For Honor Ranking System

Ok, so the Discovery. It’s now become the 2nd phase, and it’s such a good reason, to tell you in how get the pvp honor points in the Wow Sod. As you know, all the classic realms, are about exchanging your time on grind. But we’re as a pro in the fastest way to get honor in sod, ready to spend our time, in show you shotcuts about pvp ranks, and honor.

So, this guide about PvP ranking system in the exactly world of warcraft: Season of discovery will be a little bit unusual. On the one hand, we’ll uncover you the ways, which we’re use to farm honor quickly. On the other hand we’ll spend some common ways in getting honor of the SoD. We mean not the best ways, but working ways, which are pass the most people.

So, from this guide you’ll learn only legit ways to earn honor, and increase your pvp rank in the wow sod realms.

  1. Our methods in getting honor.
  2. Community methods in getting honor faster.
  3. Common methods in getting honor faster.

Also, we’re must remain you about this is our part of World of Warcraft Compendium. Phase 2. Here you can learn about:

And we’re move toward.

The Flashest Answer In How To Get Honor In SoD

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Ok, the most simple, faster, and most correct way about getting honor in World of Warcraft season of discovery — Is just play many Battlegrounds. Even if your team, loose the BG, you will earn a piece of honor points.

Honor Calculator

Not The Ashenvale event. Not the Stranglethorn event. Not even duels, or Open-world Pvp. Only, crapping incredible Battlegrounds. And the simple BG, the more Points you will earn. That’s all. No more hints, and tricks.

All the continuous tricks, and hints, and ways to earn, and locations to farm, and event description, are putten here, just for one tiny thing — to make your way into the top of the PvP ladder much more interesting, not faster. Interesting. Then you complete the Stranglethorn event, you got the Blood moon currency, that allow you get specific gear, and riding mount, but not increase the speed of getting the PvP honor points.

Alternate opinion to fastest way to get honor in sod: Gank Everyone

Wow Classic Honor System

Farming PvP honor points quick and dirty style.

Team up, get your guild or a group of solid PvP players together in wow season of discovery. This ain’t no solo mission. Hit up the hotspots in the open world where players hang out a lot, think big quest areas or popular grind spots.

The strategy? Gank ’em. Yeah, it’s a bit ruthless, but it’s all fair in love and war… and PvP. Keep your team tight, coordinate your attacks, and you’ll rack up honor points faster than going it alone. Remember, it’s not just about picking fights; it’s about smart, strategic plays.

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Use services and websites to stay up-to-date on the best locations and times for these ambushes. Don’t be the team that’s losing because you didn’t plan. And hey, while ganking, remember the other aspects of being a good PvP player—like healing your teammates or knowing when to bail.

This way, you’re not just earning points, you’re earning respect. So, gear up, set a date, and start making those honor points rain.

The table of all the ways to get honor in SoD

Vanilla Wow Honor Calculator

Here are streamlined tactics for swiftly accumulating PvP honor in Season of Discovery, from battleground dominance to tactical open-world ambushes.

Method to earn honor in wow season of discoveryLaconic Informal DescriptionRate (1-10)Recommendations
Battleground Blitz in Warsong GulchDive into Warsong Gulch for the fastest honor gains. It’s all about kill, win, repeat.9Join with your guild for coordinated attacks and better win rates.
Ganking in HotspotsTeam up and ambush players in popular locations like Stone Talon Mountains or Duskwood for quick honor.8Use websites to find the busiest times and places. Don’t go solo; teamwork makes the honor farm dream work.
Marks of Honor MasteryStack Marks of Honor from battlegrounds and trade them in for gear.7Plan your battlegrounds around the weekly reset to maximize Marks of Honor collection.
Utilizing the PvP Ranking SystemHigher PvP ranks unlock better gear, making it easier to win and farm honor.6Participate consistently in PvP activities to steadily climb the ranks and unlock rewards.
Strategic Strikes in Alterac ValleyHit Alterac Valley for a change of pace and more Marks of Honor.5Focus on objectives and teamwork for big honor gains despite the longer match times.
Hotspots for Honor FarmingTarget active PvP zones outside battlegrounds for skirmishes and honor.7Keep up-to-date on server activity and align with your guild for organized ganks.
Engaging in Season of Discovery EventsParticipate in SoD exclusive PvP events for unique rewards and honor.4Stay informed on event dates and details via the official website or community channels to make the most out of each event.

