Battle Cup Boost

We will only be able to perform this service if ranked play is unlocked on your account. You have to have a Weekend Battle Cup Ticket on your account.

[icon_description] Description

  • The Weekend Battle Cup is a weekly tournament which runs automatically in the Dota 2;
  • Buying this service, you will get a team of players that will win you a weekly tournament. One member of the team will play on your account;
  • ​Our players will play in your account with other boosters to win you the battle cup on Saturday every week;
  • We will send you a full refund or win you next week’s battle cup if we lose the battle cup this week.


Play Offline – we will set your Steam friend list to Offline mode. No one can see that you’re online and be able to message you via chat;

Stream  our player will live stream for you on Youtube or Twitch.


Players who win a tournament will earn:

  • 20,000 shards if you’re a Dota Plus subscriber.
  • A special Battle Cup Trophy and chat badge.
  • Prestige profile description detailing victories and streaks (for one week).
  • Seven exclusive emoticons (for one week).
  • An exclusive Battle Cup effigy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Steam inventory safe?
Absolutely. Our Dota 2 boosters are well trained and professional enough to only focus on their job. Furthermore, Steam guard/authenticator will safeguard your inventory at all times. There is no way someone can take any of your items without access to your phone.

How long will it take to start my order?
Once you have purchased, we typically start within 30 mins to an hour. However, some orders might take longer than that if the time is unusual or your Battle Cup Tier is very high/low.

Do I have to disable my Steam Guard?
No, you don’t. However, we will need a Steam Guard code to log into your account for the first time.

[icon_info] About Dota 2 Battle Cup Boost

The Weekend Battle Cup is a weekly tournament that runs itself on the Dota 2 client. You can get special rewards by competing and winning. Our Battle Cup boosting service makes it easy for players who don’t have the time or just don’t have the team mates required to compete and win with. Our professional Dota 2 boosters will log into your account and help you to achieve champion status, earning you all the sweet rewards.

Once your order is complete, enjoy your new trophy, 20,000 shards, special emoticons, and a nice shiny badge on your profile that says you’re a Battle Cup Champion!
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