Trophies of Bravery Boost

Buy Destiny 2 Trophies of Bravery farming boost to get the valuable tokens for Into the Light armor set pieces, Brave weapons, and much more fast and efficient. This new currency came with new unique activities like Onslaught, that’s exactly where you get it from! Gain trophies to trade in the Hall of Champions for the best rewards!

Trophies of Bravery farming are time-consuming. For better results, you need to have a team of 3 Guardians to go for the Onslaught activity, especially in Legend difficulty, coz it will grant you more tokens for clearing waves. That’s where we can give you a hand! Order the Trophies of Bravery farming service to maximize your chances to obtain the desired Brave weapons and other Into the Light Destiny 2 rewards. Save your time and farming efforts – get boosted!

Service Includes

  • A selected amount of Trophies of Bravery currency;
  • The reward from the Onslaught activity;
  • Chance to obtain Brave Weapons;
  • Chance on Limited Brave Weapons Version;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 4-18 hours;
  • Express: 3-14 hours; 
  • Super Express: 1-9 hours.

That is only the estimated time which depends on the amount of Bravery Trophies you selected.

Additional Options

Stream – select this option if you’d like to watch the Trophies of Bravery farming service in real-time.


Power Level 1800+. You can improve your Light Level using our Power Leveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How It Works

Completing the Onslaught activity is truly hard if you do not know the strategies and don’t have a team of skilled guardians who strive as much as you do to get loads of Trophies of Bravery currency and farm Brave Weapons. The Onslaught chests not only rewards you with the Trophy, but is also the best way to farm the Lord Shaxx reputation and newly Brave Weapon to your arsenal. Our team knows the best strategies to complete the Onslaught in the Destiny 2 game. Get the highest Lord Shaxx’s reputation rank and loot numerous amounts of trophies currency with our Trophies of Bravery farming service in just a few steps:

  1. Select the desired amount of Trophies you would like to get help with farming;
  2. The service is available in 2 boost modes. Depending on your preferences, we will complete the order in the following way:
    • Piloted mode – you will need to make an account sharing with our verified player, and he will proceed with your order. You won’t need to participate. The booster will farm the requested amount of Trophies of Bravery as fast as possible. Log in to your account to check the results. You might get the Brave Weapon you desire from the boost as well.
    • Self-Play mode – you will be invited to our team of Guardians to proceed with your order at the specified time of your preferences. You won’t only get the Trophies you need but also learn a lot from our skilled players, best strategies and techniques to overcome wave rounds in Onslaught activity.
  3. Once you are ready proceed to checkout to make a purchase.
  4. Shortly after the order confirmation, our Customer Support representative will contact you to clarify the details of the service performance, like a suitable date and time for you to schedule the service.
  5. No matter you went for the account sharing Trophies of Brace service or decided to play yourself with our team we will notify you via email once your order is completed.
  6. Log in to your account, and check if all requested Bravery Trophies are obtained, as well as your Lord Shaxx reputation progression.
  7. Share your thoughts on the service received, and if you’ve got a chance to roll the specific weapon from Brave Arsenal you wished for in Destiny 2, it would be highly appreciated!

Customer Support is available 24/7 in website chat. We will be happy to answer all your queries at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Destiny 2 Trophies of Bravery Farming Boost?

That is the best option to obtain the Trophies of Bravery fast with minimum effort from your side. All you need is to pick the needed amount of Trophy rewards you desire and we will farm the Onslaught for you. It’s a challenging activity that is hard to cope with on your own. Difficulty increases every 10 waves, so you need to be skilled enough to defeat the final boss on the 50th wave, even alongside the team. Onslaught rewards fascinating loot you must put lots of effort into.

With our help, you will not only get the Trophies of Bravery farming but also complete moves for your progression on the Lord Shaxx reputation rank. To your knowledge, with both of these improved features, you can exchange them at the Hall of Champions for the class chests that include Into the Light Armor – Parade set pieces and other exclusive trophy loot like Brave Weapon.

Is it hard to farm Brave Weapons?

Frankly speaking, it is hard because you can not predict which specific weapon from Brave Arsenal you will get from chests after completing the Onslaught activity in Destiny 2. Since it comes in 2 versions, completing Legend difficulty obviously gives more gorgeous rewards from the chest than Normal in terms of quantity. It includes Lord Shaxx’s reputation rank progress points, some Trophies of Bravery, and surely random Brave Weapons.

For completing all 50 Onslaught waves in the Normal version, you will get 3 Brave weapons guaranteed, but if you do so in Legend difficulty, you will meet the 4 new Bravery weapons in your collection.

Can I get a Brave weapon from the Hall of Champions?

You do. In the Hall of Champions, there is an Arcite 99-40 vendor that has unique quests for each of Brave weapons. Complete the one for your desired weapon, and you will get a better chance of the Limited version of the Brave weapon to be obtained. Get the quest, face Onslaught, submit, and get the valuable trophy chest!

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