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Fastest way to get honor in SoD — the common opinion

Honor Ranks

This is your quick, no-fluff guide to leveling up, snagging cool gear, and just having a blast with PvP.

Honor Farming Basics

  • Honorable Kills: The heart of the game. Take down other faction players, Horde or Alliance, doesn’t matter. More kills, more honor. But, don’t spam kill the same dude; it’s less honor each time.
  • Warsong Gulch is Your Friend: Seriously, if you want honor, live in Warsong Gulch. Kill, win, repeat. It’s battlegrounds gold for farming honor.
  • Marks of Honor: Win or lose in Warsong Gulch, you get these. Stack ’em up to 20. Trade them in for a nice honor bump. Winning gets you more, obviously.

Getting the Good Stuff

Vanilla Wow Honor Ranks
  • Ranking Up: Weekly check-ins on how much you’ve been owning (or not). More active your server, the harder you gotta play to stand out.
  • Exclusive Rewards: All about those ranks, baby. Rank up for better gear and bragging rights. Rank three gets you a sweet cloak. That’s your first big target.
  • Reputation & Gear: Alongside honor, pump up that rep with your faction for even more goodies. PvP activities = reputation points.

Pro Tips

  • Consistent Play: No need to no-life it, just a few battlegrounds daily can keep you on track.
  • Smart Prep: Cap your Marks of Honor before the weekly reset for an easy honor boost. Plan ahead, play smart.
  • Know Your Server: Active server? Gotta grind a bit more. Chill server? Easier climb. Adjust your game plan accordingly.

Getting rank 3 in Wow SoD PvP

Vanilla Wow Honor

First off, the game’s honor mechanics got a facelift, ditching the old decay headache for a sleeker model. Here’s the deal: forget about decay; it’s all about stacking those honor points and converting them into contribution points by week’s end. Week one’s mission is simple: bag 15 honorable kills to leap from zero to Rank Two, a walk in the park, right? Week two’s when you put the pedal to the metal—aim for 4,500 honor points to secure that Sergeant title or Rank Three for both Horde and Alliance warriors.

  1. Week 1: Secure 15 honorable kills to jump to Rank 2.
  2. Week 2: Farm 4,500 honor points to reach Rank 3, Sergeant.

Use the Ranker add-on to track exactly how much honor you need

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Now, for those who dread the grind or get lost in the numbers, there’s a game-changer add-on called Ranker. This beauty will be your GPS to Rank 3, telling you exactly how much honor you need to hit your target. No guesswork, just results. So, whether you’re a solo hero or rolling deep with your guild, engaging in this quest will not only boost your item level and gameplay but also guarantee you’re having fun while at it. Remember, success in the PvP arena isn’t just about the honor; it’s about participating, advancing your character, and, most importantly, enjoying the journey. So, gear up, team up, and let’s make that push to Rank 3 together.

The best locations to farm honor in WoW

Honor Wow

If you’re looking to rack up honor points fast in WoW SoD and get your hands on those juicy rewards, you’re in the right spot. We’re diving into the best ways to farm honor, from hitting up Warsong Gulch for those Marks of Honor to camping out in prime PvP zones for the ultimate honor farm. Whether you’re after the Alterac Valley Mark of Honor, figuring out the fastest path to Arathi Highlands, or just looking to understand WoW’s new honor system, we’ve got you covered. This guide’s all about getting you those honor points quickly and efficiently, so you can spend less time grinding and more time enjoying the Season of Discovery’s rewards. Let’s get into where to buy, earn, and use those Marks of Honor and make the most of the WoW classic honor system and the new ranks it brings.

