CS2 Placement Matches

A high (35.000+) starting Rank is not guaranteed by this Placement boosting service. Higher ranks are very sensitive to your results, your win rate, and team coordination but also to the current rank and skill level of your opponents.

Placement Matches in the Counter-Strike 2 — the most hateful barrier by players. Thousands of requests. Hundred AFK players. Decade of matches, and it’s all to get a desired global elite rank. Stop suffering and buy all 10 wins with CS2 Placement Matches boost!

EpicCarry provides you with a complete team for placement games, which will do all 10 wins for placement boosting in ASAP mode. You will get the highest ELO for your premier rating.

CS2 Placement Games Boost Includes

  • 10 wins at the placement match mode;
  • Coordinated team with a professional player to get the desired number of wins (in Self Play mode);
  • Highest possible skill level, (in Piloted mode).

As a boosting team for a placement match, we’re not only winning these 10 games, but doing the maximal kills, carries, and doing the highest skill style, to reach the highest possible ELO.

You can choose either Cs2 Placement Matches | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Cs2 Placement Matches | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

CS2 Placement Matches Boost Options

For Counter-Strike 2 placement matches boost, you can choose following options:

  1. Service speed.
  2. Mode which you want to do it. The service is available in both “Pilot-play” with account sharing, and “Self-play” when you complete a boost with our professional players.
  3. Amount of boosters. Because the Placement match ladder is broken at the start of Counter-Strike 2 season, we provide this service with one or more boosters.

Also, we provide you with a stream or demo record for Piloted mode.


The CS2 Ranking ETA may differ depending on the chosen rankings. Usually, it takes 1-7 days.

Placement Matches Requirements

Access to the chosen mode. This service does not include the unlock of any mode.

Premier Status on your Steam account.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Counter-Strike 2 placement Matches boosting guarantees

At EpicCarry, our Counter-Strike 2 placement matches boosting guarantees you net wins to achieve your desired CS2 rank. Our skilled boosters play on your account in an absolutely secure way, ensuring top-notch game performance. Simply select and purchase our services, and our booster will schedule to boost your rank. For more info on how we securely elevate your skill, visit our services page.

  • Utilizing VPNs close to your vicinity.
  • Emphasizing account security.
  • Guaranteeing authentic players in matches.
  • Striving for swift boost completions.
  • Safeguarding every Steam possession.
  • Maintaining clarity in our member’s portal.
  • Delivering authentic advancement and reaching target ranks.

The boost will be completed by hand; we guarantee that your account won’t be flagged by the VAC anti-cheat system.

Expected ELO Table for Placement matches Boost

The Elo System for Counter-Strike 2, is a new system, it’s very close to the MMR in DOTA 2, and positioning from the strongest player (35.000 ELO) to total Noob (1 elo). The system strives to position players in the middle (12.500-17.500 ELO). The average calculation is about 100 to 200 ELO for winning. And for about -500 ELO for losing at the placement Match.

*The following table is an estimation based on pre-release data and may be inaccurate or outdated.

Expected ELO after Placement Match

Amount ELO

Newbie Player

1.000-5.000 ELO

Average Player (Counter-Strike:GO veteran)

5.000-12.500 ELO

Professional Players

17.000-21.000 ELO

Customers for Solo Boost placement Matches

7.000-14.000 ELO

Customers with a maximum amount of boosters

12.500-19.000 ELO

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CS2 Placement Matches?

CS2 Placement Matches in Counter-Strike 2 are the initial games players must complete to get ranked. They can often be challenging due to various factors like AFK players and intense competition.

Why should I consider purchasing CS2 Placement Matches boost from EpicCarry?

EpicCarry offers a dedicated team to ensure all 10 wins in your placement matches, maximizing your chances of achieving the global elite rank and the highest ELO for your premier rating.

What does the CS2 Placement games boost service include?

The service includes 10 wins in placement match mode, a coordinated professional team to achieve those wins quickly, and the highest possible skill level if the “Pilot-mode” is selected. We aim for maximum kills, carries, and a high skill style to achieve the best ELO.

Can I get the highest starting Rank with the Counter strike 2 Placement Matches boost service?

While we aim for the best, the high starting rank isn’t always guaranteed due to factors like team coordination, opponent’s skill level, and current rank.

What options can I choose for the Counter Strike 2 placement matches boost?

You can select the service speed, whether you want “Pilot-play” (account sharing) or “Self-play” (playing alongside our professionals), and the number of boosters. Additionally, we offer streaming or demo recording for the “Pilot-play” mode.

Are there any prerequisites to avail the CS2 Placement Matches boost games boost?

Yes, you need to purchase Prime status as Premiere mode is available only for players with this status. We might also need your game details for account sharing if you opt for that method.

How does EpicCarry ensure the security and effectiveness of the CS2 placement matches boosting?

We emphasize account security, utilize VPNs close to your location, guarantee real players for matches, aim for fast boost completions, and safeguard all your Steam possessions. We also ensure clarity in our member’s portal and aim for genuine rank advancement.

Is there a risk of getting banned using CS 2 placement matches boost services?

We guarantee protection against the VAC anti cheat system as we do not use any cheats to complete the placement matches.

How does the Expected high starting rank work after the Placement Match, which is Global elite rank?

The ELO system positions players based on their performance, ranging from the strongest player (35,000 ELO) to beginners (1 ELO). The average ELO gained per win is between 100-200, while a loss can reduce around 500 ELO.


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