Season Of Discovery Leveling Guide
Wow Sod Sleeping Bag Location

So, The Dude! Yes, you! The Dude! You’re finally pushing the first 25 levels with our previous guides, using the bonus, which helps you get 50% of a bonus and push through that classic realm hell. And now, you’re at level 25. But for now, your progress seems to slow down… just 15 more levels to go. What if I told you that you will face pain, suffering, and challenges again and again as each of the next levels becomes harder and tougher? It’s all part of transforming your Discovery experience into a nightmare. However, with this Season of Discovery Phase 2 Leveling Guide, we’ll guide you to reach level 40 in less time than you expect.

So, today, you can expect the following aspects in the Phase 2 leveling process:

  1. Getting gear for leveling and efficiently completing quests. We’re offer you a proper order with SoD Phase 2 Leveling Guide.
  2. Farming old dungeons and raids.
  3. Optimizing your route in new zones.
  4. Solving the dilemma of choosing the best zones for effective leveling.
  5. Tips for druid players.
  6. How to make the most of the new cozy sleeping bag. And many more tricks.

But first things first. Before you dive into the beautiful world of Stranglethorn Vale and other mysterious locations that you will explore on your journey from level 25 to 40, we recommend that you read our guide about the first phase. Why, you ask? Simple, Dude! It’s because the principles of leveling in the first season are still the same.

Also, this article, is a part of our new compendium about the phase 2. So you can read also about:


Level cap in phase 2

Sod Alliance Leveling Guide
Sod Phase 2 Levelling Guide

So, with a new season, here’s a new level cap. For today it’s a range between 25 and 40 level in the wow season of discovery phase. So the simple answer is that today in wow classic the level cap is 40!

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Exclusive content: Community advices from experts to newbies

Wow Sod Leveling Zones
Sleeping Bag Wow Classic Sod

In the classic WoW SOD season, the community’s advice for leveling through 25-30 focuses on maximizing the leveling experience within the level cap. The game plan involves tackling difficult quests and dungeons, allowing players to gain experience points efficiently. Here’s the rundown:

  • RFK Strategy: Razorfen Kraul (RFK) is the starting point for Horde players and others. This classic WoW dungeon offers powerful rewards and is a key focus until reaching level 28-30. Completing RFK requires a good understanding of the game and its mechanics.
  • SM Rotation: Starting with Shadowfang Keep (SFK) for levels 25-27, players can unlock new abilities and access powerful rewards. The journey continues through the different wings of Scarlet Monastery (SM), each offering unique challenges and rewards within the level ranges.
  • Dungeon Diversity: This strategy in the SOD season allows players to explore various dungeons, making the leveling experience more interesting and less monotonous. Dungeons like Uldaman are also recommended for their rare loot and secrets, enhancing the overall character build.

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In essence, the community’s advice is about strategically utilizing dungeons, quests, and the game’s mechanics to maximize the leveling experience in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery.

How to level from 1 to 25

Sod Leveling Guide Alliance
How To Get Cozy Sleeping Bag Sod

Read the phase 1 guide. Or catch the table

ExpectationsAnticipated significant changes for leveling.
RealityNo changes to the leveling process.
Guide UpdateDecided to refresh the guide instead of reusing old ones.
Recommended ComboHuman Paladin (versatility), Orc Hunter (efficiency).
Leveling Essentials– Start in beginner zones – Choose race/class wisely – Use addons – Don’t skip Ashenvale – Follow optimal routes
General Tips– Efficient questing – Use rested XP – Dungeon runs – Keep gear updated
Zone ProgressionAlliance: Elwynn Forest → Westfall → Redridge → Duskwood – Horde: Durotar → The Barrens → Stonetalon Mountains
Addons– Questie – TomTom – AtlasLoot Classic – Vendor Price – GatherMate2
Duo LevelingRecommends compatible class pairings for efficiency.

Getting gear, for continuing journey in wow classic season of discovery

Rested Xp Guide
Wow Classic Sod Phase 2 Leveling Guide

Remember, about the higher gear, is the biggest bonus to the leveling all your time, while you’re limit the leveling. And much more it more important exactly at the Phase 2. So, first things, goes first, before you’ll move to your 26+ journey.

Check out Scarlet Monastery for some top-notch loot. It’s a go-to spot for both Horde and Alliance. For crafted gear, get those professions up. Blacksmithing? Tailoring? They got you. Questing in specific areas like the southern Stranglethorn Vale can hook you up with decent gear through challenging quests. Don’t sleep on class quests either; they often drop unique items perfect for your level range.

In short:

  • Scarlet Monastery: Dive in for notable loot.
  • Crafted Gear: Level those professions for tailored power.
  • Class Quests & Stranglethorn Vale: Snag that sweet gear from quests.
  • Season of Discovery: Keep an eye on any new quests or dungeons Blizzard throws in; they’re your ticket to leveling glory and gearing up for the next phase

The most optimal way to completing quests efficiently

Fastest 1-25 Sod
Cozy Sleeping Bag Season Of Discovery

While you’re marching through the recommended zones, keep a keen eye on the rested XP guide. It’s a silent game changer. Rested XP isn’t just a bonus; it’s a strategy. Make strategic stops in inns as you transition between zones to maximize this benefit. For instance, after a stint in Ashenvale, popping into an inn before heading to Thousand Needles can give you that extra XP boost.

