CS2 Rank Boosting

When Counter-Strike 2 was released, it changed the rules of the ranking system. Today, there are two different ranks. The premiere rank (analog of the elder prime rank status from CS:GO), and competitive rank which is a bit similar to your global elite rank. EpicCarry offers you guaranteed CS2 rank boosting for the new system by playing the S-Class games at each map you need.

The main difference of the desired rank for professional players in Counter-Strike 2, is that it calculates the score for each map. So you may be a master guardian legendary eagle on one map, and a total newbie on another map.

Also, as a premier rating, to get the estimated score for the desired rating, you need to complete competitive games at each map.

*NOTE: This is not a Counter-Strike 2 boosting rank for faceit Level. If you’re looking for Faceit boost level members area CS2 boost, please visit our page about this CS2 tank boost type.

Counter-Strike 2 Rank Boosting Includes

The CS2 boosting between current and desired rank, like II master guardian elite includes:

  1. Boost to the chosen Rank on the chosen Map;
  2. High K/D ratio during the matches;
  3. A significant amount of the experience for the loot chests.

Please keep in mind that each type of rank is gaining only for the current season. When the season changes, you should play again to come into the class global elite.

CS 2 Rank Boosting Options

CS boosting service to earn a competitive rank not in a premiere mode is a complex CS2 boosting service that includes next variations:

  1. Mode – choose the Piloted or Self Play. With Piloted mode one of our boosters will log into your account to get a desired rating for you; For Self Play Mode you will be playing yourself with one of our boosters in the team.
  2. Rank – just choose the current rank you have and the rank you desire to be boosted.
  3. Map – choose the map you wish your rank to be boosted.
  4. Stream – you may watch the process via personal stream and control everything.

You can choose either Cs2 Rank Boosting | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Cs2 Rank Boosting | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.


The CS2 Ranking ETA may differ depending on the chosen rankings. Usually, it takes 1-7 days.

Counter-Strike 2 rank boosting services requirements

  • Competitive match access is granted or the Competitive Unlock option is chosen;
  • Premier Status on your Steam account;
  • Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the “always require authenticator for login” setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don’t forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

CS 2 rank boosting security guarantees

Epiccarry places utmost priority on security during the CS2 rank-boosting process. We ensure your account credentials remain confidential throughout the whole process.

When executing boosting orders, we exclusively enlist veteran players with extensive experience, ensuring no cheats are used. To maintain discretion, VPNs are utilized and the option of appearing offline in premier mode is employed.

We can assure you that you do not been banned for using cheats by VAC anti-cheat by next reasons:

  • No cheats were used.
  • VPN utilization.
  • Account credentials secured.
  • Account transfer only for pilot play boosting mode.
  • Appearing offline mode.
  • Veteran players only.

Our top priority is achieving a higher rating for our customers within the estimated completion time. For further details or to place an order, please visit our order page.

Difference between different Counter-Strike 2 rank systems and boosting services

The Counter-Strike 2 game introduced a revamped ranking system, moving away from the traditional CS:GO’s global elite status. 

Now, players can aim for the CS2 boosting to achieve new accolades like a Master Guardian or Legendary Eagle. The rank boost has become a popular choice for those looking to rise through these ranks with the assistance of professional players. We provide some CS2 boosting services for this type of rank system

Premiere rank in CS2 serves as an analog to the previous elder prime rank status from CS:GO. It distinguishes the top-tier professional players from the rest. For those finding it challenging to achieve this esteemed rank, CS2 boosting services are available, ensuring a smooth transition to the global elite tiers.

ESEA offers a distinct ranking system, separate from CS2’s main and premiere rank. This platform provides a competitive environment for players to showcase their skills. Achieving a high rank here, such as the legendary eagle or master guardian, can be challenging, but with our CS2 boost services, the ascent becomes feasible. Here’s no master guardian CS2 boost rank for customers.

Similar to ESEA, FACEIT provides another platform for players to compete and rank. The global elite status remains a sought-after achievement in this arena. 

The increasing demand for rank boost assistance showcases the challenges of climbing the FACEIT ladder. Epiccarry’s boosting services ensure players receive the best support to achieve their desired ranks by progressing. With a diverse ranking landscape in CS2, players have multiple platforms and tiers to explore and conquer. 

Whether you’re aiming for the main rank, premier status, or the accolades of ESEA and FACEIT, rank boost services are instrumental in achieving these milestones, like master guardian status or gold nova rank in the game, for you, your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CS2 Rank Boosting service offer?

Our CS2 Rank Boosting service offers players a way to move between their current rank and their desired rank in Counter-Strike 2.

We focus on playing S-Class games on each map you require, providing a guaranteed boost.

How has the ranking system changed in Counter-Strike 2 game?

In Counter-Strike 2, the ranking system has evolved. Now, there are two distinct ranks: the premiere rank, similar to the elder prime rank status from CS:GO, and the competitive rank, akin to the global elite rank.

The significant difference is that your rank is calculated based on scores for each map, so your rank can vary from one map to another.

Do I need CS2 Prime to start the boosting process service?

No, CS2 Prime is not a requirement to commence the CS2 rank boosting process. However, for specific features or modes, there may be additional prerequisites.

What modes can I choose for my CS2 Rank Boosting?

You have various options for your CS2 boosting service, including choosing between Duo boosting playing or Pilot mode-playing, selecting the rank you aim for, specifying the map you want boosted, and opting for recording or streaming your progress.

Are there any preconditions before starting the CS2 boosting process?

Yes, to access the Counter-Strike 2 boosting competitive rank, players need to complete some matches in casual and deathmatch modes as competitive matches.

Without meeting these conditions, we cannot initiate the Counter-Strike 2 boosting process.

How does Epiccarry ensure the security of my account during the boosting process in the game?

Epiccarry gives paramount importance to your account’s safety. We guarantee:

  • No cheats used. We’can assure you, about your gold nova status will be reached without any aimware, aimbots, wallhacks, bunnyhope cheats and others, in the simple reason, you want to get a fair rating, and continue playing without risks to get banned after our gold nova rank boost services.
  • Exclusive use of VPNs. For our service and giving you gold nova progress, we use only the closest to your current location vpn, to assure about steam guard will not mean what we’re steal your steam account data.
  • Securing account credentials.
  • Transferring accounts only for the pilot play boosting mode.
  • Collaborating exclusively with veteran players to make a dream team for the game you need to progress.

Your account’s security remains our top priority throughout the CS2 rank boosting process.

Can I be banned for using the cs2 boosting service?

We take every precaution to ensure our customers are not banned. Our focus is on a genuine boost without using cheats.

Thanks to our no-cheat policy, VPN utilization, and the enlistment of experienced players, the risk of a VAC anticheat ban is significantly reduced.

When CS2 boosting rank starts?

The CS2 rank boosting process starts once you’ve met the necessary preconditions, such as completing specific matches in casual and deathmatch modes as competitive matches.

After ensuring all requirements are met and receiving all needed details, especially if opting for pilot mode, Epiccarry will initiate the rank boosting service to help you achieve your desired rank in Counter-Strike 2.

Can I get ESEA Boost or FACEIT BOOST in CS2 By Epiccarry?

Yes, Epiccarry offers ESEA boost and FACEIT boost for CS2, but these services are provided on a different service page dedicated to unofficial rank boosts. Our team of boosters is prepared to assist you in placement matches and other game modes. Ensure to provide your account details when requested. We also offer discounts for certain boosting packages.

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