Wow Honor Ranks

Ok, let me be honest with you, when we started our phase 1 compendium, I totally miss about you need a guide about renovated PvP System. I have a reason, why we’re here in the EpicCarry do not explain the sod pvp ranking system before. The reason is pretty simple, most of our exactly editor’s office are not PvP honor players, that’s why we’re skipped that phase. But for now — the time has come, and now with new PvP event, new PvP Ranks, New PvP mounts, you’re finally able to learn about the new pvp honor ranking system, and find answers about:

  1. Why the new Pvp honor ranking system is looks like the previous, but completely differs from it.
  2. Why limitations on ranks are important, and for now you can reach maximally 6 rank.
  3. Why it’s tough to farm thousands of thousands honor points to reach 4,5,6 ranks.
  4. The complete table about how many honor you need to reach each week, to stay the exactly chosen pvp rank.

Also we’re put the new rules about new ranking system. Compare was, stay about the pvp ranking system in a table. And finally, somewhere in the end, we’re put one little joke, about how to farm that crappy 6th rank in the season of discovery phase 2.

So let the Madness. beg… oh wait, this article is a part of our Sod 2 Compendium. So we can’t skip our recommendations to read the following things: welcome… So let the Madness Begin!

Note: The new PvP event, and ways to obtain honor faster are in the specified articles right before this string. Here we’re focus only on ranking system.

New SoD PvP Ranking System

Pvp Rankings

With the new PvP ranking system in WoW, especially after the shake-up in Season of Discovery (SoD) and all that jazz from Patch 14.4, they’ve streamlined how you rack up honor points. You’re not just duking it out in the old-school battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch for your honor fix anymore.

Classic Pvp Ranks

Now, it’s about hitting those honor milestones each week without worrying about out-grinding the entire server. You’ve got clear targets for each rank up to rank 6 for now, making it a bit less of a mystery how to climb that PvP ladder. Whether you’re about showing off those WoW PvP ranks or just in it for the sweet gear, the focus is on what you do rather than how much more you can do than your buddy.

AspectPrevious SystemNew System (Season of Discovery & WoW Classic post-Patch 14.4)
Ranking LimitsUp to rank 14 with competitive ranking against other players within the faction.SoD pvp ranking limits to 6 in its second phase. Ranking is not competitive; it’s based on hitting honor thresholds.
Honor SystemHonor gained compared against other players’ honor for ranking.Fixed brackets for honor to reach each rank, removing direct competition for ranks within the faction.
Decay SystemRankings could decay if not maintained through continuous play.Decay has been entirely removed, allowing for breaks without penalty to rank progression.
Weekly Honor CapNo specific cap mentioned, but competitive nature implied high grinding.A maximum amount of honor can be gained within one week is explicitly stated (500,000 Honor), simplifying planning for rank progression.
Earning HonorThrough open-world PvP and Battlegrounds, with emphasis on competitive grind.Through open-world PvP and Battlegrounds, but with clear thresholds for each rank, making it easier to target specific ranks.
PvP Ranks and Gear AccessRanks determined by relative honor standing, gear tied to higher ranks.Ranks determined by fixed honor thresholds, with gear still tied to ranks but more accessible due to non-competitive nature. Up to Rank 6 gear detailed.
Faction InteractionCompetition primarily within own faction for ranks.Focus shifted from faction competition to personal progression, making rank achievements more predictable and individually focused.
PvP ActivitiesEmphasis on high-intensity and high-volume PvP engagements.Structured around achieving specific honor milestones, potentially reducing the need for constant high-intensity play.

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New Sources of Honor

Classic Wow Pvp Ranks

Here’s how you can rack up those Honor Points (CPs) in WoW to boost your character’s weekly calculations:

  1. Honorable Kills (HKs): You earn CPs for taking down players of the opposite faction within your level range. The honor gained varies by several factors:
    • Character Level: Higher-level enemies yield more honor. Killing someone 10 levels below you gives no honor.
    • Your Own Level: The higher your level, the more honor you earn per kill.
    • Subsequent Kills: Honor decreases with each repeat kill on the same player within 24 hours, dropping to zero after the fifth kill.
    • Kills in a Group/Raid: Honor from a kill is shared among the group or raid, with distance and level affecting the share received.
    • Player Rank: Enemies with higher PvP ranks give more honor.
  2. Killing Racial Leaders: WARNING: If you think, what you can kill the Racial leaders in the Phase 2, you can try. But it’s looks like almost impossible in cause you’re maximally 40 level. But you still can try. But remember is that reward is about 2.000- 5.000 of honor per week.
  3. Battleground Objectives: Beyond just winning, completing objectives like capturing flags in Warsong Gulch or bases in Arathi Basin boosts your honor tally. All faction members involved get the same honor boost.

How to reach ranks higher than 3

Wow Vanilla Pvp Ranks

In WoW SoD, reaching your PvP goals means setting a weekly Honor target, ideally between 50,000 to 100,000 points, focusing on battlegrounds like Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch for both objectives and kills. Supplement this with open-world PvP for ambush opportunities. Maximize your efforts by engaging in PvP during peak server times and forming groups, as teamwork significantly accelerates Honor gains. Use addons like Ranker to track your progress and adapt your strategy accordingly, ensuring you’re on pace with your Honor goals for the week.

