Cataclysm Classic Sinestra Kill Boost

The Bastion of Twilight raid in Cataclysm Classic has one peculiar secret nestled deep within: Sinestra, its secret boss of the Heroic difficulty, welcoming you as the final boss after killing Cho’gall, the leader of Deathwing’s Twilight Hammer cultists. However, the Cataclysm Sinestra boss is not just another punching bag with extra loot — she’s Deathwing’s former consort dropping some shiny epic loot with the ilvl of 379 instead of 372! This kind of gear will not be outmatched in the Cataclysm first Phase until the next Cataclysm Classic raid update. But for many players out there, the name Sinestra means ‘repeated failures with some random groups’. But what if there is a fast Sinestra kill boost service with a professional team?

Sinestra Boost service is the Cataclysm expansion carry service with a fast and skilled team of boosters we’ve assembled for you. Our team consists of experienced raiders who always emerge victorious even after defeating the hardest bosses, all in a relaxed atmosphere, with your security being our top priority!

Service Includes

  • Sinestra Boss killed;
  • The Dragonslayer unique title;
  • A full Heroic completion of The Bastion of Twilight in a raid size you prefer:
    • 10-player raid size;
    • 25-player raid size;
  • A guaranteed number of raid gear your character keeps after the run:
    • At least one raid item (ilvl 372) per one 10-player run;
    • At least three raid items (ilvl 372) per one 25-player run;
  • Some raid-related achievements: Heroic: Sinestra is guaranteed to unlock along with other Heroic bosses’ achievements, while others have some chance of unlocking;
  • Progress toward the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta-achievement and its Drake of the East Wind reward;
  • All the gold, reputation, and resources you get in the BoT Cataclysm raid.

You can choose either Cataclysm Classic Sinestra Kill Boost | Buy boostSelf-Play or Cataclysm Classic Sinestra Kill Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1–7 days.
Estimated Completion Time: 1–2 hours.

Additional Options

I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am — this additional option guarantees you the Sinestra achievement, where your raid members aren’t allowed to die on the first try of defeating Sinestra (one of the hardest achievements in the game). Requires piloted mode (account sharing).
Loot Priority — with this option, you’re not only guaranteed the bare minimum of 1 to 3 raid items but all the gear relevant for your class and spec earned during the boosting process!
Add 50,000 Gold — need more gold for a low price? Simply use this option, and those fifty grand are yours. You can spend all the gold you got at the Auction House, vendors, or wherever you wish.
Stream — pick this option along with the piloted mode to gain access to a YouTube or Twitch stream where one of our skilled players controlling your character will go live to display the whole gaming experience from start to finish for you.


Level 85 Cataslysm Classic character and active subscription. Use our Cataclysm leveling boost if you don’t meet this boost service requirement.

How It Works

Ready to conquer one of the hardest Cataclysm raids and start your Sinestra Kill boost carry service? Here’s what you can expect from it, from A to Z:

  1. Consider all the Sinestra Kill boost options, including the additional ones, and simply make a purchase afterward. You’ll need to wait for 3–10 minutes before our manager from the customer support team contacts you. Your questions will be answered, and the Cataclysm Sinestra boost service will be planned out!
  2. When the time of the Sinestra Kill boost comes, we’ll start our assault at the Bastion of Twilight raid. You can choose to join us (you’ll be invited to the group via in-game chat) or let our boosters do the job for you! They are masters of their craft and will use the best raiding tactics on Sinestra for the smoothest gaming experience;
  3. We’ll keep updating you on our Sinestra Kill progress, so don’t worry about missing anything! You can also join us via self-play mode to experience everything firsthand or watch us on the personal stream;
  4. We can start the boost in 1 to 7 days, depending on your Bastion of Twilight raid cooldown. But the completion of the Sinestra Kill itself (previous bosses included) may take only under 2 hours;
  5. Now that you have the wife of the apocalyptic dragon aspect slain, our Sinestra Boost Service is finished! Please let everybody know of your accomplishments with us by rating our World of Warcraft services on Trustpilot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about Sinestra and her loot? Are there any notable items I can get during the Twilight Raid Boost?


Before Sinestra, there are 4 bosses (or, to be exact, boss fights) present both on Heroic and Normal difficulty of The Bastion of Twilight — those are Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona & Theralion, Ascendant Council, and Cho’gall. On Heroic, once you have those 4 bosses defeated, the floor will crumble, and the path to Sinestra will open. Game mechanic-wise, she is considered a tough boss by the community. Lore-wise, Sintharia (the name Sinestra usually goes by in her dragon form), as you may know, is an unfortunate consort of Deathwing and the creator of the Twilight dragonflight.
Her 379 average ilvl gear makes her a perfect mark for the most capable adventurers. Here’s what she possesses (including Tier 11 set pieces’ Heroic lookalikes, meaning those are not original Tier 11 pieces but still look the same while not providing the set buff):

Is the price match option available for the Cataclysm Sinestra Boost Service?


Yes, this option is available for the Sinestra kill boost, but our usual request is that you check the credibility of the site providing the Sinestra kill services or any other ones. If the platform is as trustworthy as Epiccarry, we will lower our price to match theirs.