DotA 2 Hero Tier Boost

This service is only available to Dota Plus subscribers.


  • Our player will complete enough challenges to boost your hero to the chosen level;
  • Leveling up earns shards and unlocks hero tiers.
    • Each tier comes with its own badge and unlocks hero voice lines for the Chat Wheel.
    • Badges are displayed over the hero at the beginning of each match.
    • Badges are displayed next to a hero’s name in the in-game chat.
    • Badges are displayed to teammates when pinging on the map.

Additional Options

Play Offlinewe will set your Steam friend list to Offline mode. No one can see that you’re online and able to message you via chat.

Stream   our player will live-stream for you on YouTube or Twitch.

Remove LP — our booster will win enough matches to get your account out of Low matchmaking priority.


The estimated time highly depends on your current progress and target tier, as well as other factors. Rough estimations are:

  • 1-20 — 65-75 days;
  • 1-25 — 95-105 days;
  • 1-30 — 120-125 days.

Be advised: if your account level is lower than 41 or your Behaviour score is lower than 5000, your queues will be significantly longer and will, in turn, delay the completion. In this case, we advise contacting the support team to discuss the ETA for your account specifically.


Your Dota 2 account has to be in Normal priority. If it’s in LP, please select the “Remove LP” option and choose the number of matches we’ll need to remove.

Hero Level boost is only available to Dota Plus subscribers.

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