Mythic Loot Table Dragonflight

The Dragonflight patch 10.2 is here, and with it, the Dragonflight Season 3 mythic. And what does it mean? Simple — it means that you should be ready for:

  1. New Dungeon rotation.
  2. New Rewards. We’re able to provide you with a new ilvl table and a list of interesting trinkets for each class. Also, you will find m+ loot table
  3. New Crests and FlightStones.
  4. New Gear from mythic plus loot table.
  5. New Meta mythic+ loot table.
  6. New raid Amirdrassil: The Dream’s hope!

Without extra words, let’s present you the most important things about this new season.


Dungeon guidesMythic Affix Guides
Algath’ar AcademyTHE WOW AFFLICTED AFFIX with afflicted souls
Azure VaultBolstering affix
Brackenhide HollowSanguine Affix
Halls of InfusionStorming affix
Neltharus.Fortified affix
Nokhud OffensiveBursting Affix
Ruby Life PoolsTyrannical Affix
UldamanSpiteful affix
Dragonflight dungeons overview!Incorporeal affix
VOLCANIC AFFIXEntangling affix
Raging AffixSpiteful Affix+

Meta Trinket Table for Dragonflight season from previous expansions

Dragonflight Season 3

Yup, I know what you’re searching for here. You’re searching for ways to optimize your gear and increase your DPS. So, without introductions on how to collect your gear or how to simcraft, I’ll put here a table full of trinkets for all classes, which are dropped from those old-new dungeons.

DungeonExpansionTrinketClass Type/Role/Stat Recommended
Darkheart ThicketLegionOakheart’s Gnarled RootTank
Darkheart ThicketLegionCorrupted StarlightCaster DPS (Intellect)
Darkheart ThicketLegionNightmare Egg ShellPhysical DPS (Agility/Strength)
Darkheart ThicketLegionWrithing Heart of DarknessTank/DPS (Versatility)
Black Rook HoldLegionAmalgam’s Seventh SpineHealer/Caster DPS (Intellect)
Black Rook HoldLegionSpiked CounterweightMelee DPS
Black Rook HoldLegionCaged HorrorCaster DPS (Intellect)
Black Rook HoldLegionEmber of NullificationTank/Caster DPS (Magic Absorb)
Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond’s FallDragonflightProphetic StonescalesHealer/Caster DPS (Intellect)
Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s RiseDragonflightEchoing TyrstoneTank
Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond’s FallDragonflightAccelerating SandglassHealer/Caster DPS (Haste)
Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s RiseDragonflightTime-Thief’s GambitPhysical DPS (Agility/Strength)
Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s RiseDragonflightMirror of Fractured TomorrowsCaster DPS (Intellect)
Atal’DazarBattle for AzerothMy’das TalismanGold income/All
Atal’DazarBattle for AzerothRevitalizing Voodoo TotemHealer
Atal’DazarBattle for AzerothRezan’s Gleaming EyePhysical DPS (Critical Strike)
Atal’DazarBattle for AzerothVessel of Skittering ShadowsAgility DPS
Waycrest ManorBattle for AzerothGore-Crusted Butcher’s BlockStrength DPS
Waycrest ManorBattle for AzerothBalefire BranchCaster DPS (Intellect)
Waycrest ManorBattle for AzerothLady Waycrest’s Music BoxHealer
The EverbloomWarlords of DraenorWitherbark’s BranchHealer/Caster DPS
The EverbloomWarlords of DraenorCoagulated Genesaur BloodTank
The EverbloomWarlords of DraenorLeaf of the Ancient ProtectorsHealer
The EverbloomWarlords of DraenorSpores of AlacrityCaster DPS (Intellect)
The EverbloomWarlords of DraenorXeri’tac’s Unhatched Egg SacAgility DPS
Throne of the TidesCataclysmPorcelain CrabTanks
Throne of the TidesCataclysmMight of the OceanStrength DPS
Throne of the TidesCataclysmSea StarHealers

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Mythic Plus Loot Table Dragonflight

Dungeon Rotation in the Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 3

Mythic+ Loot Table Dragonflight

So, the following instances are waiting for you in the Dragonflight Mythic+ season 3.

