Cataclysm Classic Fishing Boost

Cataclysm Fishing is a relaxing and rewarding supportive profession in World of Warcraft Classic. It allows players to catch fish and other aquatic treasures from various bodies of water throughout Azeroth. This profession complements Cooking skill perfectly and provides a steady supply of ingredients for various recipes.

However, reaching maximum Fishing Skill to be able to catch the rarest fish in the game can take a lot of time, and not everyone has quite so much of it on his hands. We understand that, which is why we’ve designed this Fishing Profession boost.

Service Includes

  • Cataclysm Classic Fishing Skill level of your choice (up to 525);
  • Ability to craft fishing supplies such as Fishing Net and track fish all over the game world;
  • All the loot and gold obtained during the service.

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Fishing Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 20 – 30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal: 2 – 3 days;
  • Express: 2 days;
  • Super Express: 1 day.

Additional Options

50,000 Gold – once we’re done with your Cataclysm Fishing leveling, a part of our gold reserves will be transferred to your Cata account;
Stream – watch our booster upgrade your Cataclysm Fishing level live.


Level 85 Cataclysm Classic character on your account. Use our Leveling Boost if your character’s level is unfit for this service.

How it Works

To become a top WoW player, many guides recommend mastering at least two professions. This is a formidable task that takes tremendous effort, especially if we’re talking about Fishing skill. Acquiring a higher Fishing profession level can be infuriating if patience is not among your virtues. Go and enjoy all the loot Cataclysm expansion offers, while we reach your desired Fishing level with our Fishing Profession boost. And if you’re still not sure about our services, please, read the step-by-step guide below. Hopefully, it’ll make you more comfortable with us.

  1. Pick the Cataclysm Fishing profession level you need, check our customization options and delivery speed, and place an order. Make sure that your WoW Cata account meets our requirements;
  2. You will be promptly contacted by one of our managers to review the details of your purchase, the payment, and the schedule. You are also absolutely welcome to discuss with the manager any other question you have about our Cata boosting service;
  3. After we’re done with all the paperwork, a reliable booster will be assigned to your order. He will get to your Fishing Profession boost right away, tracking and catching fish all over the Azeroth. Keep in mind, though, that this service is in Piloted Mode, which means that our booster will have to log in with your character;
  4. That’s essentially it. When all the fish of The Great Sea is in your character’s pockets and your Fishing skill is at your desired level, our booster will send you a notification. You are now ready to dominate the Auction House with your freshly-caught product!

But before you go, please, leave us feedback. We’d like to hear your opinion on how well we’re doing with our Cataclysm services. If by any chance you are interested in other professions to pair with your newly upgraded Fishing skill (such as cooking profession), check out our Classic Professions Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fishing spots for high-level fish in Cataclysm Classic?

The best fishing spots for acquiring high-level fish are specific to each type. Highland Guppy is found in freshwater bodies in Twilight Highlands, especially around Thundermar Ruins. Algaefin Rockfish can be caught in the coastal waters of Twilight Highlands. Deepsea Sagefish are located in coastal areas of Twilight Highlands and Uldum. Fathom Eel is best fished in Tol Barad and Uldum’s coastal waters. Lavascale Catfish can be found in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Mount Hyjal and Uldum. Murglesnout is common in most bodies of water across Cataclysm zones. Albino Cavefish are located in underground pools in Deepholm, particularly around the Crumbling Depths. Use lures and target schools for the best results.

In WoW Cataclysm Classic, high-level fish can be a valuable resource that’ll let you devastate the Auction House. If you have Cooking as your second profession, then catching the fish listed above will give you the ability to create truly powerful dishes!

What are the best lures and fishing poles available in Cataclysm Classic, and how do they improve success rate?

In WoW Cataclysm Classic, the best fishing poles include the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole and the Jeweled Fishing Pole, both significantly boosting your chances of catching high-level fish. Effective lures include the Heat-Treated Spinning Lure and the Sharpened Fish Hook. These tools improve fishing success by increasing your fishing skill, which reduces fish escape rates and increases the likelihood of catching rare or high-level fish, essential for Cooking profession.

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