Ashenvale Mount Sod

The World of Warcraft starts with a new phase of the Season of Discovery. So, the new era, the new adventure. But it’s still not all. In the new world of Warcraft, there are the new WoW SoD Phase 2 mounts. So, right here, just now, without extra introductions, learn:

  1. What are the new mounts, which are exclusive for Phase 2 in the Season of Discovery?
  2. Why shouldn’t you care about World of Warcraft mounts anymore since Phase 2 started?
  3. What about the Druid traveling form? Do you need special runes, like the class abilities for Alliance and Horde Druids?
  4. Which mounts can you buy for gold?
  5. How to get new mounts for Alliance and Horde.

And many other helpful hints about the mounts in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2. So, let the Mount Madness Begin…

Oh… whoops, one moment. We strive to create compendiums about all games, where we’re experts, that’s why here are our incredible guides about WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2:

P.S. + especially for you, we’re prepare the full list of all mounts, and all the existed ways to obtain them, like the druid form. And the much more important — the trainers, and the vendors for mounts in world of warcraft: Season of discovery part 2.

New mounts in Phase 2

How To Get Mount In Sod

So, as it was in the previous phase. In the World of Warcraft: The season of the Discovery the Phase 2, there’re two new mounts, which are gotten, exactly from the new PVP event, called the Blood moon. And to get them, you need to win that event.

“The Blood Moon,” rolling out in Stranglethorn Vale. It’s all about duking it out for some sweet new mounts as rewards. Get ready for some intense battles!

Mount NameTypeFactionHow to Get It
Saber Tooth Tiger MountEpic Level 40 MountHordeEarn currency in the Blood Moon event, then trade for this mount
Raptor MountEpic Level 40 MountAllianceEarn currency in the Blood Moon event, then trade for this mount

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Snag these bad boys by winning in the Blood Moon event. Focus on taking down your rivals, earn that special currency, and then trade it for these epic mounts.

Wow Season Of Discovery Mount
Event NameThe Blood Moon
When?Every 3 hours
Duration30 minutes
LocationStranglethorn Vale
Main FocusEarn currency by defeating other players
Group Up?Yes, but raid groups get penalties
Opt-Out OptionChat with Zandalari Emissary
Special EnemyWatch out for the “Chosen of the Blood Loa”
RewardsTrade currency for mounts and class-specific loot
Extra SpiceEerie red fog in Stranglethorn Vale, more predictable event timing
Playstyle FriendlyGood for PvP pros and peace-lovers alike

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This event’s basically a PvP party in Stranglethorn Vale. Rack up some wins, earn currency, and trade it for those cool new mounts or some killer class-specific gear.

Druid traveling form as class abilities

How To Get Mount Sod

in “World of Warcraft: Classic,” druids had a special form for traveling, called “Travel Form” This form allowed the druid to move faster on the ground. Travel Form became available to druids at level 30. It was one of the unique aspects of the druid class, allowing them to move quickly in areas where riding animals could not be used.

So you can get the traveling form for a Wow Season of discovery in the next way:

Step 1: First things first, hit level 30 in the game. This is your golden ticket to unlocking the nifty Travel Form.

Step 2: Gather some gold! You’ll need a bit of that shiny stuff to learn this new skill. Don’t worry; it’s not like grinding for those high-end mounts or gear, but it’s always good to have some extra gold in your pocket.

Wow Sod Ashenvale Mount

Step 3: Find your trainer. Whether you’re chillin’ with the Alliance or kickin’ it with the Horde, you gotta know where to go. Here’s a handy list of trainers and their locations:

FactionTrainer NameLocation
AllianceMathrengyl BearwalkerDarnassus
AllianceFandral StaghelmDarnassus
AllianceDendrite StarblazeMoonglade
HordeTurak RunetotemThunder Bluff
HordeHamuul RunetotemThunder Bluff
HordeGennia RunetotemThunder Bluff

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Step 4: Pay a visit to your trainer and learn the Travel Form. Easy as pie!

