Master Kings Fall Boost

King’s Fall raid first introduced in The Taken King DLC of the Original Destiny was considered to be the most difficult raid in the entire game. The remastered Destiny 2 version went even further and introduced the Master Difficulty of the King’s Fall. This King’s Fall raid can be completed at different levels, but making it on Master difficulty gives you an exceptional weapon and new armor.

Master King’s Fall raid takes a long time to prepare. It just takes a team with skilled players who have high power levels to face the most difficult bosses. Getting a boost for Master King’s Fall saves you lots of time. We know this game by heart and we will help you get rewards such as a Touch of Malice exotic scout rifle.

Service Includes

  • Completed Master King’s Fall Raid;
  • Master King’s Fall stat-focused raid armor;
  • Harrowed (Adept) weapon if the Weekly Challenge option is selected;
  • A chance to get the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle;
  • Ossified Skycarver Exotic Ship;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal: 5 – 8 hours;
  • Express: 3 – 6 hours;
  • Super Express: 2 – 4 hours.

Additional Options

Number of guardians – choose how many guardians you need for Master King’s Fall raid boost.
Secret Chests – we will find hidden chests with additional loot across the raid.
Touch of Malice – we will complete the Master Kings Fall raid and our professional booster will proceed to farm Oryx in Normal Mode each week until you get the weapon. (Piloted mode only)
Weekly Challenges – we will complete the weekly challenge you select of the King’s Fall raid.
Puzzle Chest – we will complete the puzzle quest within the raid completion to get the Oryx second chest with the guaranteed Deepsight resonance weapon.
Stream – you can watch the progress in real-time.


1821+ Power Level. If your Guardian doesn’t have enough Power Level, you can also order the Power Leveling boost service so our players can raise your level.

How it Works

Completing Master King’s Fall raid takes a lot of time and requires a lot of experience. You will need to fight strong bosses and solve puzzles. To make it easier to drop rewards, you can order a full raid boost on master difficulty. Here’s how it happens:

  1. Select the options on the service page you would like to be completed and proceed to checkout.
  2. You also need to choose one of two modes:
    • For the Self-Play mode, you will go through the master King’s Fall raid with our skill team at the scheduled time. Our team will invite you to the squad and guide you through the raid according to your chosen options.
    • For Piloted, we will ask you to share the account info with our verified pro player so they can complete the raid for you. This option will save you a lot of time and allow you to watch the process via personal stream.
  3. In 3-10 minutes after your purchase, one of the customer support agents will contact you to discuss the order details and schedule it according to your preferences;
  4. After completing the service, our customer support agent will contact you to notify you about it and leave feedback.
  5. Congratulations, you can now enjoy your rewards, and the PvE mode will become even more interesting.

Feel free to contact the live chat support team with any questions regarding the order placement or additional information about the boost.

The service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. If you play on PS or Xbox, please enable Cross Sce. It will significantly help to process your order faster, as a PC player will be able to fulfill your PS or Xbox service in the Destiny 2 game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Master Kings Fall Boost options?

Depending on your goals and desired rewards, you may choose one of the available options.
Complete the Full Raid – the most comprehensive way to get all the rewards, including High-Star armor pieces from each encounter and, optionally, from secret chests and the boss challenge. If you simply want to get the Exotic Ship and purchase the additional rolls of already obtained Adept Kings Fall Weapons choose the Only Last Boss option. If your only interest is the Harrowed (Adept) weapon, the Challenge Only will suit you perfectly.

Are Kings Fall Master raids easy?

Master King’s Fall raid is considered one of the hardest raids in the entire Destiny 2 game. You’ll be able to earn specific rewards after completing each raid stage. Moreover, every week, the meetings alternate with different tests, passing which you will also receive bonus rewards.

How do you do the Kings fall raid on Master difficulty?

First of all, make sure to get your Power Level as close as possible to 1821 to stand a chance against difficult enemies. There are a few important tips from our players that will help you in the Master King’s Fall.
Opening the Portal – protect the Relic runners at all costs and help them secure the relic, as Taken Phalanx spawning at the relic site are now Unstoppable Champions. Prepare your loadouts for Add clearing and dealing with Arc shields, and equip Unstoppable mod to protect Relic runner or Overload mod to clear out the banking area.
Totems – get your heavy hitters ready to quickly deal with 3 Unstoppable Ogres as soon as they are stunned, everyone in the fire team should run an Unstoppable Mod. The Ogres are spawned when 50 of Deathsinger’s Power is deposited, so keep track of it and hold the deposit for a bit if you’re overwhelmed with Champions.
Warpriest – the Glyph Sequence now involves three Barrier Knights and Overload Minotaurs. This abundance of champions makes Aeons a really great option for this encounter, providing your fireteam with a supply of heavy ammo so necessary for the damage phase.
Golgoroth – two barrier Knights will spawn on each side before the DPS phase. If possible, utilize them to spawn ammo for your fireteam with Aeon finishers.
Daughters of Oryx – Knigts on the plates become Barrier champions. Forbearance with Chain Reaction or the Riskrunner to deal with Arc Shields. As usual, try to finish off the Champions to get more ammo.
Oryx, the Taken King – Taken Knights on the platforms are replaced with Overload champions, and Taken Acolytes are now guarded with the Void Shields. Focus Overload Knights to quickly deal with them and generate heavy ammo for the Final Stand.

