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Like every other business, we’re in it for money. Unlike others, we never let lust for profits undermine our reputation and the quality of your customer experience. We know that when we succeed in the latter, sales are granted anyway.
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You will be calling the shots! We’re here to make sure that you have all the info you need on demand. This is the only way to increase the joy of making business with us. Expect extensive communication while we do our job under your supervision!
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Most of our services are available in Self-Play mode, and we can not overstate how great it is. Not only are they completely safe, but also you get to have fun with our pro-players and learn from them! Always opt in for self-play if you can!
Nearly a Decade of Experience
We were among the first to put a price tag on the boosting services in 2012 and are still kicking! This got to account for something, right? We have a great deal of in-game and management experience in the world of boosting. And we have developed strict standards for ourselves and our services.
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  • Experience-Why-Us

    We have been working in World of Warcraft boosting since 2012 and we know how to make our customers happy. Ordering from you can be sure that the quality of our services is second to none.

  • Guaranteed Delivery
    Guaranteed delivery

    We have our own teams who perform all the orders so we can guarantee the quality and time of service delivery. All the boosters are part of our team and complete the orders only for our customers, we know how to make everything perfect without any delays.

  • Account Safety
    Account Safety

    We always use a clean VPN for each of our customers so it looks like you have logged from your neighbor’s PC. All services are live-streamed for your comfort. We never give our orders to random boosters. Most of our services can be done without account sharing (Self-play).

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    Being the largest boosting store has its perks! We can afford to offer our products for cheaper than our competitors. Look no further, for we can do any boost professionally, quickly, and for a fair price.Not only that, but, unlike others, we value our customers and never leave them chatting with bots. Our customer support team will always be available for you whenever you need them.

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    Every once in a while someone gets a bright idea to start up a new boosting shop and grab their fair share of profits and glory! Normally, after a few months of “work”, they get another idea — to rip off their customers and disappear with all the payments.

  • Service Delay

    Other stores are unable to provide an estimated time when your boost will be started as well as completed. As a result, you will need to wait weeks till your boost is done, while it’s value gradually decreases.

  • Scam

    Beware of no name shops that offer good deals for way too low of a price, as they might be fishing for a scam. As a result, no one can guarantee that you’ll get what you paid for. In the worst case scenario, you can even get scammed.


    You wouldn’t believe it, but many popular stores don’t have their own teams and shop at EC themselves! A storefront is much easier to manage, and, unless someone spills the beans, no one will know the difference. Well, we just did, and now you know. If you buy a boost in WoW, odds are that your order will end up in our store anyway. But since it came from resellers, you will be charged extra, and those who actually did the job will get less money.

Get Prepared for WoW TBC Classic with Epic Boosting Services

The Burning Crusade Classic is the long-awaited return of the iconic game. Happy memories and adventurous spirit, however, do not come alone. The hardcore you all got used to in WoW Classic comes bundled with the need to put extreme effort into every endgame goal and achievement. Some of the parts of the game we all adore have aged well and are still fun to play. But this can’t be said for all WoW TBC content.

The gradual release of WoW TBC content in Phase updates means that regardless of when you join the game, you still have a long adventure before you reach the power level sufficient to explore the shadowy halls of the Black Temple or mess with the plans of the Blood Elves in Sunwell Plateau.

It’s only natural to want to relive the best moments (or to feel them for the first time), to go and raid with friends, have fun in PvP, but how does one have enough time to level up characters, collect all the necessary gear, finish long attunements to access the content, when every day you have school, work or family responsibilities to take care of? Life is full of responsibilities. And ours is but one – to make your life easier and allow you to fully enjoy the game. Allow us to introduce our carry services.

Introduction to The Burning Crusade Boosting

Classic WoW is very demanding in terms of the time and effort required to achieve even the smallest progress and to perform simple actions. Both veterans and new players often prefer to outsource the long and tedious tasks that take a lot of time and bring no joy to achieve the desired results and enjoy the game, playing the immersive and fun content. This is where Epiccarry comes into play – we offer WoW TBC Classic Boost services covering every part of the gameplay.

The system is as plain as possible: you pick the required TBC carry service for your character and our game experts grind to get it done, while you spend your time as you please. Let’s see which particular difficulties you can rid yourself of by buying a WoW Burning Crusade Classic boost from us.

WoW Burning Crusade Character Leveling

Character leveling in WoW TBC is no easy job. Only the path from levels 60 to 70 takes several days of continuous playtime, and powerleveling a character all the way from level 1 is a titanic task. An assigned booster will take over the process and use the most efficient route that utilizes every opportunity to level up your character as quickly as possible. Depending on your realm and current level, you’ll get a combat-ready character with a small fortune of gold and valuable items obtained during the course of the boost in just a few days or a week. You do not have to spend a minute on the tedious character leveling in Outland!

WoW Burning Crusade Dungeon Boost

WoW TBC Dungeons are known for their difficulty, even in Normal mode. Preparing for Heroic dungeons is a whole different story, as it is even more challenging. It takes time to find the group for each run, and you have to meet high gear requirements. The best solution is to entrust your character to a professional player who will complete any dungeon for you, while you relax and simply get all the rewards.

TBC Classic Full Gear

An option to purchase a full gear instead of farming it on your own can save you weeks and even months of your time, depending on the source of gear. Our professional players will carry out all the necessary activities for you until you get the desired gear, so you can jump straight into the action with the best gear on your hands and have fun. Play for fun, not farm, right?

WoW Burning Crusade Raid Boost

Raids in Classic TBC provide the best gear in the game, such as Tier sets, but require a lot of preparation and gathering of a group, that even committed and well-organized raiding guilds spend hours in raids, and not always with the desired results. Our professional teams, however, are always ready to take on the task and, importantly, have the necessary experience to get the carry done and complete the run.

And so much more on Epiccarry.

We offer a wide variety of WoW TBC Classic Boost services that will definitely satisfy the needs of every player. Be it a Power leveling boost, Raid Attunements, or run, you name it — we’ll do it! Our expert players are capable of delivering Burning Crusade boosting exactly on time! Not only that but our strict practices in handling personal accounts allow us to provide our TBC boosts without compromising your account security.

Epiccarry offers solutions to all in-game problems that you may encounter. With our help you can easily up your game by ordering:

  • Burning Crusade Classic Gold and other currency farming;
  • Burning Crusade Classic Power leveling for TBC, WoW Classic, and Season of Mastery characters;
  • TBC Dungeon boost;
  • Reputation Farm in Burning Crusade WoW;
  • Burning Crusade Classic Professions powerleveling;
  • Burning Crusade Classic Honor Points Farm;
  • TBC Mounts farm;
  • All sorts of ordinary (and even extraordinary) issues.

Our WoW Burning Crusade Classic Boost services are provided with 24/7 Customer support – we work around the clock to ensure your maximum comfort! We maintain high quality and offer the cheapest World of Warcraft services for all the players around the world.

Feel free to reach out to us and inquire about TBC Boosting via web chat. Our Customer Support team is there for you and will gladly answer any questions you might have. Also, if you feel like researching, check our glowing Trustpilot reviews left by dozens of happy players. We boast an impressive 4.9/5 score thanks to the quality of experience we deliver.

Enjoy the game and everything else will be taken care of by Epiccarry!