Last Wish Raid Boost

Last Wish is considered one of the toughest raids in Destiny 2 due to its intricate mechanics. It came out with the Forsaken expansion and can be found at a mysterious endgame location, The Dreaming City. Defeat the last encounter, Riven of a Thousand Voices, to try your luck on the Exotic Fusion Rifle.

To finish the Last Wish raid, you and your fireteam need to invest some serious time in gearing. It can take weeks of farming raid weapons and armor. Order Last Wish raid boost with pro players to handle all tough parts to get valuable rewards such as exotic weapons, legendary loot and others. Our team has all the necessary skills to complete the raid in no time.

Service Includes

  • Last Wish raid complete;
  • Chance to get the One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle;
  • Legendary weapons and armor pieces;
  • Raid gear and Spoils of Conquest;
  • Additional gear and resources that drop during the raid;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact Level.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 2-3 hours;
  • Express: 2 hours;
  • Super Express: 60-90 minutes.

Additional Options

Only the Last Boss – the service focuses on the final encounter, allowing you to get its rewards without completing the entire raid.
Petra Run Flawless – achieve the triumph for completing a flawless run without any deaths.
Secret Chests – all chests with keys collected during the raid run will be opened for you.
Ermine TAC-717 Key – you will get a secret key to unlock an extra chest at the end of the raid.
Second Ethereal Key – we will open an additional chest at the end of the Last Wish raid.
One Thousand Voices – the last boss of the Last Wish raid will be killed each week on all your characters until the One Thousand Voices weapon drops.
Stream – watch the progress of the Last Wish boost in a live stream.
Complete Weekly Challenge – you may choose all Last Wish weekly challenges, specific ones, or just the one that is in a weekly rotation. Here is the list of all raid weekly challenges:

  • The Summoning Ritual;
  • Which Witch Challenge;
  • Forever Fight;
  • Keep Out;
  • Strength of Memory.


Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion.
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How it Works

Preparing your Guardian and team for the Last Wish raid takes a lot of time, sometimes even weeks. Order the Last Wish raid boost if you want to quickly obtain all the valuable rewards, including a chance on One Thousand Voices, without wasting time. Our team has great gaming experience and knows how to complete each raid stage to get you all the advantage loot. Here’s how to order:

  1. Decide and select all the options you want us to complete.
  2. The service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. If you play on PS or Xbox please enable the Cross Save. It will significantly help to process your order faster, as a PC player will be able to fulfil your PS or Xbox service in Destiny 2 game.
  3. Depending on what mode you want the raid services to be completed in:
    1. Self-Play mode will allow you to take part in the run personally. You will fight side by side with our team against bosses and enemies.
    2. The Piloted mode will allow you to skip participation and save time. To make account sharing you will need to provide us with your account data. Our verified pro player will complete the raid and acquire all the rewards for you.
  4. Place the order when all options are chosen and leave a note if you have specific needs.
  5. In 3-10 minutes from purchase, our support manager will contact you to clarify all the details and set a schedule for first raid.
  6. When we have finished the boost, our manager will notify you. We will be glad if you share your emotions and leave feedback.
  7. Congratulations! You can now play with new unique weapons and gear to enjoy the game.

Customer Support team available 24/7. Feel free to contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Last Wish one of the most challenging raids?

Yes, even now, Last Wish is still seen as one of the toughest Destiny 2 raids. It takes real skill and teamwork to make it through of those encounters.

Why do I need Last Wish Raid carry service?

If you don’t have enough time or a strong team to complete the raid, you can buy the Last Wish raid boost services. Our team will satisfy all your needs so that you can enjoy rewards as soon as possible.

Where does the Last Wish raid take place?

The Dreaming City is where The Last Wish takes place. For better results, it is recommended to be in a group of 6 players to go for the run. 

What are the Last Wish raid encounters?

There are 5 encounters in the Last Wish raid. They are:

  • Kalli, the Corrupted: Guardians will use safe rooms to avoid Kalli’s wipe mechanic when they fight enemies and damage the boss.
  • Shuro Chi, the Corrupted: This is a timed boss. It combines combat with puzzle-solving, where players must clear enemies and solve crystal puzzles to progress.
  • Morgeth, the Spirekeeper: A boss fight focused on collecting “Taken Strength” orbs to manage the boss’s power while dealing with adds.
  • The Vault: It is a complex puzzle encounter. It requires precise communication and symbol management to move forward.
  • Riven of a Thousand Voices: The main boss fight involves detailed mechanics across different levels of the arena. It includes shooting specific targets and managing debuffs. For the final phase, Queenswalk, player should carry back Riven’s heart to the Techeun while managing a debuff and clearing enemies. One Thousand Voices drops from the Riven.

How many secret chests are in the Last Wish raid?

There are two secret chests hidden around in Last Wish. The first one is after the Kalli boss, and the second is before the Morgeth encounter.

What are Last Wish raid weekly challenges?

The Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 features a series of weekly challenges that rotate and offer additional loot rewards for completing specific tasks within the raid encounters. They are:

  • Summoning Ritual Challenge;
  • Which Witch Challenge;
  • Forever Fight Challenge;
  • Keep Out Challenge;
  • Strength of Memory Challenge.

How to complete the Summoning Ritual challenge?

To finish the summoning ritual challenge in the Last Wish raid, you gotta activate all nine plates when you’re in the area with the Kalli boss. After that, Taken Ogres are gonna spawn. You need to kill them and keep going with the fight.

How to complete the Strength of Memory challenge?



To get through the Strength of Memory challenge in Last Wish, you gotta remember which Riven eyes you already shot. If you shoot an eye, don’t go firing at that same one when you’re up top trying to do damage. In case you shoot the same eye twice, you will fail the challenge.

What exotic do you get from the Last Wish raid?

One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle that fires with a single beam of solar energy. You have a chance to obtain it from the last encounter of the Last Wish raid – The Riven. It is highly known for its unique and powerful abilities.

Can you get weapons from Last Wish chests?


Yes, you can keep farming the secret chests for weapons and armor you already have.It doesn’t matter if you already have them in your collection or not, or if you have completed the raid before. 

What are the Last Wish loot rewards?

The Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 offers a wide range of loot, including unique weapons, armor, and others. View the detailed loot table below from each raid encounter:

Encounter Loot Rewards
Kalli, the Corrupted – Age-Old Bond (Auto Rifle)
– Boots (Class-specific)
– One Thousand Voices (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
Shuro Chi, the Corrupted – Transfiguration (Scout Rifle)
– Gloves (Class-specific)
Morgeth, the Spirekeeper – Nation of Beasts (Hand Cannon)
– Chattering Bone (Pulse Rifle)
– Bond/Cloak/Mark (Class-specific)
The Vault – Age-Old Bond (Auto Rifle)
– Chest Armor (Class-specific)
Riven of a Thousand Voices – One Thousand Voices (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
– Nation of Beasts (Hand Cannon)
– Chattering Bone (Pulse Rifle)
– Transfiguration (Scout Rifle)
– Apex Predator (Rocket Launcher)
– Helmet (Class-specific)
Bonus Chests (Secret Chests) – Class-specific armor pieces
– Random raid-specific mods
– Enhancement cores
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