Dragonflight World Pvp

New PvP gear, class updates, seasonal rewards — this is all about the New Dragonflight Season 3 PvP! So if you’re interested in one of these points, dive into our incredible Dragonflight Season 3 PvP guide, and learn:

  1. Why the dragonflight season 3 pvp gear is stronger than PvE in the current season.
  2. How much honor you need to get all the rewards from the great vault rewards season 3.
  3. What’s new about the cap in the Dragonflight’s new season.
  4. How to finish Dragonflight Season 3 in the Emerald Dream if you’re a Protection Warrior without PvP talents.

And other helpful but useful information, like about crests: where to buy them, minor changes to the main skills, rewards, mounts, and arena rotations. So let’s start by describing each point and move on to the essential things.

Conquest cap for the Dragonflight PvP season 3

A New Pvp Talent Is Available

The new Dragonflight PvP season will start at the November 15. So with this information, use the table of Conquest cap and spend your conquest with a maximal attention.

Conquest in WoW? It’s a PvP currency, mate. Rack it up by smashing heads in various maps, then spend it on wicked gear slots. Resets weekly, complete freedom to choose your swag. Healers, too—everyone gets a piece. Introduced to keep track of your PvP prowess in fragments. And learn in season 3 rewards wow limited by weeks.

Date for maximal Wow dragonflight season 3 pvp rewardsConquest Cap in dragonflight pvp season 3
Nov 151,350
Nov 221,900
Nov 292,450
Dec 063,000
Dec 133,550
Dec 204,100
Dec 274,650
Jan 035,200
Jan 105,750
Jan 176,300

Major and minor changes in Skills

Dragonflight Pvp

The New wow dragonflight Season introduced many Features, and really major changes for the Dragonflight PvP system. Catch the system of the all provided changes between previous seasons, and the current 3rd season of Dragonflight lesser verdant trophy of conquest.

PvP Gear UpgradeUpgraded with Honor in previous seasonsUses standard gear upgrade system introduced in 10.1
Arena MapsHad fewer maps2 additional maps added to all pools
Gladiator’s Medallion Cooldown120 seconds for healers90 seconds for all healer specializations
Conquest CapVaried1,350 for Week 1, increases by 550 every week
War Mode GearDifferent item levels and systemBlue quality starts at 473, can upgrade to 486
PvP Class ChangesBased on previous patchVarious updates per class in Patch 10.2
Bloodlust/Heroism; Time Warp; Fury of the AspectsNot usable in RBGsUsable in RBGs

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What about PvP Gear and Hero Gear analogs?

Dragonflight Pvp Rewards

So, the Verdant titles you get in Dragonflight Season 3 PvP kinda match up with different levels of gear, just like the gear setup you see in PvE. I’ve taken a look at the PvP gear and matched it with the PvE gear titles from the earlier list we talked about..

Gear TypeSourcePvP Item Level for arena titlePvE Gear Track Analog
Verdant Combatant rated solo shuffle titleCrafted463Champion gear 4/8
Verdant AspirantHonor476Hero gear 4/6
Verdant GladiatorConquest489Myth gear 1/4
Scalewarden Starter GearBloody Tokens (War Mode)473Hero gear 3/6
Scalewarden Upgraded GearTrophy of Strife (War Mode)486Higher than myth gear 4/4

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Hellbloom war mode & pvp gear patch 10.2

Wow Dragonflight Pvp

Dragonflight Season 3 rewards is bringing in the fresh Hellbloom War Mode gear. You can grab the blue gear at Item Level 431 (think Adventurer 2/8) and PvP Item Level 473 right from Malicia at Gladiator’s Refuge. Need an upgrade? Snag some Trophy of Strife from weekly quests and bump that gear to epic status, which is additionally grants some bonuses in roots targets with a backlasheffects. The epic starts off at Item Level 450 (Veteran 4/8) and a PvP Item Level of 486. This stuff is one more way to gear up for future battles. Just another tier in the Warcraft world’s gear progression—perfect for when you’re out there tackling dungeons or hoping for that sweet drop from bosses. Keep track, ’cause this is just one type of the upgrades announced that could shake up how we gear up from past expansions.

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Arena Pools Patch 10.2 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Pvp Changes Dragonflight

So, we’ve got these PvP arena map pools lined up for some intense action. Pool A’s kicking it with the classic Nagrand Arena, Pool B’s got that OG vibe with Ruins of Lordaeron, and Pool C’s mixing old and new, from Hook Point to Empyrean Domain.

Each pool’s like a playlist for your PvP throwdowns, with maps rotating in and out. Think of them as your PvP currency tab, where instead of gear or crests, you’re banking strategies and adrenaline. As the season kicks off, you’ll see these pools shuffle and reset, keeping you on your toes.

