Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm

Buy WoW Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service and see your gameplay rise from the depth like Deathwing from the Maelstrom! Tired of feeling weak in a world of strong players? There is a huge difference between getting honor points yourself and letting our professional do the grind. Our expert WoW player can farm honor points all day long like overworked Goblin in a Gadgetzan sweatshop. Can you? It is time to change your approach to PvP griding with our service. We bet you can definitely find a better way to spend your time. Call your girlfriend for a Netflix evening for example! In the morning you will thank us twice!

Enjoy the actual battlegrounds fights with your new and shiny PvP Gear. The goal is to focus on what truly matters and Epiccarry is here to give you a hand on that.  We cannot let the endless grind to hold you back. Reclaim your time, and make every moment in and outside of Azeroth count with Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service. Ready to rise like Deathwing? The path to victory starts here!

Service Includes

  • Chosen amount of Honor Points farmed;
  • A number of battleground wins;
  • Progress towards 250000 Honorable Kills;

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes.
Estimated Completion time

  • Normal: up to 4 days (~96 hours);
  • Express: up to 3 days (~72 hours);
  • Super Express: up to 2 days (~48 hours).

Additional Options

250000 Honorable Kills – Get unique to your faction title with “The Bloodthirsty” title for 250k kills achievement. Ask for a discount based on your current progress in our live chat!
– watch your World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service live.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

How it works

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm helps players all around the world! We do the hard work so you can have fun. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to our site and pick the Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service;
  2. Choose your honor points amount;
  3. Decide on any extras, like streaming your service;
  4. After ordering, you’ll get an email with instructions;
  5. For this service we will need your WoW account info;
  6. Usually within 15-30 minutes after, we’ll make a start plan;
  7. Our skilled, professional player will drive your character to get the desired amount of honor points;
  8. You can watch the proccess live if you picked the streaming option;
  9. As we farm, you’ll get updates on how things are going. Our team is here 24/7 to answer any questions or worries;
  10. At the end you can log in and spend your new honor points as you wish.

Thanks for counting on us! We’re here to make sure every moment you spend in Azeroth is fun. Ready for battle? Time has come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service? 

The Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm boost is World of Warcraft service for those who want to efficiently farm Honor Points. A lot of WoW players have jobs and daily routines that take a huge chunk of life. Spending even more time for grinding online is impossible. Thats why our professional players can take over such tasks. This allows players to enjoy high PvP ranks and rewards without the spending much time online. After World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service your character will earn the desired amount of Honor Points, freeing up your time for other activities.

Is my World of Warcraft account information safe with Epiccarry?

Yes, you can trust us like thousands of our customers did! We have strict rules inside our company that prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your World of Warcraft account information. We only use special secure methods to handle your account details providing it only to authorized booster. Unauthorized personnel cannot access or misuse of your information. It is technically impossible due to our strict security protocols! And of course we do not share your account details with any third parties. Your trust is important to us. All the data connected to your account erases upon order completion.

Can I play during Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm boosting service?

We recommend not to log into your account during the service unless you have discussed your playing schedule with our manager beforehand. Logging in will disconnect our booster from your account and may lead to security measures taken from Blizzard. If you need access to your account, please contact our support team to discuss a suitable arrangement.

Do you offer any guarantees for WoW Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm?

First of all you will get the honor points we agreed on in the time we said. If we can’t do this due to things out of our control, we will talk to you fast and offer ways to fix it. We might do the service once more, give you some of your cash back, or give you credit for the next time. Our aim is to make sure each client has a good time and gets the right results from our honor farming service.

We will keep on giving help with any questions or worries you have, even after we did the job. Our team is here all day, every day to help you, so you know we are here for you. We care about your trust, and we will work to make sure you have a good time from start to end.

Will the Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm affect my achievements?

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm by Epiccarry will bring you a lot of hidden rewards you couldn’t even think about.

As we farm Honor Points, you get kills. You progress towards 250,000 kills achievement and getting “Of the Horde” or “Of the Alliance” title. You get various PvP achievements, chance for mounts, pets, tabards etc. Gaining reputation with PvP factions is another hidden reward in this offer. 

In short, our WoW Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm can not just help you get more points, but it could give you a lot more. You can get more kills, gear, transmog, mounts, weapons, toys and titles for your character, which makes your time in Azeroth more fun and good.

How can I spend my Honor Points?

After WoW Cataclysm Classic Honor Farm service you can jump into your World of Warcraft game and start using your easy-won honor points to make your character better at PvP fights. Here are tips to help you use your honor points well:

PvP Gear
A main thing to do with honor points is to get top PvP gear. Go to the big city for your group—Stormwind if you’re Alliance or Orgrimmar for Hordes. Local vendors have PvP stuff for sale like armor and weapons. Top gear boosts how well you do in player vs. player fights.

Better Your Gear:
Not just for new armor sets, you can also use honor points to add to what you’ve got. This means getting gems and enchants from PvP vendors. These add-ons are key to getting the most out of your gear for PvP. Choose the right consumables to match how you play and your battle plan.

Getting PvP Rides:
You can also get cool PvP mounts with honor points. These rides aren’t just cool to look at; they show others you’re a PvP monster.

Buying Battle Standards and Trinkets:
Honor points aren’t just for gear and mounts. You can also get Battle Standards and Trinkets that help a lot in PvP face-offs. Flags can pump up your squad, while trinkets have strong on-use effects. These can swing things your way in key fights.

Transmog and Tabards:
Honor points also let you change how your character looks with fun stuff and tabards from PvP vendors. This is a great way to showcase your wins and have a unique style.

Better PvE Too:
Even though honor points are mostly for PvP, better gear also helps in regular game stuff like dungeons and big fights. Better stats and gear mean you can take on harder challenges, making your character good all-around.

Plan for the Next Seasons:
Using honor points smart makes you ready for new PvP seasons. Keep your gear up-to-date and stay on top, so when Blizzard brings new stuff, you’re all set. Being ahead with gear means you keep being tough in all PvP.

To sum up, after our farming service, use your honor points with a plan to get better gear, unique mounts, and items, and get ready for tougher PvP. By putting your points in the right stuff, you can be better at the game and have a more fun and full World of Warcraft.


    Choose 3500 Honor and Get 8% off.

    Choose 5000 Honor and Get 10% off.

    10% Discount applied!