The Mountaintop Brave Weapon Boost

It will take you a vast amount of time to obtain the Mountaintop grenade launcher. The original version of the weapon was initially designed on a lightweight frame, functioning as a kinetic grenade launcher operating at 90 rounds per minute. One way is to finish the Onslaught activity, and if you want to increase the weapon drop, you need to finish the Arcite through the Hall of Champions first. You should definitely go for this Grenade Launcher if you want a good gun for PvE activities. Grinding will be necessary if you want to receive Mountaintop God Rolls.

If you don’t wish to waste your precious time on boring farming, order Destiny 2 Mountaintop boost and our professional players will make sure you get it without any difficulties in the shortest possible time.

Service Includes

  • Brave Arsenal WeaponThe Mountaintop;
  • The reward from the Onslaught activity;
  • Chance to get Onslaught Armor parts (not for Legacy version);
  • All items and resources that might drop during this farm;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-3 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: farm 3-4 hours per day;
  • Express: farm 4-6 hours per day;
  • Super Express: more than 6 hours farm.

Additional Options

God Roll – we will farm for you the specified Perk you need from the range of 3rd and 4th groups (Please contact the customer support agent after purchase to specify 1 each Perk from the 3rd and 4th groups you wish to get). (If the weapon drops with 2 picked Perks, it will be considered the God Roll option completed)
I can Attune – select this option if you completed the quest for it, you can Attune which increases the item chance drop.
Shaxx Quest – we will complee the Shaxx Quest to receive Limited Time Base version (1x set of perks) and attune to it.
Stream – you will watch the boost process online.


Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion.
1800+ Power Level. If your level is not sufficient, then you can order a Power Leveling boosting service so that our players can raise it for you.

How it Works

It is a very long process to get the Mountaintop grenade launcher. You will have to go through Onslaught to learn how this activity works. Also, gather a team of players who understand this activity’s mechanics. And if you are hunting for the Mountaintop God Roll, then you’ll have to farm the activity several times since the chance that you will immediately get a weapon with the necessary perks is quite small. Order Destiny 2 the Mountaintop boost, and our skilled players will get the desired weapon for you without any trouble. You can order carry if you play on PC, PS, or Xbox platforms. Enable Cross Save function so that our booster can start working on your request faster. Order service is very easy, and below there are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Select all the options and the desired amount of Mountaintop you want.
  2. The Mountaintop boost is only available in Piloted mode. You need to share your account information with our verified player, who will get this weapon for you.
  3. Pay for the service using one of the available payment methods.
  4. Our support manager will contact you 3-10 minutes after payment. Discuss all the details of the boost and set a schedule. You can always ask all your questions in our online chat, our support team works around the clock.
  5. When the Mountaintop grenade launcher appears in your collection, our support manager will notify you. We will be very pleased if you share your experience and leave feedback.
  6. Congratulations, you now have the Mountaintop and can kill opponents with your new weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the Mountaintop grenade launcher?

You can get this powerful weapon by turning in Trophies of Bravery at Shaxx’s cache in the Hall of Champions and decrypting BRAVE Engrams, and you have a chance to get one or find one in an Onslaught reward chest.

How to increase the chance of getting a Mountaintop grenade launcher?

You have finished the quest Arcite in the Hall of Champions. Climbing the Mountaintop for Arcite quest gives you access to The Mountaintop. Next, you must, rapidly defeat combatants using Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers anywhere within the system, or you can also defeat mobs with Grenade Launchers quickly. In Onslaught, quick final blows add more points.

What perks have the Mountaintop?

The Mountaintop special grenade launcher can come with new perks rolls:

  • Perk 1 – Ambitious Assassin, Impulse Amplifier, Demolitionist, Lead from Gold, Slickdraw, Auto-Loading Holster, Overflow.
  • Perk 2 – Rampage, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All, Harmony, Recombination, Frenzy.
  • Origin Trait – Indomitability. (When you are playing a Darkness subclass, the rapid final blows you make can help charge your melee energy. When you are using a Light subclass and make the last strike on an enemy, it contributes to charging grenade energy.)

What Mountaintop God Roll for PvE?

In PvE, Mountaintop is so strong that it can be used in any position and it is therefore important for Guardians. Spike Grenades make this gun increased damage, while Auto-Loading Holster becomes the best first perk ever although Demolitionist and Lead from Gold are good as well. Frenzy gives a constant boost, on the other hand Recombination increases damage after elemental kills making one big shot.

What Mountaintop God Roll for PvP?

Volatile Launch with a velocity masterwork is the way to reduce projectile speed. High-Velocity Rounds or Sticky Grenades for the magazine, where Sticky Grenades only win if you want to set up some traps around the field. Impulse Amplifier for perk 1 can maximize weapon velocity and boost reload speed. Nothing really pops from the final column, but Harmony isn’t bad if you play it right.

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    Number of Runs:

    If the weapon drops with 2 picked Perks, it will be considered the God Roll option completed.

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