No matter if you’re gearing up in PvE item levels or hopping straight from a raid, these pools are where you’ll prove your mettle. So, hope you’ve been paying attention since the dawn of Cataclysm ’cause these arenas are gonna test all that and more

Pool APool BPool C
Nagrand ArenaNagrand ArenaNagrand Arena
Dalaran SewersRuins of LordaeronHook Point
Tiger’s PeakTol’viron ArenaEmpyrean Domain
Enigma CrucibleTiger’s PeakAshamane’s Fall
Empyrean DomainBlade’s Edge ArenaThe Robodrome
Ashamane’s FallMaldraxxus ColliseumMugambala
Maldraxxus ColliseumBlack Rook Hold ArenaEnigma Crucible
Nokhudon Proving GroundsNokhudon Proving GroundsNokhudon Proving Grounds
Black Rook Hold ArenaHook PointTol’viron Arena
Ruins of LordaeronThe RobodromeDalaran Sewers

PVP gear Upgrade system season 3

Alright, let’s break down the gear game for Dragonflight Season 3 PvP:

Pvp Dragonflight
  • First up, you’ve got crafted gear that’s chill for PvE but needs a PvP glow-up.
  • Scoop up some Verdant Crests or Trophies with Honor or Conquest points to give your gear that PvP edge.
  • Light gear like necklaces or bracelets? Lesser Verdant Crests have got your back, boosting to 476 when you’re facing off in the arena or on the battlefield.
  • Got gear that’s a bit beefier, like your gloves and shoes? The standard Verdant Crest is your go-to for the same level up.
  • Now, for the big guns: helmets, chestplates, leg guards—go Greater Verdant Crest for the ultimate PvP boost.
  • Craving the top tier? Trophies of Conquest are where it’s at, pushing your item level to 489 where it counts.
  • All these upgrades are tagged to items crafted with that Spark of Dreams, so make sure you’re crafting smart.
  • Remember, it’s all about leveling up your gear as you would your character—each crest and trophy is a step up in the PvP world
Item TypeCrest/Trophy TypeCurrencyAmount NeededItem Level Jump
Rings, CloaksLesser Verdant Crest of HonorHonor525476
Shoulders, BootsVerdant Crest of HonorHonor700476
Head, ChestGreater Verdant Crest of HonorHonor850476

Class changes in WoW Dragonflight season 3

Dragonflight Season 3 Pvp Gear, Rewards And Changes Explained

Patch 10.2 just dropped some spicy class tweaks post-Mythic Amirdrassil smackdown, shaking up how we’re gonna raid, PvP, and dragonfly around. Death Knights and Shadow Priests got some love, with DKs getting a mix of buffs and nerfs, and Shadow Priests scoring a sweet 5% damage up across the board (but keep it out of PvP, alright?). Druids, Warlocks, and notably, fury and protection warriors are also getting a bump in their healing and damage numbers, ensuring that every specialization, from healer to tank, feels the impact. For those who love to mix it up in PvP, there’s a bunch of tweaks to make fights fairer, like adjusting damage and healing percentages and playing around with cooldown times. And don’t even get me started on gear changes—illusion, conquest gear, vendor caps, and all that jazz got a revamp. Blizzard’s throwing in some new brawls, gear sets, and even flightstones for extra fun, alongside dragonriding enhancements for a full conversion of your appearance, ensuring your ally’s visual flair matches your prowess.

Dragonflight Season 3 Pvp Gear, Rewards And Changes Explained

Evokers, prepare for your abilities to shine in rated battlegrounds with preservation and healing increased, and those annoying movement impairing effects are now less of a hassle. Arena fighters will see stamina and absorption buffs, making every match a blitz against the enemy. This season, gear up with themed sets, from the annhilating flame to moonbeasts, earn honor, craft items, and procure unique mounts as rewards. Blizzard’s goal?

To keep the game exciting, balanced, and visually stunning, pushing the limits of dragonflight, PvP prowess, and PvE challenges. Check the table below for the nitty-gritty on who got what, from class changes to new game modes and gear adjustments, ensuring every second of gameplay feels rewarding.

ClassSpecializationChange TypeDetail
Death KnightFrostDamage ReductionFrostwyrm’s Fury, Howling Blast nerfed. Chill Streak & Obliterate buffed.
DruidRestorationHealing IncreaseAll healing bumped by 3% in PvE. Butthe druid balance damage reduced
PriestShadowDamage IncreaseAll damage up by 5% in PvE.
WarlockAffliction/DestructionDamage IncreaseDamage from you and pets up by 6% in PvE.
Demon HunterHavocPvP Talent ChangeChaotic Disposition talent tweaked for less variance in damage.
DruidFeralPvP Healing ReductionRegrowth healing down by 20% in PvP.
EvokerPvP Damage & Cooldown ReductionAzure Strike, Time Stop, Chrono Loop adjusted for PvP. annhilating flame proc reduced
warriorfury and protection warriorWarrior new pvp talent-pvp item levels caps increased cooldown reductiond for season 3

Remember, it’s all about keeping the game balanced, making each class shine in its own way, whether you’re raiding, in a battleground, or just chilling with your dragon. So, grab your gear, check out the new sets, and get ready to see those damage numbers fly (or heal numbers, if that’s your jam).