TitleExpansionTimer for close+2+3
Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond’s Fall dawnDragonflight35:0028:0021:00
Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s RiseDragonflight37:0029:3622:12
Darkheart ThicketLegion30:0024:0018:00
Black Rook HoldLegion36:0028:4823:24
Waycrest ManorBattle for Azeroth36:4029:2022:00
Atal’DazarBattle for Azeroth30:0024:0018:00
EverbloomWarlords of Draenor33:0026:2419:48
Throne of the TidesCataclysm34:0027:1220:24

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As you can see, this has become a good tradition to mix the mega dungeon and the mythic dungeons from the previous expansion to separate the 10.2 loot table. But there’s good news. Legion and BFA dungeons were designed and developed for the Mythic+ keys first. That’s why you shouldn’t expect any troubles with balance here, unlike WoD and Cataclysm instances, which were not developed for the Key challenges at all!

Dragonflight 10.2 Mythic Plus Guide - M+ Rewards Season 3 Explained

You can obtain different mythic + rewards season 3 from these dungeons. We’re prepare guide for each of them, to provide you the most clarified 10.2 m+ loot table. So visit our Dungeon guides, and also you may be interested in how to optimize wow m+ loot table for becoming the BiS player!

Acquire the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Tier sets from version mythic plus rewards 10.2 for improved effectiveness in key adventures, but to do this, you should spend a part of time in the raids.

Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Rewards

New Affix in the Dragonflight Season 3

Dragonflight Mythic Plus Rewards

If you’re newbie in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight season three, you might been interested in the affixes, which you have to pass in the dungeons.

  1. Tyrannical: Bosses in dungeons like Darkheart Thicket are tougher—expect longer boss fights and bigger health pools.
  2. Storming: Whirling tornadoes make a guest appearance, so keep moving and don’t get caught in a dance with them.
  3. Raging: When mobs get low on health, they hit harder—like a cornered animal, they’re dangerous when wounded.
  4. Fortified: Regular enemies are hitting the gym; they’re tankier and hit like a truck, so focus your CC and strategies.
  5. Entangling: Roots will trip you up; move smartly or you’ll be stuck admiring the scenery in places like Waycrest Manor.
  6. Bolstering: Kill mobs evenly, or that last one standing will become a mini-boss and ruin your day.
  7. Incorporeal: Ghostly figures join the fight, making things slippery; don’t let them sneak up on you.
  8. Spiteful: Defeated enemies become spiteful shades—think angry ghosts holding a grudge; don’t turn your back!
  9. Afflicted: Affixes make you think twice about your pulls and pot usage—plan ahead or suffer.
  10. Volcanic: It’s like the floor is lava, so keep hopping or you’ll get fried—stay on your toes!
  11. Sanguine: Watch your step, as mobs leave pools of health-draining goop on death; it’s a messy business.
  12. Bursting: Mobs explode on death in a chain reaction; so kill carefully unless you want a group wipe.

Substitutional affixes from Legion expansion and others rotation first weeks

Mythic + Loot Table Dragonflight

We have a list of substitutional affixes for first 10 weeks if you need them to expect your journey with a highest of possible wow season 3 m+ rewards:

Week #Affix 1
(Level 2+)
Affix 2
(Level 7+)
Affix 3
(Level 14+)

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Item Level for the keys

Mythic+ Rewards Dragonflight

Like in all previous seasons of the DF dungeons, the gear has been separated into titles and item levels. The maximum item level has been increased to 483 as 10.2 m+ rewards. You can find the list of all item level rewards for those dungeons right in the table below.

Catch the complete m+ loot table season 3. We mean not the mythic plus loot table season 3, but the Item level, which you get in the end of dungeon loot dragonflight season 3.

