Cataclysm Classic Gladiator Boost

Buy Cataclysm Classic Gladiator Boost and show all arena players of Azeroth your inner PvP beast. Get into the top 0.5% arena players rating, Gladiator title, Gladiator Achievement and Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake! All in one! This is one of the most difficult PvP challenges in the game, requiring player to become a real winner!

Farming that high rating is not the hardest part though. Challenge begins when you have to keep that rating until the end of the season! Check out additional options to make the entire process even more profitable! Don’t try PvP be the PvP!

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Cataclysm Classic Gladiator Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1 hour;
Estimated Completion Time: up to 90 days;

Note that you will get the rewards at the end of the season.

Additional Options

Conquest gear – you’ll get a full 5/5 ilvl 365 Gladiator PvP set for your class and specialization (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, and Legs).
50,000 Gold – we will transfer money to your character with all the security measures taken;
Stream – watch the World of Warcraft Cata service provided live.


Level 85 Cataclysm Classic character. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this requirement;
Full Conquest Gear set.

How it Works

We are happy that you entrusted us getting you the prestigious achievement of the Gladiator. True professionals are always involved in Epiccarry Boosting process! Read this detailed walkthrough to understand the entire process behind our Cata Gladiator Boosting Services.

  1. Before you place the order for Cataclysm Gladiator Boost, please, make sure your Character level and gear is up to the challenge.
  2. Think about getting that additional PvP gear option to feel like a real winner among Arena players and start your rank climbing journey;
  3. Place the order for Cata Classic Gladiator Boost. Prepare to stand out among other players in PvP;
  4. In less than 20 minutes our very involved support team manager will contact you to confirm the schedule and answer any questions about our Cataclysm Classic Gladiator Carry;
  5. Our WoW Cataclysm boost team of true professionals expect to pilot your character to reach desired rating in 3v3 Arena and complete the Gladiator PvP rank;
  6. We ensure security of your account and regular progress updates of your WoW Cataclysm Gladiator Service.
  7. The entire Gladiator Boost takes around 90 days, with daily updates of your PvP Ranking progress visible every day;
  8. After the boost is finished, we would love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback helps us to improve every aspect of our reliable service starting from schedule system and finishing with security measures.

We really do appreciate you sticking with us. Even though getting that prestigious achievement can be a bit much sometimes, we’re glad we can help Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Players achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cataclysm Gladiator Boost?

Our Cataclysm Classic Boost assists WoW Players achieve prestigious Gladiator rank, achievement and Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake flying mount. That also includes reaching high arena rating.

Services provided by Epiccarry such as this one helps people to focus on real life things while they keep up with the pace of the game. Modern life pace doesn’t allow people to spend hours in game for simple grinding. That’s why players need services like ours.

We hire only professional WoW players to provide you with the best service possible. We focus on quality and always try to improve our quality! Help us with that by simply leaving your feedback after order completion. Every single comment matters!

Is Gladiator achievement difficult to obtain?

Pretty much, yeah. Less than 1% of all Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Players were able to get Gladiator Title, since securing it means being absolutely proficient in PvP.

With the help of Epiccarry you can be sure you get the title at the end of the season. We hire only those players who can prove their professionalism with years of experience and achievements.

Can you get me a higher ranking?

Absolutely. Gladiator requires 2000+ rating, but if you need more – our support team will gladly discuss customizable options with you.

Contact out managers via live chat! We are available all day all night!

Other options, such as additional money or jewelcrafting professions upgrades are also available.

Is Gladiator Title permanent?

Not really. It’s season based, so once season ends, scoreboard resets and so does your Gladiator PvP rank.

You might lose your title, but all the seasonal rewards, including mount and all the gear and experience you’ve received along the way stays with you.

Will I get all the rewards and in-game currency acquired along the way?

Yes, absolutely. All gear pieces, gold and rewards acquired during the boost will remain with you after service is completed.

And if you picked some extra options, such as PvP gear for your character or additional gold package – everything acquired during boosting process will also remain on your account to enjoy later.

Check out our Service Includes section for more information.