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  • Stone Talon Mountains: Horde players, watch your back at the Grim Totem post and along the road from the lake to Webwinder Path. Alliance rogues love these spots.
  • Duskwood/Westfall Bridge: Camp here for Alliance crossing into Duskwood. Quick honor and a nearby spirit healer for convenience.
  • Red Ridge Mountains: Catch players moving between Elwynn Forest and Duskwood. It’s a hotspot for lvl 20 action.
  • Hillsbrad Foothills: The legendary PvP zone. Camping the Silverpine border can catch Horde players off guard as they flag for PvP.
  • Ashenvale: Both factions find action here. Horde, watch the Darkshore border; Alliance, the road outside Splintertree Post is a warzone.
  • Ratchet: Hot but risky due to guards. Choose your spots carefully here.

Quickest way to get honor with pvp honor ranking system

Marks Of Honor

Kicking off, get your game face on from the start time, join forces with your guild, or band together with a solid crew of PvP players. These ranks ain’t gonna climb themselves, and teamwork amps up your win rate big time. Focus on battlegrounds where you know you can shine, whether it’s smashing in direct combat or strategic healing.

Participate consistently, because showing up and throwing down is half the battle. Don’t sweat the losses too much; each fight’s a lesson.

Stay interested, review your battles, tweak your tactics, and always, always keep your integrity in the PvP arena.

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Remember, it’s not just about the immediate honor gain—it’s the long game, where weeks of consistent play and smart engagements pay off. Keep at it, and you’ll see those ranks work in your favor, unlocking services and gear to make the climb even smoother.

Warsong Gulch Vendor

Common ways to get honor points in wow SoD

Mark Of Honor

So, the honor in WoW SoD, level cap at 40, and get you to the top ranks with style and speed. The most common way is just play the battlegrounds. And even if you need a honor, it better to use the warsong gulch, in cause you can complete more pvp events in a time unit, thant alterac valleys:

  1. Battleground Blitz: Dive into Warsong Gulch. It’s your bread and butter for farming honor fast. Wins here are gold mines for honor points and Marks of Honor. Keep an eye on the Warsong Gulch vendor for gear upgrades.
  2. Marks of Honor Mastery: Stack those Marks of Honor. They’re your ticket to top-tier gear. Use them wisely at vendors to maximize your PvP effectiveness.
  1. Strategic Strikes: Focus on Alterac Valley for a change of pace and more Marks of Honor. It’s a longer game, but the rewards are hefty.
  2. Hotspots for Honor: Hit the most active PvP zones. Arathi Highlands is a good start for quick skirmishes and honor farming.
  3. Utilize the New System: Get familiar with the new honor system. No decay means steady progress. Use an honor calculator to plan your climb.

Are pvp ranks make honor farming faster?

Wow Classic Honor System

Higher PvP ranks can unlock access to better gear and services, making it easier to win battles against other players and farm honor faster. As you advance in ranks, your ability to engage and defeat opponents improves, speeding up your honor gain.

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But on the other hand, higher PvP ranks don’t directly increase the amount of honor earned per battle, but they do provide access to gear and abilities that can enhance performance in PvP encounters, indirectly aiding in accumulating honor more efficiently by increasing win rates.


Whether you’re Horde or Alliance, it’s the teamwork in guilds, the strategic use of battlegrounds, and the smart management of Marks of Honor that’ll get you the gear and reputation you need. Remember, it’s not just about how much honor you rack up, but how you play the game, participate with your team, and enjoy the journey through the season. So gear up, set those dates for big PvP events, and get ready to climb those ranks for the rewards waiting at the top. It’s all part of the discovery this season brings, so dive in, and let’s make those honor points rain.