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Moreover, the new runes introduced in this phase can dramatically alter your class’s capabilities, encouraging experimentation with roles and combat strategies. This is particularly crucial when participating in events or tackling difficult quests. For example, a Warrior might find the Stormstrike damage enhancement rune not only ups their game in solo play but makes them a valuable asset in raid groups, pushing through content at an accelerated pace.

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of participating in new quests and events introduced in this phase. The discovery phase is rich with various rewards that can offer everything from epic gear to off-hand items, significantly impacting your leveling speed and overall strength. Engage in the new PvP event in Ashenvale or tackle the eerie red fog of the Blood Moon event for rewards that go beyond the usual loot—these can include enhancements like increased pet critical strike chance or additional health and healing boosts, crucial for both survival and combat efficiency.

For horde

Wow Season Of Discovery Leveling Guide
Wow Sod Cozy Sleeping Bag Location

Horde crew! Wanna hit level 40 fast in SoD? Gotchu covered with the quickest zones.

  • Use those new runes for an edge.
  • Don’t skip on rested XP, and dive into any PvP events like Blood Moon for extra gains.
  • Keep an eye out for class-specific gear; it can speed things up big time.
AshenvaleStart here. PvP action’s hot, plus Blood Moon events could give you cool rewards.
Thousand NeedlesQuests galore and solid XP. Plus, it’s less crowded.
Stranglethorn ValePvP event central at Gurubashi Arena. Great for XP and epic for fun.
Arathi HighlandsSolid quests and Arathi Basin rep. Good mix of grind and rewards.
DesolaceLess popular, but the quests are gold. Great for uninterrupted leveling.

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For Alliance

Guidelime Season Of Discovery
Cozy Sleeping Bag Sod

Alliance folks, ready to zoom to 40? Here’s where to head for the fast track in SoD.

  • Max out that rested XP and leverage runes.
  • Blood Moon events are your friend for extra loot and XP.
  • Gear matters. Watch for drops that boost your class’s punch.
Redridge MountainsPerfect for a smooth start, with quests tailored for quick leveling.
DuskwoodCreepy but cool. Good XP and unique class gear drops.
WetlandsSolid for leveling with dense quests. Keep an eye out for Warrior and Paladin gear.
Stranglethorn ValeThe PvP hotspot. Gurubashi Arena events are a must for fun and loot.
Arathi HighlandsGreat for a mix of questing and PvP, with a chance to improve Arathi Basin rep.

Both Horde and Alliance, remember to jump into those new events and keep smashing those quests. Gear up, level up, and have a blast!

Abuse cozy sleeping bag

Wow Sod Fastest Leveling Class
Wow Sod Sleeping Bag

It’s not just a regular item but a unique experience enhancer. Snooze in it for a minute, and you score an experience buff that stacks up to three times, making leveling easier and more relaxed. This snug item has stirred up the community with its potential and novelty. Some dream of it being craftable for added convenience.

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The Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW’s Season of Discovery Phase 2 packs some key features:

  1. Experience Buff: Use the bag for a minute to gain an experience point buff.
  2. Stackable Effect: This buff stacks up to 3 times, amplifying your XP gains.
  3. Gameplay Integration: Rumored to offer bonus effects when used near a campfire, adding a strategic element to its use.

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These features combine to make the Cozy Sleeping Bag a valuable asset for players looking to level up more efficiently

Get runes, be fast in the current wow season of discovery

Season Of Discovery Leveling Speed
Wow Sod Phase 2 Sleeping Bag

In SoD Phase 2, leveling up fast is super important. New runes make you stronger and help you level up quicker. They’re like a secret weapon for getting ahead. Want the fastest way to level up? Pick the right class and use these runes smartly. Check out guides like “Season of Discovery Leveling Guide” to know where to go and what to do. Whether you’re Alliance or Horde, these guides have tips for everyone. So, using runes and following the guide will help you level up super fast!

There’s nothing to especially provide you as a hint. Collect runes. Get the max level, enjoy new runes, and complete your quest in warcraft.

Druid traveling form — the best way to cut your time on boring moving

Wow Sod Leveling Route
Cozy Sleeping Bag Wow Sod

Druid pals in WoW’s Season of Discovery! Wanna turbo-charge your leveling? Get this: Abuse your Travel Form. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  1. Hit Level 30: This is where the magic happens. Level 30 unlocks Travel Form. It’s like your own personal mount, but better.
  2. Gather Gold, But Chill: You need a bit of gold, but it’s no biggie compared to those pricey mounts. Save up a bit for this game-changer.
  3. Trainer Time: Depending on your faction, head to Darnassus or Thunder Bluff. Trainers like Mathrengyl Bearwalker or Turak Runetotem will hook you up.

Now, how does this boost your leveling?

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  • Zip around for quests. No mount, no problem. Dart from Booty Bay to the Gurubashi Arena faster than ever.
  • Sneak past mobs or make a quick getaway. Perfect for dodging danger or grinding in peace.
  • Uncover new content and hidden spots. With Travel Form, the whole of Azeroth is your playground.


Wow Classic Sod Leveling Guide
Sod Phase 2 Sleeping Bag

Whether you’re rocking out in Ashenvale or sneaking around in Duskwood, make every quest count, and don’t forget to cash in on that cozy sleeping bag for some sweet, sweet rested XP. Horde or Alliance, it doesn’t matter; what does is your strategy to leverage every tip, trick, and guide we’ve dished out. So, gear up, tune into those Blood Moon events, and let the levels roll in. Remember, it’s not just about the destination but the wild, wicked ride getting there.