ActivityApproximated Honor Rewards
Killing Other Players1 – 100 Honor per kill, depending on factors like level difference, rank, and diminishing returns for repeated kills.
Finishing Battlegrounds50 – 200 Honor for participation, with additional Honor for any objectives completed.
Winning Battlegrounds300 – 500 Honor, plus bonuses for objectives. Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin can offer varying amounts based on performance and speed of completion.
Losing Battlegrounds100 – 300 Honor, objectives can still add to this total significantly.
Killing Faction Leaders2000 – 5000 Honor, divided among participants. This can be a substantial boost but requires coordination and is subject to PvP dynamics at the time.

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Weekly Honor Targets for WoW SoD

Pvp Rank Wow Classic
  • Estimate: Aim for around 50,000-100,000 Honor points weekly. It’s not exact, but it’s a solid target.
  • Battleground Blitz: Hit up Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch hard. Objectives + kills = Honor feast.
  • Open World Sneak Attacks: Ambush time. Patrol for players in open world zones. Be the predator, not the prey.

4. Optimize Your Time

  • Peak Times: PvP during high-pop hours. More targets, more Honor.
  • Group Up: Solo is slow. Groups go fast. Find your PvP crew and stick with them.

5. Track and Adapt

Horde Pvp Ranks Vanilla
  • Addon Assist: Use something like Ranker to monitor your progress. Adjust fire as needed.
  • Daily Debrief: Check your Honor at day’s end. Are you hitting your marks? If not, switch up your strategy.

New PvP events, where can you reach that ranks

Requires Previous Rank Wow

The WoW SoD Phase 2 Blood Moon PvP event is a new, unique addition offering a PvP free-for-all in Stranglethorn Vale under a red fog every 3 hours for 30 minutes. Participants earn special currency for kills, usable for class-specific rewards and gear.

Event NameBlood Moon PvP
LocationStranglethorn Vale
FrequencyEvery 3 hours
Duration30 minutes
Main AttractionPvP combat for special currency
RewardsUnique items, gear, epic mounts
Opt-OutZandalari Emissary option available
StrategySolo/small groups, no raid groups
SpecialtySeparates players under Blood Moon effect

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This event stands out by separating players under the Blood Moon effect for solo or small team play, enhancing the PvP experience with exclusive rewards, including epic level 40 mounts specific to Horde and Alliance. It’s a significant update, blending player feedback with innovative mechanics, making it a must-try for those seeking fresh PvP challenges and rewards.

Wow Requires Previous Rank

We still do not know in how many pvp honor and ranks you can get for participation in event. But we thought what’s it been leverageable compared to the ashenvale event from a first phase.

Community commentary — simple explanation of new classic pvp ranking system

Wow Pvp Rankings

Back in the day, WoW sod PvP rank grind was like a mad dash where you and everyone else were just trying to out-honor each other. Total chaos, right? Now, with Season of Discovery (SoD), they’ve chilled it out. You’ve got these set honor brackets. Think of it like hitting benchmarks – snag a certain amount of honor, and boom, you hit a new rank. No more trying to outdo the entire server every week.

So, 11,250 honor for rank 3? That’s because they’ve set these specific honor points as goals. You hit that, you get the rank. Simple.

Per week or total? It’s a weekly gig. Gotta earn your keep each week, but it’s not like the old days of endless grind.

World Of Warcraft Pvp Rankings

For the high and mighty rank 14 dream, it’s still a grind, but less soul-crushing. You need to rake in 420k honor in three different weeks to climb those final ranks. But here’s the kicker: it’s all or nothing. Hit the mark and get a chunk of progress, or miss it and get zilch for that week. No middle ground.

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This new system is less about no-lifing and more about strategic grinding. You don’t have to sell your soul and social life to the game, but you still gotta work for it. Plus, no decay means you can take a breather without tanking your progress. Sounds a bit more humane, right?

P.S. The best idea to farm Ranks in World of warcraft: Season of discovery — joke version

Pvp Ranks Wow

If you’re not satisfied with all the previous versions in how to farm ranks and honor in the world of warcraft: Season of the Discovery, just check this — this is the best way to farm Honor. And instead of thousand words, we just put a total video, which is completely show you in how to farm that honor and ranks!


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Ditching the old grind-fest for clear, achievable honor milestones up to rank 6 makes climbing the PvP ladder straightforward and less of a headache. With new events like the Blood Moon offering fresh ways to rack up points alongside traditional battlegrounds, players have varied paths to glory. Remember, it’s about smart play and strategic grinding now, not just endless battling. So, gear up, join the fray, and maybe, just take a strategic break when needed. The new SoD PvP system? It’s all about hitting those marks, snagging cool rewards, and actually enjoying the climb. Freedom in how you achieve your rank, better gear waiting at those milestones, and a community ready to dive into the madness together—what’s not to love?