Tempest Keep Raid Service

For now, the Tempest Keep raid boost is only possible on some realms. The list of realms is available in the product options. Check our VIP Raid Service if you’d rather not transfer your character to one of these realms.

Product Description

Here you can buy World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Tempest Keep run service.

Our player will complete the Tempest Keep raid dungeon and kill all the bosses in the dungeon with your character. You will get:

  • a chance to loot level 128-141 Epic gear;
  • a chance to loot Tier 5 tokens for your Chest and Shoulder slots;
  • minimum 2 random items that are wearable and make sense for your class are guaranteed*.

*you can not pick any specific item or refuse to receive items if they make sense for your class/spec.

This service will be completed by a static raid group; the loot will be distributed by the group leader via the Master Loot mode.

By default, you will get all items that will drop for your main spec.

Boost takes 2-3 hours. However, spots in raids are limited and your boost may be scheduled within 5-10 days starting from the moment of purchase.

We don’t use programs or bots in our work. All orders are done by hand. We can stream the progress of your boost or provide screenshots at your request.

You can choose either Self-Play Mode Icon 16x15 Self-Play or Piloted Mode Icon 16x15 Piloted mode for this boost. Former means that you will play yourself, alongside best team at our disposal. Latter means that one of our team will play for you. Please, be ready to share your login and password with us if you opt for Piloted.

Loot Distribution

Nether Vortexes are not included by default but are sold separately as an option. You can select the number of Vortexes and if you won’t get enough during the run, you can either get another run where you’ll receive the rest. You’ll only be traded vortexes, not the gear during this run. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get saved you can request a refund for the price of Vortexes you didn’t get.

The Verdant Sphere quest item is not included by default. It can be added separately by choosing the corresponding option.

Ashes of Al’ar mounts are not included by default. If it drops, it will be sold separately after or during the run.

Additional Options

  • Verdant Sphere — you will get a Verdant Sphere guaranteed. This item starts the questline that awards the best T5 content necklace.
  • Off Spec — you will get the items on one chosen off-spec that will drop during the run.
  • I Need Nether Vortexesselect the number of Vortexes that will be traded to you during the run. If you won’t get enough during a single, you can either get another run where you’ll receive the rest or request a refund for the remaining number of Vortexes that you bought but didn’t receive. Please note that additional runs will include loot only if you purchase the run again or if you didn’t get the guaranteed number of gear during your initial run.


Level 70 character. Use our Powerleveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your character has to be attuned to be able to enter the Tempest Keep. Use our Tempest Keep attunement service if needed.

Additional Requirements if You Select Piloted Mode

We will need access to your account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. The account will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

How the Tempest Keep Boost Will Be Done?

The run will be completed by a coordinated static group that will beat every boss of the Tempest Keep (the Eye) and distribute all the loot among the participants via the Master loot system according to their classes and specs. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the service (i.e. the run will be successfully completed) and that you will get a minimal number of items. You can easily get Burning Crusade Classic Tempest Keep boost by following these steps:

  1. Check the list of available realms.
  2. Contact Customer support to double-check the schedule and if options that you’d like to get are available.
  3. The Customer Support agent will get back to you once they get this info directly from the group.
  4. Buy the product on our website if the time is convenient for you.
  5. If you selected Piloted run:
    1. Share your account 1 day before the run.
    2. Get the stream link and watch it live.
  6. If you selected Self-Play run:
    1. Be online by the time of the start of the run to get invited into the raid group.

About Tempest Keep Raid Dungeon

Tempest Keep is one of two raids that form Tier 5. As with most TBC Raids in this Tier (Serpentshrine Cavern being the second major one), this one is gated until you complete the attunement chain which will have you traveling to the Tempest smith and crafting a Tempest Key. Feel free to check our Tempest Keep Attunement service if you need help with it.

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