What to Expect Next? 🤔

Ashenvale Mount Season Of Discovery
  • Freedom! No more slow walking. Sprint through the world, dodge those pesky PvP events, and enjoy the scenery.
  • Usable Everywhere: Well, almost. You can’t use it in dungeons or raids (sorry!), but it’s perfect for the open world.
  • Be the Envy: Players who are still hoofing it on foot will look on in envy as you zip past them.

Other mounts in Wow Sod Phase 2

How To Get Ashenvale Mount

So in WoW Classic, when you hit level 40, it’s mount time! You’ll shell out some gold, but getting that first mount is a game-changer. It’s not just about speed; it’s about style. You’ll need to save up – mounts aren’t cheap, and don’t forget the training cost. Each race has its own mounts, but with enough reputation, you can snag others.

MountTypeWay to Get the mount in the gameLevel RequiredRarity
Brown Horse BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Pinto BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Black Stallion BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Gray RamRamVendor Purchase40Rare
Brown RamRamVendor Purchase40Rare
White RamRamVendor Purchase40Rare
Swift Brown RamRamVendor Purchase60Epic
Swift Gray RamRamVendor Purchase60Epic
Swift White RamRamVendor Purchase60Epic
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Pinto BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Black Stallion BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Brown Horse BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare
Reins of the Striped FrostsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40Rare
Reins of the Spotted FrostsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40Rare
Reins of the Striped NightsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40Rare

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How to obtain standard mount in a Wow: Season of Discovery phase 2

Wow Sod Sentinel Nightsaber

In WoW Classic, at level 40, you need gold for two things to get a mount:

  1. Training: This costs 20 gold.
  2. The Mount: This costs 80 gold.

Total, you need 100 gold for both. If you’re good friends with the faction selling the mount, it can be cheaper.

So, catch the list of all mount vendors, their places, and the trainers, which are help you to discover the brave new world of discovery

Mount Season Of Discovery

Sure, here’s the information in a table format with the Wowhead links directly on the names of the mount vendors and trainers:

Alliance Mount Vendors

How To Get Ashenvale Mount Sod
Vendor NameMount TypeLocation
Gregor MacVinceHorsesDustwallow Marsh
Katie HunterHorsesElwynn Forest
Lil TimmyWhite Kitten CarrierStormwind City
Milli FeatherwhistleMechanostridersDun Morogh
Veron AmberstillRamsDun Morogh

Horde Mount Vendors

Vendor NameMount TypeLocation
Zachariah PostUndead HorsesTirisfal Glades
Harb ClawhoofKodosMulgore
Ogunaro WolfrunnerWolvesOrgrimmar

Alliance Mount Trainers

Wow Sod Phase 2 Mounts Guide | Sod Classic
Trainer NameRiding TypeLocation
Katie HunterHorse RidingElwynn Forest
Binjy FeatherwhistleGryphon RidingDun Morogh
Ultham IronhornRam RidingDun Morogh
Darnath BladesingerNightsaber RidingTeldrassil
Astranaar SentinelHippogryph RidingAshenvale

Horde Mount Trainers

Ashenvale Mount Vendor
Trainer NameRiding TypeLocation
KildarWolf RidingOrgrimmar
Kar StormsingerKodo RidingMulgore
Ogunaro WolfrunnerWolf RidingOrgrimmar
TalWind RiderThunder Bluff
ZjolnirRaptor RidingDurotar

Final Thoughts about Wow mounts SoD Season 2

Wow Sod Phase 2 Mounts Guide | Sod Classic

And there you have it! Season of Discovery Phase 2 is all about stepping up your mount game. Whether you’re into the classic grind for gold to snag those vendor-bought mounts or diving headfirst into the Blood Moon PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale for the exclusive Saber Tooth Tiger and Raptor mounts, there’s something for everyone. Remember, these mounts aren’t just rewards; they’re a status symbol. Equip yourself with the best gear, maybe something you crafted with engineering or leatherworking, and make a grand entrance in your zone.

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The cap’s off now – PvP pros and quest junkies alike can get access to cool new rides. And for the Druids out there, don’t forget your Travel Form; it’s like your own personal mount without the need for gold. As for the rest, save up, connect with the right trainers and vendors, and make your mark in the WoW world.