Let’s talk about the shiny new currency on the block: Flightstones. These gems are set to revolutionize how we upgrade our gear in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 2 PvE content. So, buckle up and learn about these fabulous stones that’ll have you soaring to new heights in WoW Dragonflight.

WoW Flightstones are the lifeblood of the new gearing system and play a crucial role in enhancing all of your Dragonflight Season Two PvE equipment. The best part? You’ll be racking up these gems by engaging in pretty much any activity in the game. That’s right – whether you’re doing weekly quests, farming dungeons, or even a flippin’ cooking event — Flightstones will be coming your way, making them a more all-encompassing currency.

What Are The Flightstones

One of the key aspects of Flightstones that sets them apart from previous currencies is that there’s no cap on how many you can earn in a week. Plus, the cap on how many you can hold at any given time is intentionally high, so you’ll never feel like hitting a wall when upgrading your gear. In short, you’ll need boatloads of Flightstones to upgrade your stuff, but don’t worry – you’ll swim in them soon enough.

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Flightstones will change the game when upgrading your Dragonflight Season Two PvE Equipment. With no weekly cap on earnings, an incredibly high storage limit, and easy farmability, these gems will let you focus on what matters: enjoying the game and pushing your character’s power even higher. Check more about all new WoW Dragonflight 10.1 activities in our Dragonflight 10.1 Embers of Neltharion Overview.

Flightsones Farming - Weekly &Amp; World Quests

How Do You Earn Flightstones in Patch 10.1?

Patch 10.1 is all about Flightstones, the magical gems that make upgrading your Dragonflight Season 2 PvE gear a breeze. But how exactly do you get your hands on these precious stones? Well, buckle up because we’ll dive into the many ways you can earn them!

In Embers of Neltharion, Flightstones rain down on you from practically every nook and cranny of Dragon Isles. Whether it’s world quests, regular quests, Mythic+ dungeons, raid encounters, and even World bosses — you’ll be amassing these shiny gems just by participating in PvE content. For additional details, consult our comprehensive Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide.

High Mythic+ keys and Heroic raids will shower you with even more Flightstones and the coveted Shadowflame Crests you’ll need to push your gear to even loftier item levels. You can’t get Flightsones for a gold.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at some specific ways to earn those Flightstones, shall we?

  1. Outdoor world content: Step out into the open world and complete world quests, kill rare bosses, and hunt down treasures – they all reward you with Flightstones.
  2. Mythic+ dungeons: The higher the key level, the more Flightstones you’ll earn, making these a great source of your new favorite currency.
  3. Raid Bosses: Each raid boss will drop Flightstones. The usual difficulty incentives are all in place: Mythic difficulty boss drops much more currency than the Raid finder version.
  4. Weekly quests: Like the “Aiding the Accord” quests from Dragonflight launch content, these new quests will reward you with a hefty chunk of Flightstones upon completion.
  5. PvP activities: Even PvP has a role in earning Flightstones. Participate in battlegrounds and arenas to gain some of these valuable gems.
  6. Weekly Events: new “Researchers under Fire” event awards you with a chest that contains Flightstones and currency that can be used to buy Crest fragments. The more objectives you complete, the better the reward. Delve into our detailed Researchers Under Fire Guide for more understanding.

No matter the quantity – from a couple of Flightstones in a random treasure to several hundred from a weekly wrapper quest – every bit of completing PvE activities helps you upgrade your gear. The more difficult the content, the more Flightstones you’ll earn, ensuring that outdoor content remains relevant throughout your journey.

Wow Dragonflight New Season Item Level Upgrade

What Type of Gear Can Be Upgraded with Flightstones in Patch 10.1?

Starting with Embers of Neltharion, Flightstones is the go-to currency for upgrading Dragonflight Season 2 PvE gear. You’ll work through Explorer, Adventurer, Veteran, Champion, and Hero gear. There’s also a Mythic gear type, but it’s out of the scope of the new system; currently, you get no way to upgrade raid gear from Mythic raid bosses. In short, Flightstones is your ticket to upgrading a variety of Dragonflight Season 2 PvE gear.

Each gear type has eight levels of upgrades, and once you hit the limit, it’s time to move on to the next gear tier. At first, you’ll only need Flightstones for those sweet upgrades, but as your item level rises, you’ll also have to fork over some Shadowflame Crests. For a deeper understanding, visit our elaborate WoW Shadowflame Crest Guide.

The cost of upgrading your gear with Flightstones depends on both the item type and its new upgrade level. Gear pieces with more stats, like chest armor, will cost more Flightstones than the item slot with fewer stats, such as cloak or ring. Being the damage-dealing powerhouses, weapons will generally set you back more than armor upgrades. Also, a piece’s initial power naturally affects an upgrade’s cost. Generally speaking, upgrading a version of a gear piece you got in the Raid Finder will be much cheaper than upgrading the same piece you got from a Heroic or normal difficulty raid.

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Remember that the higher you climb in item level, the pricier the upgrades. For example, taking your gloves from ilvl 402 to ilvl 405 might cost you a cool 100 Flightstones, but bumping them up from ilvl 415 to ilvl 418 will require a heftier 120 Flightstones. Also, you need to remember about the quality equipment discount. For example, upgrading Explorer item level range 395-398, you will get almost a 50% discount (not the crest discount) compared to the Adventurer quality item. That is why it is sometimes very smart to upgrade first lower quality items as it will cost you way less. For more details on upgrading your WoW 10.1 Dragonflight Patch gear, check our WoW 10.1 Item Level Guide.

Once you get gear of a specific item level for a given slot, either by upgrading or through drops, all subsequent upgrades will receive a 60% reduction on their Flightstone cost. This discount is account-wide.

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Item trackRankiLvlFlightstonesCrest

May I upgrade gear my PvP Gear with Flighstones?

Unfortunately, the new upgrade system in World of Warcraft is replacing valor and changing some aspects, mainly for PvE equipment. To upgrade the PvP gear, you must use Honor and Conquest Points to buy the upgrading crests. For a better understanding of PvP Gearing in Dragonflight PvP Season 2, check our 10.1 PvP Changes Guide.

What is the fastest way to farm the Flightstones?

If you have a fresh character and are just preparing to research a new zone – Zaralek Cavern, we recommend you start doing a campaign, as this is the fastest way to farm the flightstones. But for daily routine, focus on weekly and world quests. These activities are the easiest way to farm the flightstones. Full list of activities, check in our Zaralec Cavern Guide.