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– Within lies humanity’s salvation. La fontaine de jouvence.
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Introduced in the Beyond Light expansion, the Deep Stone Crypt Raid is one of the most important locations in Destiny, taking players on a journey through the mysterious secret base hidden in the depths of Europa Moon, the point of origin of all Exos, all the way to the massive space station «Morning Star». Extensive lore implications, memorable visuals, unique gameplay, and valuable loot make the Deep Stone Crypt one of the best raids in game history, which, in turn, leads to the massive popularity of the Deep Stone Crypt carries. Raid is associated with creative and pretty elaborate mechanics – completing this challenging raid requires good team coordination and individual player skills. You can find this team on Epiccarry and get all the Deep Stone Crypt rewards with the help of pro players providing a fast service.

Deep Stone Crypt Boost Rewards

Rewards from purchasing Deep Stone Crypt Boosting include:

  • New Raid Armor pieces and Weapons for your collection;
  • A chance to get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact Power.

When the Deet Stone Crypt Raid is active on the weekly rotation you will receive the pinnacle reward from the final boss.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Loot

You can expand your armory with powerful raid weapons dropped from the boss encounter, hidden raid chest, and rolled with the Spoils of Conquest at the final boss chest:

You can always request our boosters to take additional loot from Crypt Cache at the end of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

Please make sure you have enough Spoils of Conquest currency for additional loot from Crypt Cache. You can always request our Spoils of Conquest Farm service if you want more Spoils of Conquest for your account.

Deep Stone Crypt Boosting Process

The Deep Stone Crypt is a challenging raid to do on your own, but with the help of pro players, you can both enjoy a full raid completion and collect the best raid rewards. Depending on your preferences and the aims pursued, you get to choose one of the available modes of order performance.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Choose the Self-Play to explore the raid with our team, dive into the atmosphere of space adventure and get one of the best gaming experiences. You will play in the fire team with some of the best Destiny 2 players.

Choosing the Piloted mode will save you time while our booster takes care of the task at hand – the only thing left for you is to enjoy new raid loot as soon as we finish the Deep Stone Crypt recovery.

Please note that the Flawless Raid option can be provided only in Piloted mode.

Epiccarry offers a variety of different services for Destiny and other game titles, but we are not selling ingame items – the whole process of our services is about pro players helping the Destiny 2 community achieve their goals.

Boost is available on the PC, PS, and Xbox platforms.

Contact the support team for additional information about the service.


Delivery Time for this service is 3 Hours to 1 Day. Depending on the selected options the ETA for the service may be extended. The ETA for the Flawless option is 1 Week.

Deep Stone Crypt Carry: Extra Options

Customize your Deep Stone Crypt Carry to get additional loot and unique exotic rewards or complete complex challenges:

Flawless Raid – we will complete the raid without deaths, ETA 1 week.

Monthly Sub – you will subscribe for the Deep Stone Crypt raid completion for 4 weeks (the current week and three next). The option includes Secret Chests for free.

Retrocausality Exotic Sparrow – we will additionally complete the required raid challenges to receive the Retrocausality Exotic Sparrow.

Eyes of Tomorrow Guaranteed – we will farm the final boss encounter with the boss checkpoint until you get the Eyes of Tomorrow Rocket Launcher.

No Love Lost Exotic Ghost – we will additionally complete the requirements to receive the No Love Lost Exotic ghost.

Secret Chests – we will additionally collect all the Secret Chests for you.

With Challenge – we will additionally complete the raid weekly challenge for you.

Express and Priority – we will focus on your order in priority, and ETA for the service performance will be reduced by 30%.

Deep Stone Crypt Boost is a fast service and by far the easiest option to get all those exotics in your collection. Contact our customer support team with any questions regarding the extra options.

Important Information

We can’t guarantee any specific items drop. All in-game items obtained during the boost are random.

Boost guarantee time starts from the moment of booster log on to your account and works only for services provided in the Piloted mode.

Guaranteed time does not count for the period of possible game maintenance or lags.

Cross Save

Small delays may occur as during certain hours boosters might be having a rest or be less active. In this case, Cross Save can help significantly, as a PC player will be able to fulfill your PS4 or Xbox order. Unfortunately, there are fewer Destiny 2 players on PS4 or Xbox compared to the PC platform.

It takes only a couple of minutes to enable the Cross Save. If you have some difficulties with it, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.


You have to own the Beyond Light expansion.

Required Power Level – 1350, which is a base gear level, meaning you won’t have to gear up to prepare for this raid.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Deep Stone Crypt Full Raid Completion

The Deep Stone Crypt is the first raid of the Beyond Light DLC and the eighth raid released in the Destiny 2 game lifespan.

While the Deep Stone Crypt is not the only place where the Exos are made, it is the main complex where the Clarity Control artifact is located. During the raid, Guardians will repel the Fallen invasion and prevent the House of Salvation faction from creating an army of Fallen Exo.

To launch the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, open the Europa map and navigate to the Asterion Abyss patrol zone, you will find the Raid menu right above.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Walkthrough

Encounters in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid involve three augments, and players picking them up are assigned to specific roles. Red Augment is the Operator, which allows the player to interact with certain raid objects. Yellow Augment is the Scanner – he will reveal and call out important targets glowing with a bright yellow aura, And finally, the blue one is the Suppressor – this role is only active in the third and the last raid encounters.

