Defend the keep from waves of enemies, and you may receive gear, gold, and reputation rewards.
  3. The Hunt: Complete this event by hunting down rare elites to earn gear, currencies, and crafting materials.
  4. Chest Events: Solve riddles or complete objectives to unlock chests that contain gear, gold, and resources.
  5. Weekly: Participate in events to earn high-level gear, currencies, and reputation rewards.
  6. Fyrrak Assaults: Defend Azeroth from the Fyrrak invasions and earn gear, currencies, and reputation rewards.
  7. Researchers Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin event: By doing this activity, you may get an extra opportunity to earn 389+ Item level Adventurer Gear. You may check our Researchers Under Fire Guide for more information about this event.

Dungeon Gear

Dungeons are a primary source of gear for players at various game stages. In the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 2, the gear you acquire from dungeons varies depending on the difficulty level. The following table outlines the base item level (ilvl) of gear obtained from different dungeon difficulties:

Dungeon DifficultyBase ilvlGear Type
Normal372Explorer Gear
Heroic385Adventurer Gear
Mythic398Adventurer Gear

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Upgrading Dungeon Gear

Wow Dragonflight Season 2 Dungeon Gear Upgrading

Dungeon gear can be upgraded using the new Shadowflame Crest system introduced in Patch 10.1. The requirements for upgrading different ranks of dungeon gear are as follows:

Gear TypeRankilvl RangeRequired Crest
Explorer1-4376-385No Crest Required
Explorer5-8389-398No Crest Required
Adventurer1-4389-398No Crest Required
Adventurer5-8402-411Shadowflame Whelpling

In summary, to upgrade your Explorer gear from rank 1-8 (ilvl 376-398), no Shadowflame Crest is required. However, to upgrade your Adventurer gear from rank 5-8 (ilvl 402-411), you will need a Shadowflame Whelpling Crest. Understanding these upgrade requirements will help you optimize your character’s gear and performance in Patch 10.1.

Raid Gear

In Dragonflight Season 2, raiding provides players various gear types and item levels. Gear acquired from the new raid Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible can be upgraded using the Shadowflame Crest system. Crest Fragments are a 100% drop from raid bosses, with 15 fragments required to form a complete Crest. Depending on the raid mode, drops different types of crests. Raid finder difficulty will grant you the lowest level of crests, and mythic will reward the highest. The following tables detail each raid difficulty’s item levels, gear types, and upgrade requirements. To get the actual information about which gear to set up, use our Raidbots guide!

Raid Difficulty and Gear Types:

Dragonflight Season 2 Raid Gearing
Raid Difficultyilvl RangeGear TypeUpgrade Crests (First 4)Upgrade Crests (Last 4)Fragment Type
Raid Finder402-411VeteranWhelplingDrakeWhelpling’s
Mythic441-450Mythic (No upgrade)Aspect’s

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Boss-specific ilvl rewards:

Boss Specific Ilvl Rewards Dragonflight Patch 10.1
BossRaid Finder (Veteran)Normal (Champion)Heroic (Hero)Mythic
Kazzara the Hellforged402415428441
The Amalgamation Chamber402415428441
Assault on the Zaqali402415428441
The Forgotten Experiments405418431444
Echo of Neltharion411424437450
Scalecommander Sarkareth411424437450

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Higher ilvl rare gear drops:

ItemBoss(es)Raid Finder (Veteran)Normal (Champion)Heroic (Hero)Mythic
Trinket: Screaming Black DragonscaleKazzara the Hellforged, The Amalgamation Chamber, Assault on the Zaqali408421434447
Two-hand Polearm: Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder FlameThe Forgotten Experiments, Rashok, Zskarn411424437450
Trinkets: Neltharion’s Call to Chaos, Neltharion’s Call to Dominance, Neltharion’s Call to SufferingMagmorax, Echo of Neltharion418431444457
Back: Voice of the Silent StarScalecommander Sarkareth418431444457

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Mythic+ Gear and Rewards

Mythic + Season 2 Gear And Rewards

WoW, Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ dungeons provide players with another source of gear, offering rewards based on the level of the Mythic Keystone used. The higher the Keystone level, the better the gear rewards. The Great Vault also provides additional gear based on the highest Mythic Keystone completed within a week. The following table presents the gear rewards and associated ilvl for each Keystone level:

Keystone LevelDungeon ilvlVault ilvl

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Mythic+ dungeons also drop various Crest Fragments used to upgrade gear. The number of fragments obtained depends on the dungeon’s completion status, with five fragments awarded for completion and 12 fragments for completion within the time limit. Fragments are guaranteed drops. The type of fragment dropped corresponds to the gear type obtained from the dungeon:

Keystone Difficulty RangeLooted Fragments
+2 to +5Whelpling Crest Fragments
+6 to +10Drake Crest Fragments
+11 to +15Wyrm Fragments
+16 and higherAspect Fragments

Players should aim to complete higher-level Mythic+ dungeons to maximize their gear rewards and collect the necessary Crest Fragments for gear upgrades. By doing so, they can improve their character’s performance and be better prepared for challenging PvE and PvP content. Depending on the completed Mythic+ level, you can expect to obtain the next gear:

  • Veteran Gear: Drops from Mythic Keystone dungeons up to +8.
  • Champion Gear: Drops from Mythic Keystone dungeons from +9 to +16.
  • Hero Gear: Drops from Mythic Keystone dungeons from +17 and up.
  • Mythic Gear: Awarded from the Great Vault for completing Mythic Keystone dungeons of +16 and higher.

