Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

Okay, let’s start. Firstly, let us be honest with you. These articles are experimental. Why? Because nobody has created special guides for each affix in the World of Warcraft before. That’s why we started with the Afflicted affix earlier, but for now, we’re diving into the Storming Affix.


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So, what exactly will you find in this Storming Affix guide?

  1. Simply the explanation of what exactly this affix does.
  2. The ways to navigate through the ‘Winds.’
  3. Why you shouldn’t bring a Frost Mage or Shadow Priest into Mythic+ keys this week.
  4. The macros, WeakAuras, addons, and special routes that can help you navigate the Storming affix, if they exist, of course. So, let’s begin!

Storming Affix Definition and explanation

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

The Storming affix in World of Warcraft is a chaotic and challenging element added to dungeons at certain keystone levels. When this affix is active, non-boss enemies (think of all the smaller, less significant mobs you encounter before the big bosses) periodically generate tornado-like swirls. These swirls, or random tornadoes, pursue random players, making it particularly tricky for melee players like Demon Hunters who operate within melee range.

Spawn TornadoesRandom tornadoes appear periodically.
Target PlayersTornadoes chase players around.
Damage & KnockbackHitting players causes % health damage and knocks back.
AvoidableCan be dodged with careful movement.
Non-Boss MobsTriggered by regular enemies, not bosses.
Keystone LevelStarts at Level 7+ keystones.

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The tornadoes spawned by the Storming Affix don’t just leisurely float around; they actively seek out players, causing significant trouble. When they hit a player, they deal damage proportional to a player’s maximum health and can knockback, which can be especially dangerous if it pushes players into other hazards or enemies. This makes it critical for party members, especially those who prefer to engage at a distance like ranged DPS, to constantly stay on their toes and be ready to dodge.

The best ways to play while the Storming Affix

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

Okay, when you inquire about what to do with a Storming Affix, there isn’t a heavy emphasis on crowd control tactics or mechanics related to non-boss enemy deaths. This isn’t the simplest affix, but it shouldn’t create significant problems for you when soloing.

So, here are tips for dealing with a Storming Affix:

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks
  1. Avoid pulling large groups where you’ll need to use a lot of interrupts. It’s better to separate those packs.
  2. Don’t linger near the edges of maps; you can get knocked off by the winds.
  3. Prefer melee DPS over ranged casters. It might be a good idea to provide more healing to the tank because the winds can interrupt casts.

Now, let’s explain each of these tips for handling trash mobs affected by the Storming affix in the World of Warcraft.

Falling is killing in storming affix

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

In Storming, those tornadoes are a real pain. They knock you around like crazy. If one hits you and you fall off something high, yup, that’s a goner. So, watch out and don’t get yeeted off the edge! It’s not a trouble for the most of dungeons, but we’re write this guide not only for the world of warcraft: Dragonflight season three, but for all the future expansions and seasons, so when you will play in high ground dungeons, remember about you can loose full health like in the SL spires, or dungeons like that.

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Do not take long casters

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

First and foremost, do not include a Frost Mage or any caster with low movement speed in your group when dealing with the Storming affix. While the Storming affix doesn’t inflict massive damage, it disrupts long casts, even if the caster remains on the path of the winds.

This mechanic is reminiscent of Volcanic, but Storming’s damaging whirlwinds can stack, creating even more problems for players. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid classes like Elemental Shaman, Frost Mage, and Affliction Warlock if you want to avoid potential trouble with the winds in the Storming affix.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that among all the Mythic affixes, Storming is one of the simplest, especially when attempting solo content. With a random group of players in a Pickup group, you can easily push dungeons to higher levels than 15-17!

The best routes to play with the Storming Affix + MDT

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

This is a handy table of MDT (Mythic Dungeon Tools) routes tailored for the Storming Affix in WoW. These routes are all about dodging those pesky, swirling winds and keeping your cool when things like volcanic plumes start appearing or when spiteful shades decide to join the party. Expect the unexpected – fiends rising, lingering pools catching you off guard, and most enemies getting a bit more spicy. Remember, standing in the wrong spot or underestimating the power of crowd-controlled mobs can turn a smooth run into a whirlwind of chaos. So, keep an eye on these routes, stay nimble, and don’t let the Storming Affix get the best of you!

Route For storming dungeoncommentary
Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s FallWatch for tornadoes while dodging dragon breath. Crowd control is key, and keep an eye on those pesky dragonkin minions.
Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s RiseTornado dodging time-travel! Focus on single targets and beware of random spawns and sneaky knockbacks.
Darkheart Thicket (from the Legion expansion)Forest mayhem with tornadoes. Use line of sight wisely, and dispel abilities can be lifesavers here.
Black Rook Hold (Legion)Castle chaos! Tight spaces make dodging harder. Prioritize crowd control and watch for ranged enemies.
Waycrest Manor (Battle for Azeroth)Haunted house with a twist. Tornadoes in narrow corridors mean you’ll need quick feet and sharp turns.
Atal’Dazar (Battle for Azeroth)Zandalari zaniness. Open spaces, but watch for tornadoes while dealing with bosses and their minions.
Everbloom (Warlords of Draenor)Nature’s fury with extra whirlwinds. Keep moving, and use crowd control to handle adds effectively.
Throne of the Tides (Cataclysm)Underwater vibes with wind? Yep. Manage your positioning carefully and be ready for unexpected moves.

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The best builds to play storming affix

Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

In current season, the best build for the storming affix (like for any other) is, just the meta group with:

  1. Vengeance demon hunter as a tank.
  2. Restoration shaman as a healer.
  3. Fury warrior for melee.
  4. Retribution paladin
  5. Augmentation evoker.

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Of course, you may say, what the evoker has a long cast, but the maximal dps in current season is much more effective than a possible risks in cause of the long casts.


Wow Storming Affix Guide &Nbsp;- Get The Best Tips And Tricks

When dealing with the Storming Affix in WoW, remember it’s all about smart positioning and avoiding those pesky tornadoes. Key takeaways? Keep those crowd control effects handy, watch out for the minions and their dangerous abilities, and always be mindful of nearby allies and enemies. DPS, especially ranged players, need to be on their toes to dodge those whirlwinds. Tanks and healers, keep an eye on those lingering pools and knockback effects. And everyone, don’t forget about those defensive cooldowns! Whether it’s dodging multiple tornadoes, handling spiteful shades, or simply avoiding getting yeeted off the map, remember to stay alert. This affix might be a curveball, but with the right strategy, you’ve got this. Good luck out there, and don’t let those swirling winds get the best of you!