WotLK Death Knight Leveling

Among other things, Wrath of the Lich King addon is famous for introducing the first Hero Class of the game — Death Knight. Plot-wise, this was explained by the rebellion of the elite order of Lich King’s undead warriors, which happened just before the expedition of the major factions to Northrend. Betrayed by their former master, Death Knights pledged their allegiance to the leaders of the Alliance and Horde in an attempt to redeem themselves by killing the leader of the undead horde.

Mechanics-wise, the new class was all but overpowered in the early days of Wrath. DKs were an attempt to break the usual state of things where classes’ roles were strongly connected to their specialization. Death Knight’s talents were designed in such a way that a player could build a viable tank or DPS in any talent tree of their choice. The idea of a Blood damage dealer or an Unholy tank may seem ridiculous now, but back in the day, it was very much a thing! Sadly, the balance issues that it bred forced the developers to rework the talent trees and basically stick to their tried and true way of doing classes.

This brings us to the point: not only is it worth to level up a Death Knight, but every WoW Classic player has to do it ASAP. You basically have a limited opportunity to re-play your class in a state it was meant to be played! With the release of this class during a pre-patch of WoW: Classic WotLK, there will be a large number of players leveling Death Knights, and they will all be motivated to reach level 80 as soon as possible. Using our unique, class-specific WotLK Classic Death Knight Powerleveling increase is one of the quickest ways to level up.

WotLK Classic DK Power Leveling Boost Description

Our players will help you to level up your Death Knight on the realm of your choice to the level cap of 80. They will complete an introductory quest chain, level up your character in Outland and Norhtrend. As a result of the service, you’ll get:

  • a WoW WotLK character that has been 100% manually level-boosted to the desired level without the use of any exploits;
  • all the progress made during the service, such as reputation, quest chain progression, gold, gear, consumable items, and crafting reagents;
  • a Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm mount for your WoW Retail account;
  • Level 80 and other progression-related achievements for your WoW Classic account;
  • the option to watch the service via a live stream;
  • daily updates and reports regarding the development of your leveling boost;
  • any additional options you chose.

We also provide a selection of options in addition to our main service that will strengthen your character and give you an edge in all of your endeavors or simply provide some utility. All of them are excellent choices since they each improve your experience in their own special manner.

Additional Options

280% Flying speed is massively beneficial for the gameplay in WoW. Being able to get things done faster means that you get more gameplay every session;

Cold Weather Flying you can utilize your flying mount in Northrend only if you have this riding talent. As previously, you must achieve a particular level and spend gold to get this passive skill. This time, though, the sum is way lower — only 1k gold.

Our booster will only spend the money they earn on learning Cold Weather flying and purchasing quest items or mounts. All of the money and other items you had on your character will remain in your inventory when the service ends.

Set of Gear of 187/200 levelyour average equipment level will be raised to 187 or 200. Most of the gear needed for this is acquired by successfully conquering dungeons of the Normal or Heroic difficulty.

Epic Gear Set (264 level) + 4 Tier set — our booster will gear your character in 245 epic gear with guaranteed 4 random set pieces from Trial of the Crusader 25 Normal raid.

Our booster may spend farmed valor and conquest emblems farmed during the boost on buying gear for the 213 or 232 Gear Set orders.

Head Enchant — our player will boost your reputation with the WotLK Classic faction that sells the permanent head enchant for your spec to Revered. When it’s done, you’ll be able to purchase the enchantment from the quartermaster. The faction depends on your preferred role: either Knights of the Ebon Blade if you plan to play as Damage Dealer or Argent Crusade if you’ll play as a tank. This option takes 1-2 days extra.

All 4 tabard factions to Revered — our player will boost your reputation with Knights of the Ebon Blade, Kirin Tor, Argent Crusade, and Wyrmrest Accord and unlock the ability to purchase Head enchants for all roles. This option takes 2-3 days extra.

Shoulder Enchantwe’ll boost your standing with the Sons of Hodir faction will to the maximum level. Gaining Exalted with the Sons of Hodir is crucial in WoW Wrath of the Lich King, as they are the only faction selling shoulder enchantments. You’ll then be able to purchase the enchantment from the quartermaster. This option takes 21-23 day

Please note that in most cases these options require additional gameplay and may prolong the overall ETA of your service. Consult with our customer service team to learn the details.


  • up to 3-4 days for WotLK level boost (70-80) / 6-7 days for levels 55-80 on Extra fast speed;
  • up to 5-6 days for WotLK level boost (70-80) / 8-9 days for levels 55-80 on Fast speed;
  • up to 7 days for WotLK level boost (70-80) / 10-11 days for levels 55-80 on Normal Speed.

All the time frames start from the point when the Epiccarry employee manages to successfully log into your account for the first time and start the level boost.

These estimates do not include the time that is needed to complete additional options.

About Death Knight Leveling Boost From Epiccarry

Death Knight starts at level 55, and after a lengthy and unskippable introductory questline, is free to explore the game world at around level 58. Given that you have to be at least level 68 to get into Northrend, you must begin undertaking quests in TBC Classic locales and experience Outlands in full before you can even start playing WotLK. This may have been fun a few years ago before we had our time with TBCC, but not so much right now. With our service, you are able to forego all of this tedium and instead dive into the high-end, entertaining material of WotLK Classic.

Our professional players know all the ins and outs of WotLK leveling and are able to get your DK to max level in under a week. You will get a playable character with a ton of valuable loot and gold, and will jump straight into the end-game Wrath of the Lich King playing the most overpowered class!

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