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PvP Season 2 Gear and Optional Reagents

Wow New Dragonflight Pvp Season 2

Patch 10.1, new PvP Season 2, introduces a new type of Optional Reagent slot that allows players to convert any Epic Quality piece of equipment into a PvP gear item. These Optional Reagents can be purchased using Honor or Conquest currencies and provide an item level increase during Arenas and Battlegrounds.

New PvP Optional Reagents

In the new PvP Season 2, both crafted gear, Pre-Embellished and Unembellished, can have a Trophy of Conquest or Crest of Honor added as an Optional Reagent. These reagents grant the effect: “Increases item level to __ in Arenas and Battlegrounds.” Trophies of Conquest can be purchased from Calderax within the Gladiator’s Refuge, while Crests of Honor can be purchased from Seltherex within the same area.

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The different levels of Trophies and Crests determine the armor slot the item can be used for, as detailed in the table below:

Optional ReagentUsable on:Cost
Lesser Crest of HonorNeck, Back, Wrist, or Finger525 Honor
Crest of HonorShoulders, Hands, Waist, or Feet700 Honor
Greater Crest of HonorHead, Chest, or Legs875 Honor
Lesser Trophy of ConquestNeck, Back, Wrist, or Finger525 Conquest
Trophy of ConquestShoulders, Hands, Waist, or Feet700 Conquest
Greater Trophy of ConquestHead, Chest, or Legs875 Conquest

New PvP Gear Crafting Options

With the introduction of Dragonflight Season 2 PvP Optional Reagents in Patch 10.1, players can now add them to their crafted PvP gear while upgrading it. This provides the flexibility to create a custom set of PvP gear, eliminating the need to rely on a limited selection of pre-determined PvP-crafted items. This change coincides with introduction of two new PvP-related Embellishments: Statuette of Foreseen Power and Figurine of the Gathering Storm.

In conclusion, Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1 offers players new ways to enhance their gear for PvP content. By utilizing the new Optional Reagents and crafting options, players can optimize their gear and be better prepared for the challenges of Arenas and Battlegrounds.

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Strategies for Fastest Gearing Up in Patch 10.1

Fastest Gearing In Dragonflight Season 2

Gearing up in WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Patch 10.1 requires players to understand the various sources of gear and the upgrade system using Shadowflame Crests. Players can optimize their character’s performance by participating in different in-game activities and maximizing the upgrade potential of acquired gear. The following strategies can help players to gear up effectively:

  1. Participate in multiple content types: Engage in a mix of World Quests, Outdoor Events, Dungeons, Raids, World Bosses, Mythic Plus, Profession Crafting, and PvP activities to collect different gear types and upgrade materials. This diversified approach allows players to upgrade their gear efficiently and improve performance.
  2. Prioritize content with higher ilvl rewards: As players progress, they should focus on content with higher ilvl rewards, such as Heroic and Mythic dungeons, Raids, and higher-level Mythic Plus keystones. These activities provide more dragonflight season 2 powerful gear and upgrade materials, accelerating gearing.
  3. Optimize gear upgrades: Understand the Shadowflame Crest upgrade system and prioritize upgrades based on the available Crests and their associated gear types. For example, use Whelpling Crests to upgrade Veteran Gear from Raid Finder and Drake Crests to upgrade Champion Gear from Normal raids.
  4. Collect and utilize Crest Fragments: In Dragonflight Season 2, Raid bosses drop Crest Fragments to create Shadowflame Crests for gear upgrades. Be sure to collect these fragments and combine them into Crests as needed. Participate in content with higher fragment drop rates, such as end bosses in raids, to accumulate fragments more quickly.
  5. Use Profession to Get the Crafted Gear: Crafting professions can create powerful gear, as well as optional reagents that can be used to improve crafted items. Utilize these professions to create or enhance crafted gear that might be difficult to obtain through other activities. With the introduction of a new upgrade system where you can get crafted PvP gear, this is a nice way to get the gear.
  6. Engage in rated and skirmish Arenas, RBG, and Battlegrounds for unique PvP gear options: Dragonflight Season 2 PvP content can provide players with Honor and Conquest PvP gear, which offers unique stat combinations and set bonuses. These items can complement PvE gear and provide additional options for character optimization.

Following these strategies, players can effectively gear up in Patch 10.1 and maximize their character’s potential in PvE and PvP Dragonflight Season 2 content. You may read more info about Dragonflight Season 2 updates in our Patch 10.1 – Embers of Neltharion Overview.

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