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TBC PvP Boost Service

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Introducing Burning Crusade Classic PvP

Some say that the PvP we all know, love, and enjoy occasionally on the retail version of World of Warcraft was developed and introduced in The Burning Crusade Classic WoW. The opening of the Dark Portal was followed by an introduction of the TBC arena rating system, where players were able to queue versus other players in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 brackets and decide who is better in a match that is only won when members of one group completely kill the opponents.

You definitely need a group for this activity as it is impossible to complete via solo gameplay. Along with the TBC arena, the developers introduced the rating system, arena seasons, end-season rewards, resilience system, and much more.

In contrast with Classic, where PvP was meant either open-world ganks or Battlegrounds which rewarded players with honor points, the Vanilla TBC PvP system was reforged and upgraded. Burning Crusade PvP gave the players an opportunity to polish their skills in small-scale skirmishes and be able to earn a variety of PvP rewards.

Buying Burning Crusade PvP Carries

Burning Crusade was released by Blizzard Entertainment inc. on the 16th of January 2007. WoW TBC was one of the most successful games in the game industry. However, every game in that day and age required a lot of time investment from its gamers.

A lot has changed since then and these days not everyone can spend 8-10 hours a day playing online games. This is especially true if the “gameplay” in question is some basic honor farming. This is why the best way to approach this would be to buy WoW TBC PvP boosting services on Epiccarry!

Our professional players will help you with any PvP task – honor farming, TBC arena rating carry, title boost, or any other PvP carry service. Our boosters have successfully completed countless WoW TBC gladiator boosts and are ready to help you with earning one of the most prestigious titles in the game! Enjoy the time spending with your family leave the boring stuff to our professional boosters!

WoW Arena Boosting in TBC with Epiccarry

As was mentioned before, the arena appeared with the release of WoW Burning Crusade. With this update, players started competing for rating and rewards. The most valuable rewards are a gladiator title and gladiator Netherdrakes. Only the best Burning Crusade PVP players can obtain these rewards. To be eligible for it you need to get into the top 0.5% of the arena ladder in your bracket what very much differs from the current retail system.

All Warcraft players know that getting a high rating and a special gladiator title was way harder than it is now in the retail version. However, we have an easy solution: buying PvP services on Epiccarry you can get any desired TBC arena rating, PvP mount, title, or any other PvP service and be sure in high quality, because:

  • We work only with professional boosters most of them are the OG Burning Crusade veterans;
  • We work in the boosting market since 2008;
  • Our PvP boosters are Gladiators or R1 Gladiators;
  • We are providing service on the big range of realms;
  • Real cheap price on our service.

We offer any conceivable PvP service in World of Warcraft, from a mundane Honor Points farm and to Gladiator carries and even coaching! Our PvP boosters have played since the very beginning and amassed a lot of valuable TBC Classic beta experiences and they’ll gladly share the best PvP and PvE tricks for any class and playstyle with you.

What is a TBC Rating?

TBC PvP Rating system changed a lot of things. With the introduction of the arena, Blizzard added a rating system where every team and its members gain or lose rating depending on the outcome of the match. There are 3 types of rating in the arena – Match-making, Personal, and Team:

Match-making – also called MMR, this is the hidden value that is assigned to every participant in the Arena. The game uses this value to match different teams against each other.

For example, if a player reached a high rating in one group and then decided to start a new one where both his teammates start from scratch, the system would still match them against teams with higher MMR than it normally would for a trio of new World of Warcraft players.

Team rating – also known as TR, this is the rating you and your teammates gain as a result of your matches. You gain some for each win and then lose some when your opponents get the best of you.

This value serves to determine your arena points cap, e.g. how much currency you get at the start of each week. There are some requirements to be eligible for an arena cap. You are eligible to earn a cap if:

  • your personal rating is within 150 of the TR;
  • you have participated at least in 30% of the total games played by the squad;
  • you have played at least 10 games in the previous week.

Personal rating – determines your performance compared to your teammates. It can differ from the TR if you are new to the team or your teammates played some matches without you.

This rating is required to buy arena sets gear. In the original TBC, the requirement was 2000 for weapons and 2200 for shoulders. However, in WoW TBC Classic Blizzard Entertainment decreased it to 1850 is required for current season weapons, and 2000 for the shoulders. Your TR also plays a role here, as your personal rating still has to be within 150 points from your TR to be able to buy gear so get ready to farm even more wins if you decide to switch.

What’s the best PvP class in TBC?

At the moment most valuable classes for TBC PvP are:

  • Resto Druid- the most versatile class in the game is also is the best class if you want to start healing in the arena. It performs very well, due to the fact that it has access to instant heals, great mobility skills allow druids to outrun and kite their enemies, and it has a couple of great CC skills on top of that. This makes Restoration Druids one of the most OP and greatest PvP classes in the Burning Crusade Classic;
  • Subtlety Rogue – also a very mobile and tanky class in the arena. Rogue, can easily control the enemies and do high DPS at the same time. This class like Resto Druids is simply overpowered;
  • SL/SL Warlock – the most hard-hitting class in PvE Classic Burning Crusade, warlocks are equally as capable of melting other players’ faces, too. Some teams even meting warlocks playing in setup WL/WL/RDRU in 3v3 bracket as this class is extremely powerful.
  • Frost Mage – this class is also good at surviving. Has very nice mobility, doing good burst damage, and is very easy to play. If you are new to the game then a mage is the best choice for you.

By choosing any of these classes you will not find a problem with finding teammates. All of them have really overpowered PvP skills in their kit, are on their peak PvP performance, and are a great addition to any composition.

What rating do you start at in TBC?

Nothing has changed since the Burning Crusade Vanilla version, every player starts from 0 and matches have to be won if you want to change that :).

How do you get PvP gear in TBC?

You have 2 options to get PvP gear in Burning Crusade Classic:

Honor farming – you can get honor in old-style WoW PvP Battlegrounds fighting on a 10-40 people scale. The average rate of Honor farming for a good player is 5-7 thousand honor points per day. Our players perform much better: buying PvP carries with Epiccarry you can expect 8-10 thousand. Hire one of our battlegrounds berserker to do all the tedious grinding for you! Just relax and watch our AOE killer pwning noobs for you.

Arena rating – you can get arena points by playing arena in 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 brackets. This is not an easy task in WoW TBC classic as if for a full arena set you will require 8250 points. You can order arena gear PvP boost service and our WoW TBC Classic boosters will equip you in the best arena gear.

Where is the PvP vendor in TBC?

You can find vendors that sell TBC Classic honor gear in Stormwind (Champions’ Hall) if you belong to the Alliance and Orgrimmar (Hall of Legends) if you’re Horde. These vendors also sell old weapons.

There is also a vendor in Shattrath City (Lower City) which is friendly to both factions. If you want to buy arena sets, you can buy it in Nagrand (Ring of Trials), Shattrath City (Lower City), Blade’s Edge Mountains (Arena), Netherstorm (Area 52).

We highly recommend you to first purchase a weapon and 4 PvP set parts for the best DPS and resilience impact. Or simply order a PvP boost with us and we will do the job for you as soon as we get the order details!

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