Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent Normal Raid Boost

Times change, but Blackrock Mountain still calls for champions to face its greatest foes. This time, the black dragon Nefarian and his servants again conduct experiments they failed in Blackwing Lair — back in Vanilla WoW. Naturally, they have to be stopped one more time and stripped of all the valuable loot they possess. Even on Normal difficulty, Blackwing Descent bosses are no trifles to deal with, so you’ll need a strong team to defeat them and conquer those encounters with your skill, but those teams are rare finds.

Luckily, one of such strong BWD raid groups is right here! We are ready to do a full Normal Blackwing Descent raid run for you with our WoW Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent Normal Raid service! Get ready to sweep through those boss encounters in our fast and neat BWD boost!

Service Includes

  • Full Blackwing Descent Normal raid completion in any raid size you want:
    • 10-person raid size;
    • 25-person raid size;
  • Loot distribution (ilvl 359) options of your choice:
    • Main Spec > Off Specat least 1 raid gear item is guaranteed (we prioritize players rolling for Main Spec gear). Available only for Piloted mode;
    • Guaranteed Lootat least 2 raid gear items for a 10-player run and at least 4 raid gear items for a 25-player run are guaranteed;
    • Loot Priority — you’ll get all of the loot for your class and spec earned during the Blackwing Descent Normal raid run;
  • A chance to get raid-related achievements unlocked — those bring you closer to Glory of the Cataclysm Raider and a rare mount;
  • Gold, resources, and reputation obtained in Normal Blackwing Descent are yours.

You can choose either Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent Normal Raid Boost | Buy boostSelf-Play or Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent Normal Raid Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1–7 days.
Estimated Completion Time: 1–2 hours.

Additional Options

Add 50,000 Gold — never before has getting gold been so easy; pick this option to see your funds increase and buy anything you want;
Stream — one of the options for completing this boost service is piloted mode, where one of our expert players assumes the role of your character. With this additional option, you can watch the live stream of your Blackwing Descent raid boost.


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this boost service requirement.

How It Works

Here are the five simple steps describing the WoW Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent Normal Raid boost to you:

  1. On this page, proceed to the service options and tune the Blackwing Descent Raid experience to your needs, be it raid size or additional options such as loot priority. After everything is settled and the purchase is made, you can expect our agent to contact you via chat in around 3–10 minutes. You’ll go through the simple process of planning out your run according to your schedule; you can ask any other questions as well;
  2. Soon after, our professional players will start working on your Blackwing Descent Boosting Service. You can either join forces with them playing by yourself or hand over your character and sit back and relax — it’s safe and sound;
  3. We’ll keep you posted on your Normal Blackwing Descent boost — more so in case you choose the piloted option;
  4. Your WoW Cataclysm Classic Blackwing Descent boost is expected to be finished in 1 to 7 days, although we’ll try to complete it even faster; the usual amount of time to finish the raid itself is 1 to 2 hours;
  5. With each boss encounter out of the way, our Blackwing Descent challenges will be officially complete, and we’ll humbly ask you to visit Trustpilot and rate our services there!

Epiccarry’s quest for helping game adventurers spans over a decade, and we’re happy to help you with raids, bosses, BWD runs, and gathering any other rewards World of Warcraft can provide. And we’re ready to give you more! Checking out the Blackwing Descent Heroic boost will be a good way to start if you want our help with boss kills elsewhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Loot Priority option for Blackwing Descent Raid Boost guarantee any items I want?

Unfortunately, your Normal Blackwing Descent run is not guaranteed to yield the desired loot. Your raid progress with our group only guarantees access to all the bosses’ rewards relevant to your class and specialization. Select more runs to increase your chances of obtaining the gear you want.

What loot is worth collecting in Blackwing Descent on Normal difficulty?

Normal difficulty Blackwing Descent has gear with the item level of 359. Here’s what you don’t want to miss (pick a 25-man raid size to increase your chances of getting good loot):

I would like a price match for the Cataclysm Blackwing Descent Normal Raid Boost. Is it possible?

Yes, the price match option is possible for the Normal Blackwing Descent boost; however, please pay attention to the other platform providing this service at a lower price. If it’s a scam service provider, we won’t be able to match the prices.

Look for trustworthy platforms and cooperate only with those ones!