What is different in Master Kings Fall?

While there are no additional game mechanics compared to Normal Kings Fall, a significant spike in Power Level and the introduction of Champions and active Modifiers raise the difficulty to a completely different level, forcing you to use specific loadouts to counter shields and deal with champions while playing much more cautiously.
The Power Level for the Master King’s Fall is 1821 – the only way to reach that light lvl is to get to the Pinnacle Cap and gain an additional 20 points from your Artifact.

What are Master Kings Fall Champions and Modifiers?


There are all types of champions that will be featured throughout the Kings Fall Raid on the Master Difficulty, along with the Match Game modifier forcing you to wisely choose weapons for your loadout.

Encounter Champions Match Game Shields

Beginning – Portal

Overload Hobgoblins and Unstoppable Ogres



Unstoppable Ogres



Barrier Knights and Overload Hobgoblins

Solar and Void


Barrier Knights

Solar and Void

Daughters of Oryx

Barrier Knights


Oryx, the Taken King

Overload Hobgoblins

Arc and Void

What do you get from Master Kings fall?



Completing all challenges on Master difficulty will reward you with Adept weapons.
All Master King’s Fall raid encounters drop a high-stat armor with a weekly selected stat focus. Keep an eye out for the stat you wish to improve and include the Master King’s Fall boost in your time schedule.
There is a total of 3 Secret Chests dropping the same loot as the Normal version of Kings Fall raid. Loot from Secret Chests includes pieces of already unlocked gear, Spoils of Conquest and raid mods.

Can you get Touch of Malice from Master Kings Fall?

You certainly have a chance to loot the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle, but only if you did not complete the Oryx encounter before on that character – you have one chance per character per week, regardless of King’s Fall Difficulty.

Is it possible to get an Adept weapon after Master King’s Fall raid completion?



Yes, after you complete the raid on Master difficulty, you will be able to receive Adept versions for each weapon in addition to other rewards.

How to get Kings Fall Raid armor?

You need to complete the Master Kings Fall raid every week, and as a reward, you will drop a piece of the armor set.

What light lvl needed to complete the King’s Fall raid at the Master difficulty?

The player needs to raise the light lvl of the Guardian to 1821+. You can also install several Champion mods. This difficulty level is only available if the raid is the Weekly Featured Raid in rotation.

How many secret chests are in the Master Kings Fall raid?

As in most raids, the player can get one secret chest every week; there are three in total. Completing the Master difficulty level also gives the player additional unique loot.

What are Master King’s fall weekly challenges?

For now, only one Weekly challenge is available at once, rewarding players with a random Harrowed (Adept) weapon with active protection against duplicates.

  • Totems – The Grass is Always Greener Challenge. Players cannot collect the same Brand twice in a row.
  • Warpriest – Devious Thievery Challenge. Players must steal the Brand of the Initiate within 4 seconds of picking up the Brand Claimer buff.
  • Golgoroth – Gaze Amaze Challenge. The gaze holder must stand in the Pool of Unclaimed Light when swapping the gaze.
  • Daughters of Oryx – Under Construction Challenge. Players cannot stand on the same plate twice in a single phase.
  • Oryx, the Taken King – Hands Off Challenge. Players cannot kill the same Light-Eater Ogres or Light-Eater Knights throughout the encounter.

Complete each Kings Fall weekly challenge on Master Difficulty to unlock the King of Kings triumph and get the Raid Exotic Sparrow – Ossein Earthcarver.

What rewards are there for completing the weekly challenge Master King’s Fall?

After completing this raid using special methods, players can receive double loot in addition to the main character rewards. You need to complete a weekly task once a week and fulfill unique conditions. Rewards will be doubled only if you complete the game on Master difficulty.
Completing a Master King’s Fall Weekly Challenge rewards one of the random Harrowed (Adept) raid weapons:

How is the Gaze Amaze King’s Fall challenge performed?

The Gaze Amaze challenge is quite easy to complete. All your Gaze Holders need to be in the pool of light when Golgoroth’s Gaze is taken from them. The two gaze holders will need to take turns holding Golgoroth’s gaze and coordinate the switch. All other players on the team must deal damage to the boss while he is distracted.

How do I beat Oryx in Master King’s Fall?

The battle begins with the boss hitting a random plate. After that, one player must stand on it and tell the others where the ball appears. After light-eater ogres appear near the platforms, players need to kill them as quickly as possible.

Is it safe to get a boost for the Master King Fall raid?

Yes. All our pro players are verified and reliable. We offer two different King’s Fall raid boost mode options, and you can either share your account or play your character with us for better security. Please read reviews from satisfied customers on Trustpilot to ensure our competence for many years.

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