Wow Dragonflight Season 3 pvp rewards

Pvp Rewards Dragonflight

Gladiators in Season 3, get ready to look slick on the new Winding Slitherdrake mount, decked out in Verdant Gladiator style. If you’re into faction vibes, Moonbeasts are the vicious mounts to snag this season.

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Here’s the loot list:

Remember, the PvP hustle is real: track your progress, upgrade your gear with crests, and aim to crest the top of the PvP world this expansion. And lay hold of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Tier sets release to improve your game performance!

Final thoughts about PvP Season 3

Dragonflight Season 3 Pvp Gear, Rewards And Changes Explained

Dragonflight Season 3 PvP bonanza with some final thoughts that are as wild as a night out in the Ruins of Lordaeron. This season, Blizzard really flipped the script, making PvP gear the main attraction over PvE gear. I mean, why grind dungeons when you can deck yourself out in elite conquest PvP gear and look like a total boss?

  1. PvP Gear Overhaul: Elite conquest PvP gear, honor gear, and upgraded hellbloom gear introduced. A;so pve class setpeiceand gear vendors increased cooldown reduction for some magic damage, and physical damage, which is stacked for a remaining health in pvp category
  2. Class and Balance Updates: New PvP talents for fury and protection warriors; druid balance damage and monk damage reduced; paladin holy and shaman restoration healing adjusted.
  3. Gear Customization: Convert crafted PvE gear to PvP; new weapon illusions and full conversion dragonriding appearances; verdant gladiator weapon appearances.
  4. Mechanic Adjustments: Mana cost, cooldown reduction, direct healing, and absorption effects tweaked for PvP balance.
  5. Seasonal Features: Dragonflight Season 3 brings updated item levels caps, new vicious mounts, unique mounts, and cosmetic weapons.
  6. Arena and rated battlegrounds: Updated weekly map rotation for rated and skirmish arenas; new BG blitz and battleground blitz modes.
  7. Rewards and Progression: PvP activities reward flightstones; new solo shuffle and arena titles; conquest cap changes; gear vendors offer updated gear.
  8. Visual and Cosmetic Upgrades: New visual effects, verdant gladiator’s tabard, and verdant legend’s pennant.
  9. Utility and Effects: New power-ups, increased stamina, and effects that remove movement impairing effects or root targets.
  10. Accessibility: Easier version of rated PvP activities, unlock item choices through conquest PvP, and work orders for crafting.

First off, the conquest cap got a facelift, starting at 1,350 and climbing by 550 each week. This means you’ve gotta be on your A-game, collecting those conquest points like they’re going out of style. And for the gear-heads, this season introduced a shiny new system for upgrading your war threads. Say goodbye to the old honor upgrades and hello to using those hard-earned conquest points for some serious gear boosts.

Class changes final thoughts in WoW Dragonflight Season 3

Now, let’s talk class changes because, oh boy, did we get a mixed bag of treats. Fury and protection warrior got a new PvP talent that’s as spicy as a Horde-themed moonbeast, which is help them to earn greater verdant trophy of conquest. Druids, on the flip side, saw their balance damage reduced, making them less of a nightmare in combat shapeshift form. And for those who like to keep their allies alive, the paladin holy healing and shaman restoration healing got some tweaks, ensuring you’re more than just a glorified health potion. So, how to use verdant trophy of conquest as pvp gear dragonflight season 3?

Dragonflight Season 3 Pvp Gear, Rewards And Changes Explained

PvP wasn’t just about smashing faces, though. Blizzard threw in some quality-of-life changes like PvP activities rewarding flightstones and the introduction of gear vendors and gear upgrades with verdant gladiator weapon appearances that make you look sharp while slashing your enemies.

The rated and skirmish arenas got a refresh with an updated weekly map rotation, ensuring that your tactics remain as fresh as the gear from the elite conquest quartermaster. Speaking of fresh, the new weapon illusion and dragonriding appearances brought a whole new level of swagger to the battlegrounds.

But what’s gear without the glory? This season introduced new vicious mounts and unique cosmetic weapons that had us all drooling. Whether you were in it for the epic quality gear or just to show off your new verdant gladiator’s tabard, there was something for everyone.

Dragonflight Season 3 was about pushing the envelope, from the way we think about PvP gear to the strategies we use in the heat of battle. With increased item level caps, direct healing adjustments, and those sneaky pvp balance changes, every match felt like a new challenge.

And let’s not forget the minor but mighty changes, like the conversion dragonriding appearance that took our aerial game to new heights or the bloody tokens that kept us hooked on that auction house game. It was a season of exploration, not just in the skies of the Forbidden Reach but in the depths of our combat strategies.


In conclusion, whether you were queued solo, hunting for that weekly chest, or teaming up for some rated battlegrounds, Dragonflight Season 3 was an absolute blast. The blend of new gear, class tweaks, and the ever-evolving PvP ladder kept us all on our toes. Here’s to hoping the next season brings even more thrills, spills, and PvP chills. Cheers to the battles, the glory, and, most importantly, the incredible gaming experience that keeps us coming back for more. Now, let’s gear up, get out there, and make some magic happen in the world of Azeroth!

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