WotLK Obsidian Sanctum Boost

A single-boss raid instance called The Obsidian Sanctum challenges players to explore the dragon nest located beneath Wyrmrest Temple and reached via a rift in the ice by the Path of the Titans. The area is protected by the Obsidian Guardian and three Twilight drakes named Shadron, Tenebron, and Vesperon, and last, but not least, the powerful Black dragon Sartharion. Sartharion and his brood must be eliminated because this nest poses a severe threat to the Red Dragonflight as well as the Horde and Alliance forces in Northrend.

But it won’t be simple to win against this strong Black dragon and three Twilight drakes. Therefore, only the most resilient heroes would endure this fierce encounter and secure all of the valuable treasures. Hence, our WotLK Classic Obsidian Sanctum raid boost is just what you need if you don’t want to spend hours attempting to complete this raid and get all the fantastic prizes during the Wrath content phase 1.

OS is not the hardest or longest WoW Classic raid, but the dungeon has its charm and is unique in many ways. One of the most prominent features of the fight with Sartharion is that depending on the strength of your group, you can adjust the difficulty by choosing to kill some or all of the drake mini-bosses before initiating the boss encounter, thus making the final fight easier, but also sacrificing some of the loot. The Sartharion’s loot table is tied to a number of drakes that participate in a fight on his side.

This means that if you’re not confident that you can take the heat, you can kill some or all of the drakes before you pull the boss and make the fight much easier for your raid group. If, on the other hand, you feel like adding some challenge, you can pull right away and deal with the boss and drakes all at the same time, and get one bonus item for every drake killed during the boss fight. Doing so requires a well-equipped and coordinated party but is definitely doable. The choice is yours!

Epiccarry offers Obsidian Sanctum loot runs on all EU and US realms and difficulties. Don’t miss out on a chance to kill Sarth +3 and loot one of the most gorgeous dragon mounts in Wrath — the Twilight Drake!

WotLK Obsidian Sanctum Boost Includes

Our World of Warcraft Obsidian Sanctum raid run service is available for all players regardless of their server, class, and faction.

The boost lasts 30 to 50 minutes. However, there are only a limited number of slots available for raids, and your boost may be booked 5 to 10 days after your purchase.

By default, the Obsidian Sanctum boost will be done in Piloted mode, but Self-Play mode is available on a selection of realms as an additional option. Select your server and tick the “Selfplay” option if you want to participate in the run personally. If after selecting your realm you don’t see the option, there is no raid on your realm and the Piloted mode is the only way to complete the service aside from transferring your character to a supported server.

Additional Options

Full Loot Priority — you’ll get all the Eye of Eternity raid loot that will drop during the run for your chosen class and spec. A minimum of one item is guaranteed.

Sartharion + 2 Drakes — our team will kill Sartharion with 2 drakes alive for extra Obsidian Sanctum loot chance.

Sartharion + 3 Drakesour team will kill Sartharion with all 3 Twilight Drakes alive. You are guaranteed to get an epic flying mount that drops on the chosen difficulty of the Obsidian Sanctum – either a Black Drake or a Twilight Drake. You will also receive The Twilight Zone (10 player) / The Twilight Zone (25 player) achievement depending on the chosen difficulty.

Loot Distribution Policy

To minimize any confusion or unmet expectations, we’d rather be straightforward and honest with our customers about this matter. There is no set quantity of loot for each Obsidian Sanctum raid run that can be guaranteed. This is because the group doing the Obsidian Sanctum raid run will always give the gear to those who have paid for guaranteed things first, followed by themselves. Customers who paid for the default run will be considered only if no other characters are in need of the Obsidian Sanctum raid loot in question. The chances of acquiring anything by purchasing the default run are low but not impossible. All Wrath of the Lich King Classic raid teams operate in this manner, and any shop claiming to guarantee loot is very certainly not being honest. If you require any additional information, please read the corresponding FAQs listed on this page or contact our support staff using the provided online chat.

OS Raid Loot

The default OS +0 run rewards players with 5 level 200 items in 10-man and 10 level 213 items in the 25-man version of the dungeon. The first two drakes, if killed together with Sartharion add one item on top of the loot pile. Thus, by killing Sartharion +1 you will get an additional item, bringing the total number of items per raid to 6 and 11 respectively. Killing Sartharion +2 drakes grants another bonus item of increased item level. The second bonus item will be 213 and 226 for 10- and 25-man versions of the Obsidian Sanctum.

