Cataclysm Classic Tier Sets Boost

With the Cataclysm bringing chaos to Azeroth once again, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the best gear options the expansion could offer! Buy the WoW Cataclysm Classic Tier Sets Boost service to have us join you on your hunt for those rare Tier 11 set pieces! The sets we’re about to get for you require long grinding sessions with low drop rates, which is sure to cause frustration. But the endgame content won’t wait, remember?

There are multiple activities ahead that would need high-quality gear to conquer. Thankfully, the best World of Warcraft Cataclysm gear lies at your arm’s length with our WoW Cataclysm Tier Sets Boost! Choose your WoW character class and either Normal (359 ilvl) or Heroic (372 ilvl) Tier 11 options and enjoy those hard-earned prizes!

Service Includes

  • Full 5/5 Tier 11 Normal set (ilvl 359) or full Tier 11 Heroic set (ilvl 372) gear for your class:
    • Head;
    • Shoulders;
    • Chest;
    • Hands;
    • Legs;
  • Multiple Normal or Heroic raid runs with your character.
  • Some of the raid achievements, including progress toward Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (and thus a rare mount).
  • A possible drop chance of the Drake of the South Wind mount.
  • Some other gear, gold, and resources looted during the run.

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Tier Sets Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15–30 minutes.
Estimated Completion Time: 4–5 weeks.

Additional Options

Add 50,000 Gold — we went out of our way to earn this gold and are now ready to share it with you for a cheap price;
Stream — the WoW Cataclysm Classic Tier Sets Boost is provided only in piloted mode, which means not you, but only your character will spend their days farming that full set of items! To check in on them, you can opt for this additional service and get a link to a YouTube or Twitch stream!


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this gear boost service requirement.

How It Works

Alrighty, now we’ll find out what exactly that Cataclysm Classic raid gear carry process will look like, shall we? Here are the key steps:

  • Choose your Tier set option (Normal or Heroic). After the purchase is complete, you’ll be contacted by our manager within 3 to 10 minutes. Ask all the questions you want, pick a convenient time frame for the service, and we’ll start working on it right away! And don’t forget to consider our additional options to get extra gold or a mount!
  • Our professional booster teams have highly efficient players in their ranks, which is why we provide the WoW Cataclysm Classic Tier Sets Boost solely in piloted mode since you may find the overall effort too demanding.
  • Once all the wheels are oiled, our hand-picked Cataclysm Classic boosters will use the most efficient farming game methods to get that full set of raid gear for your character class!
  • You will get consistent updates on your Cataclysm Classic raid gear boosting process from us.
  • After 6 to 7 weeks, you’ll get all perfectly equipped and happy!
  • We are so proud of the amount of support and kind feedback we’ve accumulated during all these years. You can be one of the customers whose comments we would occasionally re-read with a warm smile on our faces!

On that note, we will be done with our Cataclysm Classic boost, but hopefully not for long! We will gladly welcome you back for the next adventure with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is the piloted mode option while you’re carrying out the Cataclysm Tier Sets Boost?

We made it our primary goal to provide our customers with a safe, quick, and efficient game service. But for some extra reassurance, you may want to look through the Trustpilot comments where players just like you who’ve just received the piloted experience share their opinions!

Which class Tier sets are especially worth getting?

It’s worth checking out Death Knight and Mage sets if you have those classes on your character roaster: those sets are pretty wild; you’ve probably seen them on some World of Warcraft concept art even. These tier 11 sets wait for you within a few clicks on our website!

Why should I consider Epiccarry for the WoW Cataclysm Classic Tier Set Boost?

Choosing us would appear even more reasonable after we tell you we’ve been providing boosting services since the Cataclysm era — the first, retail Cataclysm era! It’s a lot of time, and naturally, we’ve honed our skills to perfection during these ten-plus years. We are confident in ourselves, our prices, and our efficiency — and so should you!

What are the differences between Normal full set and Heroic full set boosting?

As you know, the first kind of distinction between them is visuals: a Normal set (359 ilvl) for a, say, Warlock will look slightly differently than a Heroic set (372 ilvl) on that same Warlock. And of course, the boosting process itself is different between them; let’s take a quick look into that:

  • Normal Tier Sets (359 ilvl) — unlike the pre-raid gear, you can get these by purchasing Hand, Chest, and Leg pieces from Faldren Tillsdale (for Alliance players) or Jamus’Vaz (for Horde players) for Valor points (6050 total). Helm and Shoulder armor tokens, on the other hand, drop from Nefarian and Cho’Gall, the final bosses of the Normal versions of Blackwing Descent and The Bastion of Twilight, respectively, and can be traded for their respective gear pieces for free.
  • Heroic Tier Sets (372 ilvl) — once you’ve gotten your hands on the Normal version of your tier set, you have to conquer the Heroic versions of the raids mentioned, where you’ll find specific tokens required to upgrade your Normal gear (those token will drop from bosses). Or simply go kill Al’Akir in The Throne of the Four Winds for his Essence of the Forlorn since that’s your universal Heroic token for any slot. Visit the same NPC vendors in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to get those final versions of your gear!

Choose our team for your Cataclysm Classic gear boost to complete your collection, especially if you’re coming in after our pre-raid gear boost!

Are there trinkets in Tier sets?

No, Tier sets in WoW do not sport trinket items, as those sets are actually designed to give you eye candy and set buffs. Trinket items, as well as rings, exist exclusively for your stats and are not included in Tier sets.

Will I not achieve Cataclysmically Superior and Cataclysmically Epic after the Normal and Heroic gear boosts, respectively?

Let’s say you’ll make progress toward them. These two achievements require all item slots to sport at least 333 and 359 ilvl gear pieces respectively, which means one trinket and one ring as well (bear in mind, those are not included in the sets you’re after). But since some of the raid loot will be yours (not only Tier 11 sets themselves), there’s a chance you’ll get the high-ilvl trinket and ring gear pieces along with your sets. Sweet, right?