Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father Boost

Want your Rogue to sport two renowned legendary daggers, craved by many, held by few? We’re here to help! As in any quest of such level of dedication, getting your hands on Golad, Twilight of Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages can prove to be a really tough ride: the trek ahead is full of grind and unnecessary struggle. Fortunately, obtaining it now is but a piece of cake with our Fangs of the Father boosting service! What we do: send off a team of professional WoW players to handle this months-long irritating effort in your stead. What you do: sit back and sip your iced latte! After we’re done, you’ll be a happy owner of two legendary daggers, a rare achievement, and more!

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1–2 days.
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal: up to 60 days;
  • Express: up to 55 days;
  • Super Express: up to 45 days.

Additional Options

Add 50,000 Gold — we’ll share our laboriously gathered gold with your World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic character for a very affordable price!
Stream — since we provide your character with a piloted option for this service, we will send you a link to a YouTube or Twitch stream where you’ll be able to observe the process anytime.


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic Rogue character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost service if you don’t meet this boost service requirement.

How it Works

Now, we invite you to dive right into the particulars of our service:

  1. After you’ve made a purchase of our boost, expect a message from our manager within 3 to 10 minutes to discuss when you are ready to start the boost and all the other details related to our Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father boosting service. And don’t forget to grab those additional options!
  2. Please be aware that we offer WoW Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father Boost only in the piloted mode. The task at hand takes a lot of time, and our dedicated boosters will handle it at an exceptionally steady tempo you may find overwhelming.
  3. While our elite team works hard to get you Golad, Twilight of Aspects, and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages, you will be thoroughly informed about each step of the endeavor.
  4. After two months or less, you get the WoW Cataclysm Classic Fangs!
  5. We are hell-bent on improving ourselves, so please rate our Cataclysm Fangs of the Father daggers service and share your feedback after we’re finished!
  6. And this is it! We will thank you heartily for our cooperation in getting Cataclysm Fangs of the Father daggers and will await hearing from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is piloted mode safe when it comes to my account data?

We take all possible measures to protect your data during the boost, so it should be the least of your worries!

What’s so special about these legendary daggers?

Cataclysm Classic fangs’ main quirk becomes apparent when you pair them. With a legendary weapon in each hand of your Rogue class character, each of your melee attacks can stack up a buff; eventually, this can trigger the so-called “Fury of the Destroyer,” which instantly grants you 5 combo points and generates an additional 5 combo points with each finishing move you perform. This bloody spree lasts for 6 seconds. Neat!

How will my Fangs of the Father boost service go?

This boost service is designed to progress as follows. Let’s imagine your character made no previous progress with the Cataclysm Fangs of the Father daggers quest line. With our Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father Boost piloted option, there are several cornerstones on this World of Warcraft journey we’re planning to take:

  • accepting an opening quest from Lord Devrestrasz right at the start of the Dragon Soul raid;

  • paying a certain NPC 10,000 gold to advance further (we’ll provide that money);

  • farming 333 Shadowy Gems from the Dragon Soul raid bosses;

  • farming 60 Elementium Gem Clusters from those same raid bosses;

  • slaying Deathwing (again) for the Fragment of Deathwing’s Jaw;

  • completing all the Fangs of the Father daggers quests in between.

After that, we’ll step back and let you turn in the last quest to Wrathion and complete the legendary item hunt! Then, you can watch that sweet achievement pop up while Cataclysm Fangs of the Father daggers become yours to take! Be the lucky one to seize them!

I’ve already advanced a bit further into this questline. Can I expect a discount?

If you’ve made some advances into this questline, then absolutely! Look no further than our customer support service; we work 24/7! Contact us to get that Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father Boost at a lower price!

Can I obtain the Gem Clusters from the LFR (Looking for Raid) difficulty of the Dragon Soul raid?

Unfortunately, the Gem Clusters needed for that quest cannot be obtained in LFR, as they drop only on Normal and Heroic Cataclysm Classic difficulties. The LFR option was designed as a more relaxed raiding experience; thus, many familiar game features, including questing, were reimagined.

What’s the number of quests in this quest chain?

There are 13 quests your Rogue class character (both Alliance and Horde) has to complete to obtain the reward. Four of them require a raid group to complete, and two of these four involve an intense farming process to get Cataclysm Classic Fangs of the Father daggers. All of that takes not weeks but months for Rogues to complete.