DifficultyEnd of Dungeon dragonflight season 3 loot tableEnd Dungeon Gear dragonflight season 3 lootGreat Vault m+ gear season 3Great Vault Gear Track m+ loot season 3
2441Veteran 1/8454Champion 1/8
3444Veteran 2/8457Champion 2/8
4444Veteran 2/8460Champion 3/8
5447Veteran 3/8460Champion 3/8
6447Veteran 3/8463Champion 4/8
7450Veteran 4/8463Champion 4/8
8450Veteran 4/8467Hero 1/6
9454Champion 1/8467Hero 1/6
10454Champion 1/8470Hero 2/6
11457Champion 2/8470Hero 2/6
12457Champion 2/8473Hero 3/6
13460Champion 3/8473Hero 3/6
14460Champion 3/8473Hero 3/6
15463Champion 4/8476Hero 4/6
16463Champion 4/8476Hero 4/6
17467Hero 1/6476Hero 4/6
18467Hero 1/6480Myth 1/4
19470Hero 2/6480Myth 1/4
20470Hero 2/6483Myth 2/4

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Season unique rewards for the Mythic+ Dragonflight Season 3

Dragonflight 10.2 Mythic Plus Guide - M+ Rewards Season 3 Explained

To be honest, there’s nothing new in terms of wow season 3 mythic plus rewards for all the DF dungeons. Just many teleports, mounts, titles, and of course, the meta achievement of achieving the highest possible RIO you can increase in the Dawn of the Infinite or older dungeons from the Azeroth expansion.

TitleType of dragonflight season 3 m+ rewardsLaconic Requirement to obtain reward from mythic + loot table
Keystone Hero: Atal’DazarTeleportComplete Atal’Dazar at Mythic 20+ within time to get these dragonflight season 3 mythic plus rewards.
Keystone Hero: Black Rook HoldTeleportComplete Black Rook Hold at Mythic 20+ within time.
Keystone Hero: Darkheart ThicketTeleportComplete Darkheart Thicket at Mythic 20+ within time.
Keystone Hero: Dawn of the InfiniteTeleportComplete both Dawn of the Infinite dungeons at Mythic 20+ within time.
Keystone Hero: The EverbloomTeleportComplete The Everbloom at Mythic 20+ within time.
Keystone Hero: Throne of the TidesTeleportComplete Throne of the Tides at Mythic 20+ within time.
Keystone Hero: Waycrest ManorTeleportComplete Waycrest Manor at Mythic 20+ within time.
Dragonflight Keystone Explorer: Season ThreeTitle for m+ season 3 rewardsAchieve Mythic+ Rating of at least 750. And get Title and other bonuses for wow m+ rewards season 3
Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season ThreeTitleAchieve Mythic+ Rating of at least 1,500 and earn “The Dreaming” title as m+ rewards 10.2.
Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season ThreeMount & ItemAchieve Mythic+ Rating of 2,000 for Verdant Armoredon mount and tier piece.
Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season ThreeAchievement & Visual EffectAchieve Mythic+ Rating of 2,500 for visual effects and account-wide unlock. Works as dragonflight season 3 rewards for all characters in your account
Keystone Master mount for Season 3MountAttain as part of the Keystone Master achievement.

These are season 3 m+ rewards, which will be with you, not only this season, but the teleport, which you wil get as mythic+ rewards season 3, will be with you all the time.


Dragonflight 10.2 Mythic Plus Guide - M+ Rewards Season 3 Explained

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of World of Warcraft, Dragonflight Season 3 ushers in a thrilling chapter filled with challenging dungeons and enticing rewards. With the advent of Patch 10.2, players can dive into the depths of returning dungeons like Black Rook Hold and Throne of the Tides, as well as newer challenges such as the Dawn of the Infinite and Murozond’s Rise. As adventurers push through higher keystone levels within the set time limits, they’ll unlock unique dungeon portals, including the coveted Dragonflight Keystone Hero and Explorer titles, along with the Keystone Master achievement for top-tier gear like the Verdant Armoredon mount.

Dragonflight 10.2 Mythic Plus Guide - M+ Rewards Season 3 Explained

The season introduces an array of seasonal rewards, ensuring that each end of dungeon triumph and Great Vault opening brings a chance for various rewards, elevating item levels and enhancing gameplay. Whether battling through the Battle for Azeroth or Warlords of Draenor expansions, players must strategize to conquer the dungeons and achieve Mythic 20 for those exclusive Keystone Hero teleports. Dragonflight Season 3 exemplifies the blend of skill, strategy, and teamwork needed to master the Azeroth expansion’s mythic dungeons, promising a mix of old and new challenges alongside the allure of achieving higher keystone levels and securing the game’s top tier gear.