Deep Stone Crypt Carry

The Deep Stone Crypt raid features four boss encounters, a sparrow run section, and the jumping puzzle in outer space.

Once you and your fireteam launch into the raid, you will have to find your way to the Deep Stone Crypt through the raging deadly snowstorm. While players remain in the open, they will get one stack of the Frostbite debuff per second and instantly die upon reaching ten stacks. To dispel the debuff you must reach the Safe Zone and heat up. Players will have to use sparrows or the pikes found nearby to navigate through the storm, which is the hardest part with limited visibility. You can watch this video showing you the way through the pike segment of the raid.

  1. Disable Crypt Security – is the first encounter, and ironically is the most difficult in the entire raid due to the required coordination and reaction time. The fireteam must split between Dark and Light rooms and destroy six tube fuses, three in each room. There are ten panels in the underground section – Scanners will have to call out the active panels through the floor windows and the Operator will shoot them to initiate the DPS phase. During the DPS, Operator will call out which fuse to shoot, as damaging the wrong one leads to an immediate wipe. Use the Augment Terminal to pass the Scanner buff between rooms.

Deep Stone Crypt

  1. Atraks-1, Fallen Exo – second raid encounter unfolds both on the planetary section of Deep Stone Crypt and on the Morning Star space station. The least complex approach for the first attempt is to split your fireteam in two, leaving three players on the first floor, and launching the rest into space. Clear waves of adds and Servitors to initiate the DPS phase and kill the clones of Atraks. The Scanner will have to move fast and find the right one – beware that the DPS window is only about a few seconds, so use the burst DPS weapons such as the Parasite grenade launcher or the Lament sword. Players then will have to pick up the debuff and move to the airlock where the Operator can shoot the debuff off them and dispose of it. Repeat until the Atraks enter the Last Stand – during that phase, you will have to quickly kill all the spawned clones following the callouts from the Scanner.

Following the encounter, you will reach the space jump section. If it is your first raid clear, we recommend you set your music and dialogue volume to max and enjoy the ambiance of the space outside the Morning Star station on your way to the third boss.

  1. The Descent. While the Morning Star serves a support station role, it is also designed as the contingency to secure all secrets of the facility and completely destroy the Deep Stone Crypt if the security protocol is ever breached. Yes, the same protocol we breached during the first encounter. Now we must prevent Europa’s nuclear destruction and defuse nuclear cores.
    The Operator will shoot the terminals to spawn two Nuclear Cores. The Scanner will call out two active bins so players could quickly grab the cores and safely deposit them. There are three drones that the Suppressor must stand under and shoot Taniks to stun him. Once the Augments are disabled, players must switch roles in the Augment Terminal. Complete the cycle and jump down the opened section in the middle to rush towards the end of the corridor while the space station falls down to the planet’s surface.

  2. The Raid journey finally takes your fireteam to the final battle with Taniks, the Abomination. Get your loadouts ready for the final fight and use sniper rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, or linear fusions to deal enough damage to the boss from the range.

    Wait for the boss to become active and move to one of three positions on the map. Shoot his engines to spawn nuclear cores, grab them and move to deposit them in the active bins.

    The Operator will have to make sure that core carriers reach their target safely and shoot down the slow debuff when necessary. The Suppressor must stun the boss to activate the deposit.

    Once the Cores are deposited, get ready for the DPS phase. Stand between the spawned debris and shoot down the boss with everything you’ve got. Best to use Divinity for the big precision bubble. Once he’s down, you’ll be able to buy more rolls for your new Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons with the Spoils of Conquest and, if you are lucky, loot the Eyes of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher. During the active raid rotation week, you can farm only last boss to try and get the Exotic weapon.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid

When the Raid was first cleared in the Contest Mode, new questlines with the Exo Stranger and Variks were unlocked, one of the leading to the exotic quest for the Lament exotic sword. The Cache system allowing players to buy already obtained weapons for new rolls was also first seen during the Contest Mode.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenges

There are four challenges available in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. Each weekly challenge will be active at once when the raid is on a Weekly Rotation.

  1. Crypt Security – Red Rover. All players have to be operators and shoot the two panels on the lower level

  2. Atraks-1, Fallen Exo – Copies of Copies. Never eject a Replication debuff through the airlock.

  3. The Descent – Of All Trades. Each player must take on each role at least once during the encounter.

  4. Taniks, the Abomination – The Core Four. Deposit all four cores at once before the Damage Phase.

Don’t forget to complete your weekly challenge to get additional raid loot and season pass experience.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Loot Table

This table of possible drops will make it easier to gather a full set of raid armor and new raid weapons once you know which encounter can give you the missing pieces. Run the raid on multiple characters to gather all weapons faster and get the god rolls.

Crypt Security Atraks-1 The Descent Taniks, The Abomination




Eyes of Tomorrow

Class Item

Class Item

Class Item


How many Secret Chests are there in Deep Stone Crypt Raid?

There are 2 Hidden Chests inside the raid, containing additional pieces of the loot you have already obtained, great for farming additional weapon rolls.

Can You Solo Deep Stone Crypt?

Time has passed since the release of the Beyond Light DLC, and many players have asked the same question. Well, famous Destiny YouTuber Esoterickk proved it possible, but unless you are famous in the community for being able to solo pretty much anything, it is unlikely.

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