If you opt for killing Sartharion +3 drakes, there will be no additional gear piece for killing the last drake. Instead, the boss will drop a guaranteed mount for your group. These mounts (Reins of the Black Drake and Reins of the Twilight Drake) are one of the main reasons the Obsidian Sanctum stays relevant throughout the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion.

OS Raid Carry Requirements

Level 80 character. Use our WotLK leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Additional Requirements if You Select Piloted Mode

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get Obsidian Sanctum Loot Ordering the Default Option?

You have a chance of getting some, but it is not at all certain that you will. You will only be able to obtain items that have not already been claimed by customers who purchased guaranteed Eye of Eternity loot or members of the raid.

What happens if I get no items choosing the Full Loot Priority option?

In that scenario, our team will send you an invitation to a run the following week, and you will take part in yet another WotLK Classic Obsidian Sanctum raid run until you obtain your prize.

Do the Downgrades or Duplicate Items Count Toward my Guarantee?

They certainly do. All of the items that you receive throughout a run are counted against the guaranteed quantity, with the exception of duplicates of the same equipment slot. This is a general rule of thumb. Our crew will do everything in their power to provide you with the Obsidian Sanctum loot that will upgrade you, though. If you are interested in specific WoW WotLK items check our specific items boost service.

How my order will be completed?

  1. Configure your WoW WotLK Obsidian Sanctum carry service and submit your order.
  2. If you have any issues regarding the WoW WotLK Classic order that you placed, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. You may do so by using the live chat feature on our website or by sending us an email.
  3. Our customer service representatives will contact you through the messaging service of your choice or through an online chat, and inquire regarding the convenient time to book your Obsidian Sanctum raid boost.
  4. We’ll coordinate with your schedule to finalize all the arrangements and decide when to book your WotLK Classic Obsidian Sanctum raid boost.
  5. Your WotLK Classic Obsidian Sanctum raid boost will begin at the appointed time. Please don’t be late!
  6. Once your Wrath of the Lich King Classic Obsidian Sanctum carry service has been successfully completed, we would appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave us a review on Trustpilot.

How do you get into the Obsidian Sanctum?

You will find the Obsidian Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight. It can be reached from the north by traveling south on the Path of the Titans. The southernmost of the room’s five portals is the OS portal. The location is very convenient even if you don’t have a flying mount yet because the flight point is directly above the room with the portals. Just descend into the crack in the ice and follow the road until you enter the ground floor of the Temple.

What level can you enter Obsidian Sanctum?

The Obsidian Sanctum is designed for and can only be accessed by players that hit level 80. As is the case with all WoW Classic WotLK raids. If you are having trouble reaching the required level, consider using our 1-80 character boost and you’ll get there in no time!

How often can you do Obsidian Sanctum?

All raids in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, including the Obsidian Sanctum are on a set cooldown of 1 in-game week. This means that your character’s progress in a dungeon or raid is saved until the weekly reset, which wipes all progress and lets you run the raid again. The weekly reset marks the start of an in-game week in WoW Classic and occurs on Tuesday if you play on US realm and on Wednesday if you play on EU realm.

What Mounts drop in Obsidian Sanctum?

Obsidian Sanctum drops two versions of a Black Drake flying mount depending on the instance. you get Reins of the Black Drake for beating Sartarion + all three Twilight Drakes in 10-man dungeon and Reins of the Twilight Drake for doing the same in 25-man OS. These magnificent creatures are guaranteed to drop if you manage to beat the boss of WotLK Classic Obsidian Sanctum together with his minions, which is no easy feat.

How many bosses are in Obsidian Sanctum?

OS instance has one boss, Sartharion himself, and three Twilight Drakes:

  • Tenebron – the first drake to engage you if you leave him alive. Located between the entrance and the boss’ platform;
  • Shadron – is the second drake to attack unless he is killed before the fight. Can be found in the northernmost part of the instance;
  • Vesperon – located on the terrace to Sartharion’s left; last to attack your group if allowed to live.
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